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  1. JimF-LowBari

    Question About DCA Culture

    Yep captain of the Honor Guard. Lol as one of our elder members (started in a pre WWII kiddie corps in Baltimore) stated “think he ages 15 years every decade”. Hurrcs field intro always seemed to end with “captain of the Honor Guard ... years young”. Rode with the drum truck and Bennie the driver was around 70. Paul Geiger and I visited one day and he wanted to show us something. It was the VFW national trophy from 1952 and huge. Gives you a sense of history.
  2. JimF-LowBari

    Question About DCA Culture

    Did DCA from the other extreme as started when 16. Had members from teenage to guess early 40s. Just go in with a “we’re all the same” and ignore any age differences. You’re all working toward the same goal so deal with everyone the same when talking to them etc etc. IOW don’t be friendly to people close to your age and barely speak to the “kids”.
  3. JimF-LowBari

    Sunrisers suspended

    Something screwy going on and hope DCA and the new team can get it straightened out. Don’t want to P.O. the hotels the first year at a site you want to return to. Or P.O. a chain and get corps blackballed from the chain. Surprised no one mentioned Renegades hotel mess at Rochester.
  4. My understanding is his belief was based on a missing license plate sticker and missing ITC number. PA stopped requiring annual stickers just over a year or so and took a full year for all to be out of date or removed. Not common knowledge outside of PA. ITC number I wouldn’t have known enough to check. Only think he/she really missed was checking inspection sticker which are still used.
  5. JimF-LowBari

    Alumni Spectular to move inside for 2019

    I just said “used to it, I March in front of the contras”.
  6. JimF-LowBari

    Alumni Spectular to move inside for 2019

    Bleeding out of the ears is not.... lol Seriously have been close enough or heard loud enough corps where all you hear are the horns right in front of you or sound is just a muddle. Worse was Red Lion as BigW mentioned above or even the Harrisburg Forum which has great acoustics but even that was overpowered
  7. JimF-LowBari

    17 years later, 9/11/2018

    Can understand lack of communication. My one cousins son worked for MTV and recalled him saying he had meetings in WTC about once a week. Wasn’t until late that night his immediate family heard he was ok. No meeting that day but when he left the subway station he could see the smoke that was not there when he got on.
  8. JimF-LowBari

    17 years later, 9/11/2018

    Work at a Navy Base. We all heard what happened and some folks went home to be with their families. Around noon they sent us home so higher security measures could be put in. While I’m in snail line heading to the gate I see a forklift carrying a concrete median going the other way. It hit me that was part of the higher physical security and things would never be the same again. Also had a co-worker (later boss) who was at a meeting in the Pentagon that morning. We’re talking about the attack and the boss yells over from his desk “anyone hear from Andy yet?”. Oh ####! He was ok but we didn’t know until hours later
  9. PA got rid of the license plate stickers last year for cars but I didn’t know about commercial vehicles. Still have inspection stickers on windshield so that should be what to check. Edit: Saw the above after I posted...
  10. Not a problem that makes sense now. Autocorrect on my cell phone has been biting me in the butt all weekend so know the feeling. “Rains anymore I’ll need a tow boat”..... “I mean ROW boat” was one of them
  11. Wasn’t following corps at end of WSM but too many examples at work of only one person knowing something and then they leave or pass away. Always should have a human backup just in case. For everyone else’s benefit I work IT for Uncle Sam. Way too much specialized knowledge spread too thin
  12. So many combinations of wth it could be. GH had control of Cadets but get the idea there were others who ran certain things or at least knew the status of what was going on. With RB micromanaging the crap out of everything wonder if anyone can really tell the status of anything. For instance who controls the book keeping and check writing at the present
  13. Huh? Can be involved if he has no contact. How can he be involved if not in contact with anyone or anything. bottom line is no one knows what is going on with Pioneers “turnover”. Right now nameles interim directors are putting notices out for possible permanent staffers. But no one knows who is doing what at the present.
  14. Ok what is the deal with the LER bus? Not a reddit member and goggle not taking me there. I get Pioneer borrowed a bus because one of theirs crapped out but nothing blaming LER.
  15. It’s not over and done until RB totally lets go. Don’t see it yet if he is the one posting the info.