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Top 100 DCI Shows - Data Collection

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I am creating an experiment to see what the community views as the top 100 DCI shows of all time. This can be based on personal preference, show difficulty, show concept, or anything you feel! Please format your answers correctly; otherwise, it is unlikely that your votes will count (Corps Year - Show Title) (Ex. Bluecoats 2023 - The Garden of Love). There is one required answer, but feel free to type up to ten responses! I will post the results once enough votes come in to create a definitive top 100! I am very appreciative of the first 190 responses and am ready for more!


The link to the form is here, I'm excited to see the results: https://forms.gle/Tte3o46NBC2tF8yv7


Feel free to share this form around!!

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I'm aware, if shows didn't have titles people have been formatting it in one of two ways:

1. Corps Year

2. Corps Year - No Show Title


The show title thing was used as a failsafe if someone happened to have a typo on the year!

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