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Gene Herring

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For more postings, news, and stories about Gene, you can check Knightscorps.org, many people are posting memories and good wishes in the guestbook.  I know that JP Herring (one of Geno's sons) will be printing off all the guestbook entries and having them at the visitation on Saturday.  If you would like to pass along your well-wishes, feel free to add something to the guestbook (at the bottom of the page).

scott, for some reason the guestbook link isn't working. any chance of getting it fixed so we can post some thoughts? thanks a bunch!



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My Gene-o memory:

In 1987, the morning of DCI individuals, I asked who was going to take me into Madison so I could compete. There was a breakdown in communication somewhere, and I discovered that noone had even registered me for the competition. Gene made sure I got a ride and got in there to compete that morning. He really bent over backward to smooth out that finals-week wrinkle. I'll always remember his willingness and ability to just handle problems that just seem to pop up like that in drum corps.

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Geno. . . so many memories of him from my time with Quad City Knights in '88 and '89.

He was the guy, every night, who put the driving directions in my hands after we taught all day. We'd drive all night, and he'd always be there, making sure we were okay to drive and knew the way.

I saw him every year at DCI in the lots or in the stadiums. He, Janice and JP came to my wedding in 1989.

I remember in 1999, my last year with the Colts, and Geno came over to the corps in DeKalb for DCM Finals. . . and he said "Good job kid. . . drum corps could really use a more melodies" (we played Verdi's "Dies Irae" that summer).

Every year, Geno would find me and say "when you comin' up to Breckenridge to ski?" And every year, with a family of my own, and time so tight, I would manage to miss the opportunity again and again. Now. . . squandered opportunities. . . yet even so, I continue to learn the spirit of friendship and guidance from him that he supplied richly then, and now.

Gene Herring -- a man who knew why he was here -- thank you for sharing your life with us my old friend.

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