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  1. Lmao on #5 alcohol fueled or not. Later my wife heard some “war stories” and it was “I thought my brothers friends were nuts”. Gotta tell of first corpsmate she met. We’re at Inner Harbor at Baltimore and guy with hat and sunglasses starts cussing me out in public for ignoring him. Had no idea who it was until I saw his son in the background and I start apologizing for not recognizing him. Response was a laugh and “got yer ### good didn’t I”. Could have killed him after that... 😖. Guy did a lot over the years including drill instructor and business manager.
  2. I googled too yep he’s still with us....
  3. To be fair the whizzing is going both ways... look out 🤭
  4. So how ya doin’ getting answers? got a feeling it will come when it comes
  5. Looking forward to what comes from the Cadets and I’m a Senior corps side guy with no dog in this fight. Just think some people here have their mind made up and now digging for “evidence” that will “prove” their point. Lol sounds like an ex-coworker who would surf the cable “news” networks until he found one that agreed with him. Then he knew he was “right”
  6. And you know who is doing the lying... right???? If you really want to know then why are you asking here instead of going to YEA/Cadets?
  7. So you’re comparing possible criminal behavior of GH to what the current BoD is doing?
  8. Lol have in laws with Wake Forest mailing address. Too bad none of the younger ones are into the arts. Unless you count ringing of the cash register (one has a masters in accounting) 😜
  9. Yeah think a misunderstanding too. When I said back room I was thinking management decisions. Back room not a good way to describe what management does when they get together but thought some of the discussion here pointed that way.
  10. Lol with the exception of Robert Blake they’re all too #### tall. Weird memory going to family reunion when a kid. We went near Allenwood when Hoffa was there and my mom joked maybe he’ll wave as we go by. I pictured all these prisoners waving at cars as they went bye to pass the time. 🤭
  11. Thanks that was about the time I had to step away from doing and following corps. Had an ex-corpsmate in CG and would talk to some CG folks I knew before the Baltimore 4th of July parades. Great folks who seemed to have their head on straight
  12. Took time off (forget how long), did Mini and came back as Class A (smaller sized corps). Still put on a really good show. Just worked themselves back up in a patient manner.
  13. He either looks like Jack Nicholson with a bad nose prothesis (movie version) or Robert Blake (tv version)... 🤪
  14. Now you’re saying you’re pointing out what type of questions should be asked. From the way I’ve read your earlier posts you are looking for ANSWERS to your questions and not saying what should be asked. So which is it?
  15. Okaaaay.... is there anyone posting on DCP that could answer Cadets financial questions like ones that have been raised? Not asking for names just a yes or no.... if answer is no then senseless asking here...