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  1. Its possible that SoCal fans may be treated to an early season preview of 6 Finalist Corps, if Mandarins, Blue Knights (Both Likely) and The Academy get in the Top 12 come Finals.
  2. Perhaps flaw is a strong word, especially this early in the season. Perhaps shortcomings, like uniform choice, or GE. But again, not a complete show. I guess because last season was so superior, that this season is not grabbing me like last year or Bluecoats 2019.
  3. The question for SCV this season is whether talent/execution will overcome flaws in design.
  4. Agreed, but back flip guy isn’t back. Forgot to mentioned, good Lord the tenor line from SCV, could it be SCV may pull off what BD did from 83-86? Four straight drum titles? The Bloo Bangers will have something to say about that this season. posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. So far the Bluecoats are the only contending corps that has blown me away so far. BD and BAC to me is interesting. SCV and Crown will take time to grow on me. Though there's no question the talent in the aforementioned corps. posted from the DrumScorps app
  6. That bass feature in the show seems to suggest maybe they may go 4 the rest of the season. IDK.
  7. Vanguard on top to start the season! Vanguard-72.35 Blue Devils-71.7 Cavaliers-70.2 Mandarins-67.1 Academy-64.6 Troopers-60.45
  8. Vanguard and Mandarins continuing where they left off. Awesome to see! Cavies appear to be back, also glad to see. Looking forward to seeing all of them next week including BD and others!