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  1. Thank you so much!!!! Will bookmark this page.
  2. Agreed, Mike gave BK its unique sound, also brought of its talent from Broken City. I think the new direction in percussion for BK is a step down IMO. This is a win for the Bloo Bangers indirectly as the talent that would normally go to BK will now go to the Bluecoats.
  3. Plus, the pipeline of WGI's Broken City peeps would be a huge plus.
  4. Appears that everything else will stay intact with the design staff, if that's the case, good for SCV as they will remain contenders for the foreseeable future.
  5. Smart, they need to capitalize on their successful season. It's reminds me of where they were after the 1998 season.
  6. By the way, I want to say I'm not bashing the Blue Devil's accomplishments this season. They deserve the title. I thought the show was well conceived and executed brilliantly. Bluecoats peaked and the Blue Devils had more room to barely max out the show. BD peaked at the right time.
  7. Talking to other cap heads (WGI/DCI) and other ex corps drummers count?
  8. Because the sample size all season spoke for itself and the way they award the caption, SCV wins. By the way. BD lost drums to the Cadets finals night in 1994. So should we take that title away? No, because they average the score of the 3 or wait 2 nights. BD lucked out it rained out in the quarter finals.
  9. Yes, we got it, BD won drums tonight,'s a consensus across the activity the Vanguard is the superior program in percussion top to bottom not only this season, but the last 4 seasons. There is no question BD played their ##### off tonight. SCV has been undefeated on drums the last 2-3 years, so yes....BD should take pride in beating SCV tonight, but at the end of the day, Vanguard takes home the drum trophy. Score board.
  10. Let's do it again. Looking forward to next year. Go Vanguard!
  11. Congratulations to the Santa Clara Vanguard for what they did this season even though some of us may disagree with the design and concept of the show. They still did great this season and I ended up loving the show. Also glad to see them defend the title well unlike previous times defending their title falling out of medal contention, 90-6th, 00-4th. How about the standard the SCV percussion program is setting. They now have 15 drum titles, 2 more than BD. Kudos to the members and the percussion staff, especially the Rennicks. They have restored SCV percussion back to glory.
  12. I guess they are the same people who claim to move to Canada if insert name of opposing party wins.