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  1. SCV 92 may have been one of the best drumlines in terms of talent, Jeff Queen, Murray Gusseck, Nick Angelis, Walter Powell, Matt Altmire, Colin McNutt, and many others. The tenor line, one of the all-time best. The show overall is entertaining and fun.
  2. Oh my gosh!!!! Everything dropped today. Wow
  3. Jeffe77

    Phantom 1989

    To me, this show was even and yes, it could have gone either way, that said, what makes this an easy choice on who should have won, comes down to one caption. Percussion. SCV top to bottom had a superior section in terms of the arrangement and execution. The writing was more musical, worked beautifully with the brass arrangement. Phantom Regiment's battery was not as clean as SCV that night and their arrangement was becoming dated, compared to what SCV was doing. Also look at the percussion score in the captions. SCV scored 14.9 out of 15 and Phantom Regiment scored 14.4 placing 5th. (Side Note) *Cadets started this trend in 87 with Hannum, writing the book to weave within the brass arrangement oppose to how BD and others in the past would approach the writing, which was more of a glorified rhythm section to complement the brass arrangement. Since Cadets took percussion in 87 (perfect score), look at who won drum trophies after that (SCV, Cadets, Star, Cavies, SCV, Cavies, Star), not BD until 1994, where their book was more modern in their arrangement than the past. What happen in 1987, whether the percussion judge sheets changed or that a trend manifested itself had an effect on 1989, maybe a stretch, just my theory.*
  4. Jeffe77

    2019 Tour Schedule!

    I'm so glad I flew out to the Massillon show in 2016 to see SCV since they didn't make it to SoCal that year, and was the best drum corps show I ever attended. Not only watching SCV but seeing the soon to be champs Bluecoats at their home show. It was so electric. I do agree that the venue had been out outgrown. It was packed and traffic was bad getting out. Also took forever to get food, etc. Makes sense a show that popular had to move to a bigger venue with all the amenities and space for a big show. The other advantage will be the proximity to the freeways (I-77, I-76, etc). Also closer to Cleveland for out of town fans.
  5. Sounds like to me that perhaps the reporter is barking up the wrong tree. It should be the DCI BOD aka Corps directors, and they are choosing Dan to take the hit publicly and will ultimately take the full brunt of all of this. I guess as I'm writing this, I'm realizing that Dan is just a messenger and not a decision maker. He is basically Sarah Huckabee Sanders. The Corps Directors are the ones that decide the rules, the policies and procedures, etc. So if we reframe it that he is the press secretary of the BOD aka Corps Directors, it begs the question, does one demand that all corps directors or the ones on the Board step down? Or should there be a transfer of power from the BOD aka Corps Directors to the DCI CEO? As far as I can tell, the current structure is such that Dan doesn't possess the same power as your typical CEO. Am I reading this whole situation wrong here in terms of the true decision makes?
  6. Jeffe77

    Dynasty Drums shut down?

    SCV has nothing to lose in staying with Dynasty as long as there is support, parts, etc. If there's any indication that Dynasty may not provide adequate support, then yes, they will jump ship. Hopefully Pearl. Keep in mind this also affects UNT as well. Like someone mentioned here, Paul had a previous relationship with Pearl with Phantom and UNT, so it would make sense it would Pearl.
  7. Jeffe77

    Dynasty Drums shut down?

    "I have removed the post I made about dynasty drums at their request. They are in the process of putting out a public statement and I will honor their wishes to wait until that is released. I have no real information at all about what is happening with the company that I can share either publicly or privately at this point. Please do not text or message me asking questions about Dynasty. I will not be able to answer them. Thanks for understanding." Donka Drums via FB
  8. Jeffe77

    Dynasty Drums shut down?

    The silver lining I hope is that SCV will go back to Pearl. Restore balance to the force, lol. Aside from that, if true, people lost their jobs today. Bummer.
  9. Jeffe77

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    Fantastic news! This will keep the momentum going and the talent will keep coming.
  10. Jeffe77

    SCV to BD..Shaun Gallant

    Yes, as Yoda would say it "Let their pain affect you, do not - use the force."
  11. Jeffe77

    SCV to BD..Shaun Gallant

    HAHA!! That's funny. I don't take myself seriously. Love the way the way you attacked my stupid football analogy.
  12. Jeffe77

    SCV to BD..Shaun Gallant

    Copying and pasting is a lost art, any who. I dislike it as I said in the other thread as a long time SCV supporter and I really doubt he applied for the job. Rightfully so, they went after him and rightfully so, he accepted the job and don't blame it for it.
  13. Jeffe77

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    Obviously, it was his own decision to take the gig, but do you think he just went online and applied for the job? To me, its more likely they went after him, offered him more $$ and more responsibility. I don't blame him for taking the job. But I, with my misguided logic, unhappy about it as longtime SCV supporter. #theguywhohastagsonanonsupportedplatform #samewithguywhomakesalongwindedsentenceorphraseahashtag
  14. Jeffe77

    Santa Clara Vanguard 2019

    This sucks, another reason to dislike BD a little more. This would be like the Patriots hiring Rams' coach McVay after he leads them to a Super Bowl win. Or Doug Peterson