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  1. 2 shots and 1 booster. Waiting to see my (half my freaking age) doctor to get info from her. Connected to a teaching hospital so always want the latest before i do anything.
  2. Yeah after Ollie passed the people running the company REALLY expanded. Just shake my head where the stores are located. IIRC he started it as something to do after he retired. Too bad can’t post pics as have an Ollie bobble head on the entertainment center and a 4 inch Ollie Christmas tree ornament. Both so bizarre looking its hilarious. Irony is Ollie was Jewish. Harrisburg area success story 😆
  3. Hey member of Ollie’s Army here. Funny seeing Terri mention it as Ollie was a local businessman and first two stores are from my home area. That was when Ollie was running things and yes he looked like the drawing in the ads 😱. Helluva businessman and character. When he passed away found out he was buried in the same cemetery as my family’s plot. 😳
  4. Would have been an interesting judges meeting if they hadn’t won. 😬 Anyone else ever see the old Bowery Boys/Dead End Kids movies. 😆
  5. My favorite was big screen in background showing corps coming in for retreat. Head “groveling for dollars” guy saying “you’re not missing anything” in front of the screen. Ultimate was cutting away from Finals to go to state Capitol for budget vote. PA was late on budget again. Crossmen were only PA corps in Finals that year. You could see Crossmen coming out while previous corps was performing. Then…. “we’re cutting away to go to the Capitol “. 😱🤬🤬🤬🤬
  6. Neato will have to read and save this when I have time. Reminds me to dig out the Conn ad from 1929 in Legion magazine. Has Post band from my town but never did find out where the Post was located. (Disbanded ????)
  7. Oops was responding to Jeff and he would know. Thats the local PBS station in Hershey PA
  8. At least she didn’t use a choker chain to keep you from going too far. Down boy *gack*. 🤪
  9. Curious… where was this at. Know American Legion had Post MB competition along with the DCs back in the 20s and 30s. HS is news to me.
  10. Mine is a piece of heavy paper that doesn’t fit in the wallet. Wouldn’t last too long as can’t laminate it. Have that with other important stuff at the house. Hoping a cell phone pic will be allowed if I need to show:
  11. And PBS stations always looking for other things that did bring in the money. I remember when WITF started that had an actual auction on air that lasted a week.
  12. 10-15 years back asked about why some people only tried out for top corps. Good many responses said “only option worth the money “. If season and show complexity gets cut back, how many will think its not worth the money
  13. Certainly hope so for safety and insurance.
  14. Someone want to tell me what years you two are talking about? American Legion started SAL organization in the 30s which had Jr corps. Don’t know of competing HS bands then. Where Jeff lives they had competing HS bands in mid 70s if not earlier. That’s where our corps found members when it reformed in 74.
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