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Hi and welcome.

There are lots of folks here with extensive musical experience, rudimental drummers, set drummers, orchestral and world percussionists, not to mention other instrumentalists of all types.

Best advice: Listen to and study all types of drumming and percussion from marching to classical to African, Brazilian, Indian, Middle Eastern, Rock, Jazz, R&B, ...all of it. Music is a shared language as everyone knows, but all drummers can speak it almost instantly.  Cast a wide net if you really are serious about learning to "play really well".

Join a drum corps, or a band (or start one). Find an instructor and/or private teacher.

Oh yes, and play...every day, even if only on a drum pad or book cover. Start with a rudiment, like a paradiddle. Slow and accurate beats fast and sloppy. Speed will follow.

Ok, go for it.

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