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  1. This thread is still going?!?!?! Over 1500? I guess it's offseason. (Yes I recognize the hypocrisy and irony of me adding to this thread 😎)
  2. Vanguard percussion reunites at PASIC 2019
  3. PASIC 2019 -Santa Clara Vanguard Front Ensemble
  4. I think Campbell was a consultant 1994-95, Mason took over running the line and arranging. I think Bret Kuhn may have been cleaning the line.
  5. I would say not at the level of Chino Hills, and yes they also march in the fall. Vandegrift no questions is clean and musical. I love their execution of isolated rolls and attacks. In regards the notes and difficulty, not at the level (imho) of the lines in SoCal like Ayala, Chino Hills, Arcadia etc CHINO HILLS 2018 last Fall
  6. Standard Practice for Chino Hills High School to have Flubs 1993 Blue Knights Went High-Low like SCV, of course former SCV Perc Cap Head Ralph Hardimon was the Cap Head for BK 1991-2000?
  7. Jim Campbell was the Caption Head for the Cavalier through the 1993 season I thought, I recall the DCI Vignettes featuring the Cavies Drumline in 1992, Jim Campbell was featured as the Cap Head and 1993 DCI Broadcast, Jim Campbell was listed as Cap Head.
  8. 2015 - Blue Devils 2016 - Carolina Crown 2017 - Santa Clara Vanguard 2018 - Boston Crusaders 2019 - Boston Crusaders
  9. Thank you so much!!!! Will bookmark this page.
  10. Agreed, Mike gave BK its unique sound, also brought of its talent from Broken City. I think the new direction in percussion for BK is a step down IMO. This is a win for the Bloo Bangers indirectly as the talent that would normally go to BK will now go to the Bluecoats.
  11. Plus, the pipeline of WGI's Broken City peeps would be a huge plus.
  12. Appears that everything else will stay intact with the design staff, if that's the case, good for SCV as they will remain contenders for the foreseeable future.
  13. Smart, they need to capitalize on their successful season. It's reminds me of where they were after the 1998 season.