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  1. Agreed, and I have to assume the eligibility extension will only be for those that have a contract with a corps for 2020 and for the corps that were under contract. I know some others here have been critical about it That said, these are extraordinary times and the talent pool expands for the other non contending corps, thus making it more competitive. Also the NCAA has offered the same as well as WGI. It will happen whether you like it or not. While it sucks, we are not the only ones missing out, ask anyone who loves college basketball, it will be better in the long run for all involved.
  2. I guess DCI will have to limit to only those that miss out this season, and here is the thing, may not be a big deal as a good chunk won't partake as they will most likely have moved on to their full time work, etc. A good example is this cat who decided to march Pulse Percussion as Rook Out, then this happen and he was heartbroken, I advised about the WGI policy and his response was, (paraphrasing) "I wish I could, but I have a full time job waiting for me after I graduate this year."
  3. Or other corps will benefit from added talent pool.
  4. Well done WGI, DCI may do the same if they cancel.
  5. For a second I thought it was Chidi from the Good Place.
  6. It's a reasonable question and discussion. When one auditions and/or becomes a member of a corps, its for certain reasons. I have to imagine with Madison and the Cavies, one of the reasons to join is the allure is being part of an all male corps, the "brotherhood". Same can be said for fraternities and sororities at Universities.
  7. I think we need to add a column for percussion arranger. Case in point, Dave Glyde writes the book and ScoJo is the Perc Cap Head for BD. Tom Rarick is the Perc arranger and Roger Carter is the Cap Head. Same for Brett Kuhn and Mike McIntosh for the Cavies in the early 2000's
  8. While I'm glad the any instrumentation proposal failed, it's a matter of time before it does after the instructors caucus passed it before the big vote today. My thought would be just pass it for OC class only while keeping the member limits. Then see what affects this will have.
  9. It failed, I'll be honest, I'm surprised it failed after the instructors caucus passing it.
  10. OT - Added this to Google Maps: Bluecoats Drumline Warmup Area - DCI Finals Week Feel free to add reviews to legitimize this spot
  11. Almost 10 years from the last post.
  12. This is threatening to break a record for the longest goodbye. šŸ¤£