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  1. Weird part is after I watched the next video was Victor Borge.... lol something about piano players I guess
  2. Interesting paradox... with pot you want to hold the smoke in. With vape you want to blow it all out and make your own fog bank. At least making a blueberry flavored giant cloud seems to be the purpose of guy standing outside of my building. Want to make fog horn sounds whenever I walk by him.
  3. Also Hanover but off top of my head that’s it... no idea of Eries status for any of their corps
  4. Raising ticket prices was one of the things that killed the old RCA Sr circuit. Less butts in the seats and sponsors got to the point where they were either losing money or found events that made more $$$$.
  5. Winner winner chicken dinner.... Should have known when I bought it and salesman tried to BS me. First car needed oil pump which would have cost me $700 to fix. So salesman sez for trade in will give you blue book minus the $700. Told Sparky the dealers true cost would be what GM charged them for the parts (less than my cost). Then he sputtered about labor and after I yelled the 8 letter word for BS and told him my car would sit until a mechanic had down time and had nothing to do. Then I clued him In that my dad was a mechanic at a dealership in his younger days. Then I realized head of service department had come over (he knew me). Service head told salesmen “just give him blue book , he knows how things work”.
  6. Ok looked at larger scale map and see ye old beltway as we call them our my way (Baltimore, DC, Richmond and even that mess they call a beltway around Harrisburg). Still only see 3 major highways so waiting on Mike to enlighten us...
  7. I just looked and my guess too. If I go to Nashville I’m taking a side trip and throw rocks at the old Saturn plant in Spring Hill. Had two of them, first I swore by and second one.....
  8. And years later... lot of people who like the current changes will gripe about the changes to come. If they are still around.... same as it every was.... same as it ever was...
  9. As long as it’s change for a reason... some years back I wondered if DCI was changing for the sake of changing and hoping they get it right...
  10. Oh yeah quote that will be the last thing I remember about corps: Q: why don’t we do more RCA shows and come in first instead on coming in last at DCA shows? A (picture Hershmans voice): because we get paid more coming in last at DCA than we do coming in first at RCA... THAT’S WHY think $1000 vs $800
  11. During that time Westshoremen did a round robin of concerts with Crossmen and Buccaneers. From what I overheard from either staff or volunteers (not sure which) spring the next year they were POed because some other corps did it without penalty but they would be back.
  12. From what I could tell didn’t matter if the sponsor paid or not. Show advertised a 6 corps show but turned into 4 corps and 2 “they counted them as corps?”. So some fans they didn’t get what they paid for even if sponsor paid $0.
  13. This was years back and very cheap and crappy model. Gotta look into ring....
  14. Backing that up from what one one sponsor told me. Biggest complaint was fans said they felt “cheated” when 2 of 6 corps had under (one well under) 35 members. Next line was “if it’s like this next year.... bye”. Changed my view on the 35 or more rule to “for”...