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  1. Ugh memories of my 6 years of being trailer trash while saving for a house... 🥵
  2. Haven’t gotten any mail from them since they went inactive... Dub, Kris and I were on the feed and hydrate the corps at a show plan so good reason to keep me in the loop.
  3. Twice in one day someones gonna be clearing posts... countdown for thread closing anyone?
  4. Squeaky wheel... IOW GH griped and DCI looked.... Wondering how much DCI heard (and from whom) about Pioneer before someone did a face to face with the corps
  5. BITD when the corps was almost all locals we practiced two nights a week (Tuesday/Thursday?) and then day of show. When we had more non-local members it was Hell practice Friday night and then either crash at someone’s house for non-bus show or catch buses at 1am for a longer distance show (had all night restaurant near bus pickup). Then breakfast Saturday at wherever could handle 3 bus loads (gag McDs usually) and then practice. Talk about getting your mind into the show.
  6. Oh bleep yeah... question is what is a mistake/tick able... Does bringing up a horn late occur as the other horns are still coming up or only after second or so after everyone else is up. Are you out of line more than one inch or more than 6-12 inches Etc etc and etc And my flashback with Hershmans voice “it’s a DCA show this weekend, execute #### it execute”. (Other two Sr circuits were more forgiving)
  7. Well thinking of a (semi) retirement change of direction after March 1st and maybe look into judging..... breath easier Fran and Poppycock... look into judging my other decades long interest, antique cars.... 😄
  8. Well I would say that scoring is subjective even with the current system but Jeff gives me hell when I say that lol..... Seriously marched in three different circuits during the tic era and different standards of what was ticable. So thinking today different standards of what is Box whatever between the circuits I’m trying to understand how a judge can use the sheets from another circuit without full training/
  9. DCI all age group? First time I’ve seen those words together
  10. Do you need an SA on your chest for super access? 😈 Asking cuz had to load software on a co-workers laptop this morning. I didn’t have an SA shirt either... 🤬
  11. Yeah that was my thought earlier.... how do you recruit when “we’re going DCI OC this year.... if we pass the approval process”. Any idea when approval is voted on?
  12. Past few years I have been collecting scores and other corps history. All age corps have been competing at DCI shows for years usually MN and GA. And shows in CA when Renegades, Dream and River City Regiment were around. Sad part is usually only one one or two All Age corps at a show.
  13. My major bad.... what can DCA do was what I meant 🤬
  14. Really... if a corps becomes a Jr corps what can DCI do? I’m with Jeff, DCI was trying to tell Sr/All Age Corps you do DCA 100% or nothing.... Anyone know how the DCI appraisal system works for new OC corps? edit BLEEP I meant what can DCA do....