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  1. Need to be some hard laws penalizing non-reporters. Not want to get involved, want to keep a good image, “we weren’t really sure so said nothing” and of course “we checked and….” need to be slammed out of existence
  2. So we keep jacking up the size of the corps… is DCI going to continue to play the game of a corps has to be full sized to be “worthy” of existing. Oh yeah why change now…. (Waving one finger at a time)
  3. Make that one swing away from being a REPORTED axe murderer. If the crap is never reported the record will also be clean.
  4. Started with a corps that had been inactive for a season and started late first year back. Needless to say we were the designated last place corps for a while. Didn’t have Class A then but DCA put not member corps on first at Prelims knowing people would not show up until top 10 were due on.
  5. More accusations including one that the victim was 17 when it occurred. According to the article this is the first time he was accused of inappropriate relations with a minor.
  6. Agree on his work as see it on Facebook. Totally forgot I sent him pics of items to add the dcxmuseum site and swapped emails. So no excuse screwing up the spelling on his name. 😫
  7. Not sure if I’d call Chris Mahler(sp?) a kid but yep it’s there. My go to for corps names, years and sponsors was dbcna.com. (Drum and Bugle corps of North America). Gone for years 🥲
  8. And Snoopy looks busy, must be typing “it was a dark and stormy night”. 🥴
  9. Understand now, thanks. I wasn’t thinking of problems with the cross on the uniform or equipment. Just items that would be see by the general public outside of a show.
  10. Not trying to argue but how many people outside of drum corps would wonder what kind of group “Crossmen” are if they just saw someone in a t shirt with the cross and name. Add “drum and bugle corps” or a horn and drum picture would help.
  11. Maltese cross different because of the “eight points” as per the audio clip. Iron cross and Crossmen logo same from what I see. And googling I was reminded that the iron cross also used by biker gangs and white supremists. 🤮 So the same issue as southern Civil War re-enactors using CSA flag. So if you see someone wearing the iron cross or CSA flag you don’t know what their beliefs are. 😬
  12. If playing together sounds like an interesting combo. So was it billed as just the D&BC or as music groups in the academy? Memorial Day ceremonies at Hanover had (still have I hope) an arrangement of “America” for D&BC and high school band. Hanover’s horn instructor arranged it.
  13. And the irony is the “Cross” in Crossmen comes from John Cross American Legion Post in Norwood which was sponsor to one of the corps that merged to form Crossmen. So no religious meaning to the name. Added irony is Texas is a loooong way from Norwood
  14. Before I retired from IT I was the only male over 60 and had some newer hires in their 20s. Annnd let’s throw in I’m white and some of the newer hires were minorities. Got some hairy eyeballs when I would go up to them to ask anything. Problem was I needed to ask a lot of questions due to my job in the group. Took a while to gain their trust (except for the one guy and not sure what the issue was). Think it helped that I would throw in a compliment when I talked to them “glad you understand it, gonna take me a while so I’ll probably be back bugging you later”. 😁 Kicker was the huge hug I got from the one young Nigerian immigrant who was Muslim (and knew her stuff) when she left. Her hubby was in the Army and was transferred.
  15. “Bar corps”?? Motivation to go from parade corps to competition corps has to come from members and corps BoD and DCA has nothing to do with that. My corps picked up some members because a local corps had infighting on being parade/standstill or compete. Soon as decision was made not to compete bunch of people who wanted to compete showed up at our corps.
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