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Sound Reinforcement - a 2022 Report Card


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So, in the vernacular of my old neighborhood, "How we doin'?"

Better overall, I'd say, based on observations made at Stanford, Annapolis and Allentown. (Note: all were outdoor shows.)

1. General Balance of Winds/Pit/Soloists - the first two show noticeable improvement over previous years; solos, not so much = C+

2. Clarity of Narration - much improved by eq, levels, minimizing efx, and designers allowing space in scoring = B

3. Synth Overmodulation - better controlled by some corps, others still lagging = C

4. Mallet voice clarity - somewhat better, though some overmodulation, and masking by overwriting still evident = C-

5. Best of Breed - tie: Bluecoats/Cadets, with bonus to latter for utilizing Kerouac's actual voice, if I'm not mistaken.

Disclaimer: The above is the opinion of someone who knows too much about sound mixing, and often expects more than may be reasonably anticipated from drum corps, given all their logistical constraints. Other viewpoints are welcome here, particularly from those who attended shows in domed venues.

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