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  1. Difference between Bb and G horns

    Interesting. Is this common custom in American brass ensembles as well? Composers in the UK have always been a bit...odd.
  2. The Anti-Narration BD Thread

    In my "opinion" the word "opinion" only has one P, but that's just my "opinion"
  3. The Anti-Narration BD Thread

    Why must you have your menstrual cycle over other people's posts. Go to the gym.
  4. Difference between Bb and G horns

    Some of what you say makes sense, but I'm still calling shenanagins on this post. Now mind you, I'm not a tuba player, but would someone care to tell me how writing tuba parts in treble clef is a good idea at all. Seriously. Also, correct me if I'm wrong, but since all brass instruments are built based on the overtone series, this gets rid of the need to learn an entirely new set of fingerings for different horns. C is open on a Bb, Eb, F, G, or C trumpet. So what is the issue? Again, I'm not a tuba player and I don't feel like opening up an orchestration book right now. Explain my good man.
  5. Cadets 2000 - We Are the Future

    Wow...is this seriously being debated right now?
  6. lolcorps

  7. Did Narration cost Cadets the 2007 Championship?

    I know I lost tons of respect. Music made through acoustic AND electronic means? Feh, what's next, the wheel? Integration? Gay marriage???? I bite my thumb at thee, Cadets
  8. Difference between Bb and G horns

    No, she means loud with bad tone quality ^0^
  9. Difference between Bb and G horns

    Ravedodger kind of knows what he's talking about... Also, I don't know how any of that would be untrue, it's pretty simple physics.
  10. 3hree!

    Of all things, I don't think reading comprehension is exactly one of Brian's weaknesses in life...
  11. lolcorps

  12. lolcorps

  13. Difference between Bb and G horns

    No, it's a bugle :'(
  14. lolcorps