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  1. The post was repeating a quote from MAASINs founder…. As for suing is often the last resort, same thing said about Spirits current troubles. Person reporting went to management and complaint was supposedly buried. As for attacks towards the accuser, saw them myself on Spirits own FB page
  2. True about the lip reading not being a 100% help. Need person facing you, good lighting and facial hair not covering lips. (I fail on that one). From what I read the players were talking directly to G players. “I’m going to run right at you”, etc etc. Not an expert on hearing impaired but had a deaf (word used at the time) congregation in our church. Learned a lot interacting with them, once a month combined services and the ASL class I took (and sucked at).
  3. Ex-friend (walked out on wife hence the “ex”) went there. Story of their football team decades ago. Beat a high ranked team that got over confident. Other team players were saying out loud what they were going to do because “they can’t hear us”. No.. but they can read your lips. 🤦‍♂️
  4. One main route (Rt 50) thru the whole peninsula. Never been thru there on a summer travel day (thank goodness). Brother in laws family lived near there (Easton) for couple of years. No idea of available housing or practice facilities.
  5. Lot of pharmacies are having staffing problems. One I use (different chain) has cut back hours and started closing for a lunch period. Have heard same story for other places
  6. Thinking of some of the people we had in our Senior corps… oh yeah… 😳😱😟
  7. Who says the corps have to pay for the background check? Members would submit and pay for their own checks. And then turn the results to the corps before being allowed to join. Been a while but that’s what I had to do two different occasions. Wasn’t allowed to fully participate until I had the paperwork to show I was cleared.
  8. What difference does it make that it was 2 of the same gender? And if someone is upset and you’re not, then they are triggered?
  9. Way off topic and mods can delete if desired but sounds like the human trafficking training the DoD would give to military and civilians
  10. Yeah really, you set up a human sacrifice pit in your backyard and people freak. 😈
  11. When my old church implemented protection policy mid 1990s. It was two adults regardless of number of youth. Policy written by the insurance company. Sad part was people who didn’t like it relented when we said it would save money,
  12. I was civilian working for Navy agency when it hit. Thats when we started receiving the first anti sexual harassment training. (And the civilians got same training as military.) And it took a while to get all the pieces together. First few years we only heard about male harassing female… and go to supervisor if problems (what if the supervisor is the problem?)
  13. How does SafeSport handle points of contact for reporting? I was at a govt agency and for us it was 1)supervisor 2) person in agency who handles reporting 3) national reporting line. Use 3 if 1 and 2 are the problems or you don’t trust them to handle the problem correctly. We had hour of anti sexual harassment and another hour of anti sexual assault training yearly. Consisted of mostly what not to do, what to do if harassed/assaulted and how and who to contact for help
  14. Finally found it… guessing lot of comments got removed
  15. Did a Quick Look and sounds like the anti sexual harassment training I had. IMO having members know what protections they have and what to do in case of trouble is part of it. Another part is making sure the people working with youth are safe (background check). What is hazy to me is how DCI fits into it. Probably my lack of knowledge but sounds like DCI isn’t taking an active role in protecting. IOW too much relying on the individual corps and outside groups (SS) to handle things. To put it another way DCI is sitting back saying “we have SS now… see we took action, we’re cool”
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