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  1. . . .well, GH, you championed it. Gibbs and yourself wanted to "remove the shackles" from the design teams, and here we are. There's no putting any of this back into a bottle; welcome to how a lot of folks felt in 2005. People took what you guys fought for and figured out how to effectively use it faster than you did.
  2. That's for sure; the weather is going to be glorious today here. Over a dozen corps, a great venue . . .this is gonna be good. :)
  3. Please refrain from personal attacks on Community members. This will be the only warning given in the thread. Thanks!
  4. Removed a few pages of back and forth; please make use of the PM feature for individual or "off-topic" messages to Community Members, also keeping in mind the Guidelines of the forum. Thanks!
  5. Removed some back and forth in the thread . . . Thanks! :)
  6. I really wanted a "Meow Max" shirt. Thanks a lot, Cavaliers.
  7. . . .I am anxious to see how far they can push this "drum corps wise", though, to get it away from the WGI stigma. There's a chance to play with the dimensions; having a few of the slides and ramps the same color as the field (roughly, or in the case of Indy, you know what color to approximate) complete with "upside-down" yard markers and numbers would make for some interesting visuals. Hell, borrow from the Cavaliers tenors a few years ago . . .get some folks to sufficiently camouflage themselves to hold the soloist upside down while on said ramps. Or, make people disappear from one slide
  8. Agreed. . . .although Phantom needs to really look for some better, less "thin" string patches. Might as well do what Cadets did and go get someone to play an electric stringed instrument. Having an entire section of that might be interesting, depending on the show concept.
  9. Pardon the video quality, but it starts about halfway in.
  10. . . .after what we got last year (which I was a big fan of), I wanted to like this show. For the most part, musically . . .I do. The first half is engaging, but, much like others, I really got lost in the middle trying to figure out where the show was going. After we "awake", there's nowhere to go, and the show suffers greatly for it. Visually, plenty of others have gone into greater detail . . .but, man, this is filthy dirty. I'm sure the music will clean up nicely by August, which is probably how I'll end up consuming this show overall, anyway.
  11. We all wondered the same thing about the early 2000's Cavaliers: Will everyone play original music? We all asked the same questions after 2005 Cadets: Will everyone do drum speak? We all asked the same questions after 2008 BD: Will everyone move towards abstraction? Same as it ever was. The answer is: not unless upstairs rewards it. They did, so expect more of WGI to come. To be honest, I thought the slides and "half pipes" were under-utilized. If it were me, I'd be going for broke with the gimmick: go even bigger and end the show by putting a massive slide together with a
  12. . . .having Boerma back definitely shows. Nicely done.
  13. Closing . . . Already a thread open for this years 'Coats show. :) Thanks!
  14. . . .while we encourage as open a discussion here as possible, please be mindful of the Community Guidelines and let's veer away from the larger political argument and back towards how this relates to the drum corps activity. Thanks very much for your consideration. :)