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  1. True the term assistant band director is vague and duties of an ABD has been different over the decades for the school. From the article it appears that police saw his IP address in checking elsewhere and arrested him at home. School was not involved except that he did work with the band.
  2. My understanding is the school district does run background checks for anyone working with students. But…. let me repeat that… BUT…. if his record has been clean up to that point the school wouldn’t know. EDIT: just found from local news that he passed his clearance check 2020. BTW noticed “police in Derry Township” in the article. My guess is PA State Police as have a barracks there amd his address is Harrisburg (not in Derry Township). Probably will be driving by the barracks tomorrow…
  3. There was a video in the news where the school principal was in his car getting ready to drive off and someone telling him not to. Video ended before we could see how it ended or if person taking video really pressed the issue. My thought was video taker could be held accountable for not calling the cops. Later found out (from people in the district) about him getting drunk at a wedding reception and the Jr High principals (3 in the district) were there. Sister had the thought that the vid might have been taken by someone who could put in for his job. Figure if he hadn’t wrecked this would
  4. My old high school. To add to it the principal got caught DUI a few weeks earlier. Was at a wedding reception, had too many and went driving in the dark on a curvy back road. Then tried to blame on “my phone distracted me”. Knocked out a phone pole which damaged a house. This came out yesterday late in the day. Earlier in the day it was reported that a 19 year was arrested for the same reason. That one was about a mile from where I live now (county next to the Assistant Band Director). They’re all around folks….
  5. And the more the props are torn down and rebuilt at shows and rehearsals. Wear and tear, metal fatigue, more chances for an “ah ####” with assembly/dissembly….. 😬
  6. And totally useless to try to blame someone or something. Especially if the blame is along the lines of “the toothpaste used to be ok but now it’s rock hard and not like it used to be”. Ahhh yeaahhh (Office Space reference) things changed over the years and it ain’t like it used to be.
  7. Someone doesn’t like the direction his old corps took. Lot better than the direction my old corps took. 🥲 Not part of the DCI world but my other old corps starts their first practice in over a year in just a few minutes. 😃
  8. Great now I have to find something even more grating to get this out of my head. 🤯 There was a concert movie I saw with him and Carly Simon when they were together. They did “Mockingbird” (MUSE No Nukes concert 1979). JT just looked “off” from his Sweet Baby James days 😳. (Found it on YT and not as bad as I remember but 🤔)
  9. Like I said earlier I’m surprised the activity has lasted this long….
  10. Well when there are issues that affect both circuits it might be smart to look at all the information.
  11. Gee and last month or so you got upset with me for being insulting…. You claimed I should respect others opinions more
  12. Sister in law is a teacher and this made the rounds of her school. Usual comments were “we know teachers like this…”. I remember him from MadTV doing a psycho gym teacher….
  13. One thing I never noticed in my research. Did corps that missed Finals get paid anything?