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  1. In 1996 we knew in December what most of our repertoire would consist of. I know these were different times, but there was no "announcement". (Forgive me for ending a sentence with a preposition.)
  2. Since I was in full-blown follow-drum-corps-as-a-religion mode in the early 90s, I've had a gut feeling that there would be no 2020 season, which seems bizarre. I always thought this would be due to financial factors. In 1987 I also had visions of the twin towers collapsing. I know this is an inappropriate comparison, but it feels very similar to me.
  3. I remember Gail I remember that quote from Gail in one of the DCI videos and that's a big part of what's always made me curious about the 1965 Royal Airs. What Gail also said was that the 1965 Royal Airs were the best UNTIL the 1987 Santa Clara Vanguard. As a 1980s fan I love the 87 SCV too, but it's impossible to compare the two. I've heard the Royal Airs recording now and am very impressed with what I heard. I have very little knowledge about 1960s drum corps, I'll admit. I enjoyed the 65 Royal Airs more than anything else I've heard from the era. I agree about what someon
  4. I look forward to checking these out next weekend. Thanks to both of you! Thanks also for saying "eccentric". That's probably the word I should have been using all along.
  5. One time I was talking to my sister-in-law, who is an accountant, about drum corps costs. She said we should have a fund-raiser! I emailed her my workup of a balance sheet of what goes in and out to run a drum corps. My budget was $2.5 million. What is the real figure?
  6. Whoops! I broke the rules again. Sorry about packing the main forum with my reviews. Being a DCP rookie I've been having so much fun the last couple weeks. I've really liked the back-and-forth of reviewing shows with you all. If I review more, I'll be sure to keep them in the appropriate forum and let the main forum know I've posted some, in case anybody cares! Sorry to all I'm opening a new thread again. haha 😉
  7. Thanks for the etiquette help people. In real life people say I change the subject too much within a conversation. I guess this was my way of keeping my thoughts separate, like I've been told to by the "grown ups" of the world!
  8. I've always thought so, too! Take that, Madison! 😉 Gotta love "tear your face off" drum corps.
  9. There doesn't seem to be much traffic there, and I get a lot of compliments and criticism where the traffic is.
  10. The drill design and execution were fantastic for their day and the hornline was too considering it was 1987. Does anyone else miss 2-valve G-bugles as much as me? I had a lot of fun playing one of those in Division III in 1995. Santa Clara’s magic tricks were so much fun, too. The guard member appearing out of thin air wasn’t as cool as the “magic pants” tunnels from 1985 and 86, though. And, to wrap it up: Great Gate Of Kiev – enough said.
  11. There is more to this post, but my connection keeps breaking down... more to come.
  12. I have actually used an online random number generator to come up with some shows to review for fun. First up… 1987 Santa Clara Vanguard! Wow – what a classic. It’s hard to choose if they should have won it all, or if Garfield’s sophistication really deserved it. Copland’s great, but I’ve decided SCV’s Russian-themed show really came together well enough to be my favorite. Back in the 1980s, you could be fun and have SCV’s serious/disciplined/regimented style at the same time. The musical selections were very beautiful and exciting. omg, Lezghinka! This is one of classic drum
  13. I'm thinking about going to finals for the first time since 2011 (which I disliked so much I didn't go back for 8 years so far). Everybody's telling me I gotta get back out to an actual show. All my old drum corps fan-friends have moved out of Ohio though. I'd like to take my 9-year old son, but I know he'll get bored pretty quickly. Are there any good hotels nearby that aren't too expensive? I am half night-blind at can't drive at night to a suburban hotel.