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  1. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    FYI #1: I posted this and whitedj2016 gave it a laughing face. I PM’ed asking why he/she thought it was funny and said it came across as ignorant at best. Received no explanation and got called an ###. FYI #2: My late wife (7 months now) had a seizure condition and know what it is like to see someone suffer when crap hits the fan. Taking time off before I say something about gaining maturity or empathy for others that gets me banned. Life is too short to deal with people like this.
  2. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Germans bomb Pearl Harbor again? nothing like being in college when that came out.... and your last name is one letter off from the college name
  3. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Who ripped the kids?
  4. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    CD did not compete when I was there and band parents mainly helped with fund raising. When sister was there competing 9 years later it was like a cat fight at times with some clicks. And Bill Saltzer was in charge at least one year so you know pettiness was down the line and not at the top
  5. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Hmmm maybe corps could recruit for young people to be part of field crew to maintain props (construction, electrical, etc). Instead of musical education by touring it would be other types of on hand training. reminded me the “shoppies” were responsible for building and maintaining props for our HS musicals. The musicals we did kinda sucked but electrical work for a few scenes were excellent.
  6. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Memories of catching hades for yelling out to a corps mate who was helping set up the field for another band. Band parent: you should cheer for your band me: I cheer for me friends (wasn’t even a cheer just telling my buddy he could carry equipment real well lol) kicker was later Jeff’s dad (working with yet another band) came up to watch their show and he sat next to me and my family. Man did I get the hairy eyeball for that one
  7. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Put your hands on either side of your head to keep it from exploding lol. for me might be the sound of an empty balloon popping but why take chances
  8. JimF-LowBari

    Maybe The Next Trend for World Class?

    Now I got that #### Barney song in my head... “I love you...” puke...
  9. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Dang find myself agreeing with Garfield lol. To add to the above adding more of a cushion on the break even point of finances. Always see grumbling about the close of season “need $ now to be able to continue” emails and posts. Thinking new one of “electronics got caught in rain so need...”.
  10. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Why the #### does whitedj2002 think this is funny? PM has been sent asking directly.
  11. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    See my post regarding all for a trophy that will gather dust in a schools display case. My director was a crusty old WWII vet who refused to compete. Reasoning was we had some kids with little self confidence and being in band gave them a self of accomplishment and being part of a group. He thought building up these kids to get them ready for life was more important. Part of the conversation was “you know which kids I’m talking about” which put it on a personal level. Kicker was he knew the band parents would be the ones getting nasty if those kids screwed up. Yeah thinking of others... what was his problem (sarcasm)
  12. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    Don’t say inbred... someone might get the ideas for banjos, canoe trips and Burt Reynolds.... lol or Jeff Dunham’s Bubba J....
  13. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    I didn't watch but if you mean flashing that could be harmful to those with seizure conditions it should not be allowed. Not like the affected people can get up and leave quick. Even if a seizure does not occur it can still make one physically sick.
  14. JimF-LowBari

    Tarpon Springs - Digital Screens

    But that trophy they will get this season will look so nice in the case in decades to come..... collecting dust....
  15. JimF-LowBari

    Relative Newbie

    Going off topic but might explain why tough to find older stuff. What I remember from earlier discussions is different copyrights on what is recorded and the music itself. Why we have no sound on parts of the dvds for DCI and DCA doesn't record at all.