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Can you help me train my ear?


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Do you have any resources or trading for help developing my relative pitch, recognizing chord progressions, and identifying sharps/flats. I would appreciate it!

I've been using an app called ToneScholar (https://tonescholar.com) if you're interested) and it’s very effective, but it isn't specifically for classical guitar. It’s super user friendly and has improved my relative pitch, but it’s better for singers.

I'm looking in advice and/or exercises and not other apps. Thank you!

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Start by going old school by training yourself to recognize intervals through melodic material with which you are already familiar.

E.g., octave...first 2 notes of Over the Rainbow

         dominant 7th...first 2 notes of Somewhere (West Side Story)

         Major triad (inverted arpeggio)...first 3 notes of the Star Spangled Banner

You get the idea.

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