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Just a reminder to everyone out there that while corps are on the road, the bingo halls that work hard to support them could really use some help as far as volunteers are concerned. Sometimes a corps even has to cancel a session, simply because they don't have enough people to run it. Cancelling even just ONE bingo session (because there weren't enough volunteers to run it) could cause member fees to increase by $50 next year, maybe even more!

A lot of you may not live in an area where the bngo hall that supports "your" drum corps is located. Therefore, you may not feel you can help. But, instead, if everyone would volunteer a shift, two, even more, at ANY hall that supports the drum corps activity, the entire activity would benefit.

What would be really cool would be some sort of network where people can work at one hall on behalf of another corps, and people could "trade" shifts. That would probably be a book-keeping nightmare, but I know it's been done at a couple of halls out here in California, and I hope it's something that will continue. For example, I live in a town where there is a drum corps, but my daughter is in a corps that's in a town 100 miles away. In the town where HER corps is, lives a member who marches in the corps that's in OUR town. We worked shifts in our town, on behalf of the member living in the other town, and they did the same in their town. We contacted the people who run both halls, and we just traded shifts! For those shifts the other family worked for us that I didn't have to trade, I "bought" them by way of paying into their member's tour fees. It worked out great for both of us, and it also helped the hall. With gas prices as high as they are, "trades" might be something more and more people figure out how to do. But, even if you don't have someone to trade a session with, volunteer a session just out of the goodness of your heart. Random acts of kindness are the best kind! Help support the entire activity. Volunteer to work Bingo, regardless of your corps affiliation.

I'm telling myself all of this as well, because I'm just as guilty as the next guy about not volunteering unless I "have to", or unless we get "credit". But seriously, if you take even a few seconds to realize how many people disappear from the volunteer pool when the corps hit the road, it doesn't take rocket science to realize how much that negatively impacts things at "home". There are, thankfully, many volunteers who tour with corps to help feed and house the kids. For those of us who can't do that, Bingo is equally as appreciated - in some cases, even MORE appreciated.

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