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  1. Thanks, haven’t watched yet as figure you know who will come popping up.... Have to prepare myself for that... 😝
  2. Back on topic.... 2 weeks into 2021 and have any corps released any updates since the new year? Hope the WHO had it right in Tommy “got a feeling 21 is going to be a good year”. Of course Rog was singing about 1921....
  3. One of my favorite “you’re not in HS band anymore” stories (joined “Sr” corps at 16). Don the snare aged around 30 was subtle as a train wreck. He just lit up a cig before practice and drum instructor wanted them to warm up. His buddy kidded him about having to waste a cig and response was “the hell I will”. Smoked the whole cig without using his hands once while doing the warm up. When done smoking he turned his head, spit it out and never missed a beat the whole time.
  4. And what if you smoked or currently smoke and no damage done? Late spouse would be in phase #2 due to seizure condition which was beyond her control. So someone who puffs would jump ahead of her. 😡 Funny as I was at my Blood Pressure check (hey is too d... fat a way to jump line in NJ?). I was asked if I smoked and answer was cigar and pipes decades ago. Try to fit that to a check box.
  5. Can understand about the health issues that were caused by smoking and other bad habits. But.... people with health conditions are in phase 2 vaccinations. We’re still working on Phase one with health care workers, first responders, teachers, etc.
  6. That’s the wth part for me. Why even have priority groups if they are not being followed? I’m in the last group and hoping to get vaccinated in Summer. Out of the loop but few weeks back people in a nursing home nearby were still waiting. And originally they should have gotten the shot by that time
  7. Lol was at docs office for BP check and had my forehead temp taken. Lady checked and her face looked like 😳 I had been near one of my non precautions in laws and thought oh oh.... Nope I came in from 39 degrees and temp reading was close to that. Later recheck and 97 which is my “normal”. 🥲
  8. Just bought bunch of Corps CDs at auction and they just arrived. Combo of Cadets mid 2000s, US Marines and Caballeros. Plus something that was not in the auction pictures... 2007 Cadets Spring Training Edition dvd with AllAccess also on the dvd front. Can anyone tell me how you could get one of these in 2007? Souvenir sale, friend of Cadets, donation, ??? Also did a double take seeing Cadets coming off a Crossmen bus... oh yeah 2007...
  9. Not sure when that person jumped in but hoped changing the DCP name would solve the problem. Older version of DCP would change the name on previous posts not sure about this one. And no idea of what name is shown on quotes.
  10. We had some people giving good inside information which made up for the BS elsewhere. But can understand the reason the user requested the deletion. To think I didn’t give my name because of ID thieves. This weekend reported two threats on another SM site. Back to real life until concrete plans come out. Currently burning DC vinyl and cassettes to mp3 format for archiving.
  11. Sisters final band show was Chapter Championships at Westminster MD. There was a snow squall in the middle of the show and they came in 2nd or 3rd (forget which). Joke was they weren’t expected to place so it helped😈 Fun day I POed a band parent sitting in front of me because I was cheering for another band as I knew some of the staff. Little later drum tech for another band sat next to my family to watch his band. Man did I get the hairy eyeball. BTW the drum tech was Jeff’s dad “Hey you want a good seat to watch your band? Come here”
  12. Forgot following year did the parade again in balmy mid 20s or so. We met at some kind of club that was an old fire house. Had a bar downstairs and one of the over 21 sops ordered a whiskey straight. Bartender brings it and gets the money. When he comes back with the change he sees the sop has his horn on the bar and has the valve (piston/rotor horn) out. Guy is sticking his finger in the whiskey glass and then putting the whiskey on the valve with his finger. And muttering “ain’t gonna ####### freeze up THIS year”. Bartenders face was either creeped out or ready to kill the guy for having the
  13. Thinking 1975 DCA at Rochester. Saturday Practiced on a blacktop parking lot and were sitting on the blacktop after dark to get to get some warmth. Sunday was show day and warmed up but rain stopped Finals once or twice. After last corps left the typhoon hit and the scores were announced to an empty field. Did a parade in Pottsville PA for the week long mid winter carnival. Parade starts the carnival but bad weather so parade moved to end. Bad mistake as temps about 10-15 degrees. As you played more moist air went in the horn and valves froze while you were playing. People who lived
  14. So how do members pay for the cost of being in a DCI corps? And how is that affected by the pandemic. Just had my caffeine and your post got me thinking... look out world 🤪