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  1. Annnnd that funky think called keeping to a tight time schedule....
  2. For everyone benefit the concern was where could members turn to if they don't trust the corps to handle harassment. Stu comment they should just call the cops. Having training that is not a good idea imo. And weaklefthander said that thinking the answer is have kids go to cops on their own is a dangerous idea. The reason is kids usually do not know how to handle this or will be open to more hell, so dumping it in their laps and say "call the cops" is dangerous. No one ever calling the cops is dangerous which is the lie. But a minor having to go to the police on their own because they don't trust anyone else to help them is a horrible last resort.
  3. Reporting that one Stu as just a flat out lie... You've twisted words in the past to get responses but to do it concerning sexual harassment and minors is sick.
  4. Not sure if it's presuming or just bad choice of words from lack of knowledge. But your responses helped in my history lesson thanks
  5. Ooh I wasn't thinking anything specific to add. Its just a good idea to review SH/SA policies every now and then to see if there are shortcomings or if anything can be improved. Plus any society changes that need to be addressed. Know our training changed over the decades. First big change was discussing women as the harasser and not always victim. Then they put their big boy boots on and admitted there can be same sex harrassment. Not to mention pieces brought up in the internet age-
  6. And adding to that from a corps perspective.... more than likely a minor having to file a report against an adult. And if on tour which jurisdiction(s) do you report to. Letting alone being able to do it while on tour and no longer where it happened. Anything more than that would be out of the training and not going there..:
  7. Jesus Christ go take a training session on sexual harassment/sexual assault and learn what you’re talking about
  8. Said I’m done repeating Stu. Go play with someone else as I try to do something better with the rest of my life
  9. Another stray thought clipped me gar. How long did DCI have the old policy and how often was it reviewed? Thanks
  10. Ok thanks for the info. So if I’m reading this right the members contact someone in the corps. What was the policy if they did not feel comfortable going to the corps. That’s a biggie in our policy as useless to go to the first line (aka your boss) if they are the culprit
  11. Here we go with the trial bs again. Crappy track record.... Cadets, Crossmen, Pioneer (how long was #### reported until something was done), Pacfic northwest corps where whole staff quit. All the YEARS (decades) that DCI had absolutely NO policy in place to to protect members, not even a freaking process for people to even report anything. So who knows what went on and kids had no where to turn. I’m talking all things that impacted member safety. And asking for hard numbers BITD is garbage for any group due to non reporting or hiding. And my final word as tired of repeating myself for the third day. I don’t give a #### if DCI is better or worse than anyone else. They delayed doing anything for way too long and now are paying the price. Imo only way out is continue to do what needs to be done so others can see it
  12. Like I said opinion..... you need a person and others may just need DCIs crappy track record in the past
  13. So late they haven’t had much of a track record on how much things have changed. And that is the real acid test for a lot of people.
  14. 1) just another straw to break the camels back 2) what’s the difference between a “convenient excuse” and an “real reason” other than opinion And thinking about it I wouldn’t put too much trust in numbers concerning how many predators there were in the past. Too much got ignored or hidden by many groups. DCI is late getting their crap together on this.
  15. Think I see the issue and it’s use of “deny a corps from being hosted”. If you ask someone for something and they say no would you say you were “denied” it or that that the other person didn’t give it to you. Saying “denied” could sound like you did not get something you deserve.