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Proud to Announce The Drum Corps Oral History Project

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Welcome to The Drum Corps Oral History Project

Click here to fill out the initial interest form


Hello to all! 

As most of you know Drum Corps, for better and worse, is changing as it always has throughout the years. The history of our activity is for the most part not written down but held as an oral tradition that is passed down from generation to generation. The Drum Corps Oral History Project is here to record and archive that history in a manner that it will be available to both the general public and researchers who come after. 

Your support and participation is greatly wanted as you are a part of the long story of the activity and deserve to have your story preserved as part of this archive. Once a persons interview has been concluded the audio will be transcribed and made searchable in the Projects collection. Before entry into the collection each interviewee will have the chance to review and approve the video and transcript for accuracy and one last chance to redact anything you want to out of it. 

Anyone who has had any part in the activity, members, staff, volunteers, Judges, People who sold horns and drums, anything, even if it was just for a day. We are looking to gather a wide range of viewpoints and experiences from each and every aspect of the activity.  We want both details and vibes, stuff that show recordings, score recaps, drill pages, sheet music can’t tell us.

We want to hear of course about the good times, but also the bad times, the times everything didn’t go right. This is all part of our history and deserves to be documented. 

If you feel that you want to help preserve the history of our activity and donate your story please fill out the interest from at this link. We will contact you to get the process started towards your donation. If you just want to support the project please follow the link to our Patreon where we’ll have some inside info and exclusive status updates along with other benefits as we ramp up the project. An example of this would be access to trivia nights and other community events.

For right now this is starting small, interviews will be conducted over zoom but the growth plan has us one day spinning off from Lookaround.miami to become a 501c3 not for profit with a traveling studio that will be at shows to expand our reach and preserve as much of our shared history as possible. 

The Drum Corps Oral History Projects mission is to RECORD, DOCUMENT, and PRESERVE the history of the Drum Corps Activity through its unique oral history tradition, while working with other groups to add a deeper context to its story.

So we ask you to please help us preserve our history for generations to come and donate your story. 

Click here to fill out the initial interest form

If you wish to support us monetarily please visit the lookaround.miami pateron

For Additional questions please visit our homepage for a FAQ

To reach out to the project please email dcohp@lookaround.miami


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