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I got my 2019 DVDs last week and watched the first disc at least a dozen times already.  I thought I’d give my reviews of the top 5 one at a time and see what anybody thinks.  Next: Santa Clara Vanguard – probably my third favorite music and visual of the year.  It’s not often I say this, but their giant props were great and they used them very well.  They were far better than the risers from 2018.  I loved the contrast between the grey uniforms on the musicians and the highlighter yellow of the guard.  The hornline really blasted some great modern music.  They were relentless.  I’ve always liked those big, booming tenors their drumline use.  Speaking of percussion instruments – does anybody else agree that being a marching cymbal player for SCV would be the coolest thing ever?  They must have a hundred people auditioning for that role every year.  WHAT’S WITH THE SOUSAPHONE???  This is the kind of thing that makes marching music “uncool” to the average person.  Overall: my favorite SCV show since 2015’s Spark Of Invention.

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Again not one day if my life since oct 5 1980 has gone by without thinking about how yr cadet's Kathy young n Kathy larsen were so unsupervised they were able to run over me while preparing my horse for the santa clara parade if champions crippling ne fir life ending my horse back by riding career if u have ever seen the movie horse whisperer take note she too was ran over oct 5 1980 I glad to hear nur organization has 17 win since then because I never had the chance to compete on a world class level and I think the horse whisperer has the tight here to tell the bbb world not once did your organization or either of those 2 girls apologize they probably don't even know ur care how they. Affected my life and you say your organization teaches intergtty I say bull #### they di

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If your organization is so committed to discipline honesty and integrity again Kathy young n Kathy Larsen ran over me in the parking lot at Santa Clara college parking lot Oct 5 1980 preparing for the Santa Clara parade if champions in frin if my 3 years old daughter all I had to do was complete the parade that day n I was off to rosebowm parade n had a sponsor bob rosantimo st liberty upholstery who had a her to fly me n my horse there  ilintjink your organization or those two girls best least owe me an apology it was octbz5 1980 so where's sll this s integrity your organization brsgs sbout

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