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  1. For a second I thought it was Chidi from the Good Place.
  2. It's a reasonable question and discussion. When one auditions and/or becomes a member of a corps, its for certain reasons. I have to imagine with Madison and the Cavies, one of the reasons to join is the allure is being part of an all male corps, the "brotherhood". Same can be said for fraternities and sororities at Universities.
  3. I think we need to add a column for percussion arranger. Case in point, Dave Glyde writes the book and ScoJo is the Perc Cap Head for BD. Tom Rarick is the Perc arranger and Roger Carter is the Cap Head. Same for Brett Kuhn and Mike McIntosh for the Cavies in the early 2000's
  4. While I'm glad the any instrumentation proposal failed, it's a matter of time before it does after the instructors caucus passed it before the big vote today. My thought would be just pass it for OC class only while keeping the member limits. Then see what affects this will have.
  5. It failed, I'll be honest, I'm surprised it failed after the instructors caucus passing it.
  6. OT - Added this to Google Maps: Bluecoats Drumline Warmup Area - DCI Finals Week Feel free to add reviews to legitimize this spot
  7. Almost 10 years from the last post.
  8. This is threatening to break a record for the longest goodbye. 🤣
  9. IMHO, its to benefit the longevity of the activity and it's sustainability. More soundsport units begets more Open Class corps which begets more World Class Corps.
  10. Yep, tweaking indeed is needed. But this is to benefit the longevity of the activity and it's sustainability. More soundsport units begets more Open Class corps which begets more World Class Corps.
  11. For years I have posted numerous times on DCP about DCI and smaller corps benefiting by going to a regional model. Divide it by regions, West, South, etc. (5 Regions). **See Below** Start the tour on 2nd week of June through the end of June.. At the end of the regional tour, have a regional championship, with the regional winners getting a spot in the top 5. But this will require all corps in the region to only compete within their region. One exception, every 4 years a corps , one corps may compete at another region, as long another corps from the recipient region sends a corps to that region for the sake of competitive balance. For example, if the Cavaliers visit the west region, then the west region corps will need to compete in the midwest region, whether it's BD, SCV, etc. Same goes with the open class which is already the case. Then a short week break for July 4th parades, travel to start the national tour etc. National tour could start the week after the 4th of July Break. Here are the numbers, please feel to correct me here as I did this off the top of my head: West - 5 World Class Corps, 8 Open Class and 1 Soundsport = 14 - DCI West or DCI Pacific Northwest - 4 WC, 4 OC, and 2 SS = 10 - DCI Northwest South - 5 WC, 4 OC, and 5 SS = 14 - DCI South Midwest - 6 WC, 4 OC, and 5 SS = 15 - DCM (Drum Corps Midwest) East - 3 WC, 6 OC and 5 SS = 14 - DCI East As you can see, there are enough units to field shows per region. Also gives the OC corps the option to give their members opportunity to compete in the regional tour only which is a win financially, plus giving the ample performance/competing opportunities.
  12. Back in the late 80's into the 90's such a circuit existed, it was called Summer Band International. It was made up of youth bands. SBI would have their own shows and also competed at drum corps shows (at least this was the case out west) utilizing DCI West judges for the competition. I remember being told SBI was looking to usurp DCI as it started to hit hard times in the mid 90's. I don't know why, but youth bands started to fold left and right. At the same time in Southern California in the late 90's, a bunch of Div III and II corps popped up. Corps like Earthquake, Impulse, Esperanza, Pacific Crest, West Coast Sound, and Alliance. I have to assume these corps basically filled the void back then.
  13. This thread is still going?!?!?! Over 1500? I guess it's offseason. (Yes I recognize the hypocrisy and irony of me adding to this thread 😎)