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    Drum Corps History (heavy on the Sr side) before my time and old cars. Also skulking ebay and other places for DC buttons to add to the old collection.

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  1. Ok the ? after glockenspiel is a bad translation of 🎹 . (That bugged me so I checked the “full article”) Just love “mesmerizing melodies” 😁 good luck
  2. It was just the mental image of Senior members drinking in the parking lot as people go by. “Hey nice show”, “Thanks BURP!!”. Heard too many before my time stories of horn in one hand and beer in the other. And keeping beer coolers on front sideline for a quick one at practice. 🤦‍♂️
  3. Definition of being your own worst enemy. Have seen that in parking lot of alumni type concerts and 🤦‍♂️. Think there was a site lost because of that.
  4. Think my last DCA in person was year after Annapolis. After that Only watched at home and followed the SM posts. But sounded like Williamsport was huge nail in the coffin. After first year lot of complaints about stadium and saying not going back there. Of course DCA did go back. And speaking from experience… after not going to corps shows for a year, you really don’t miss it and find other things to do. And lot harder to come back than leave
  5. Had a copy of Drum Corps Trivia when it came out. Rare find today and very informative even if you just read the questions and answers good luck
  6. I joined 1974 and first time I heard “that ain’t Drum Corps” was 1975. That was due to those “tink tink” bells. Then again had someone on FB say I never marched in a “real” drum corps because we didn’t have start and finish line. 🤦‍♂️
  7. Lol Brian played 2nd Bari when I was there. Couple of years I played 2nd Bari and marched next to him at parades. Let’s just say he would notice when I played the wrong note. 🥵 As for tune, balance and blend. Worked on that in the 70s with competing Westshoremen. That got taken to a higher level with non competing Hanover.
  8. Keep forgetting about Brenda being involved. 👍 When I was in the members were asked for ideas for long term survival of the corps. Lot responses were to get away from almost all parade tunes. Also find music interesting and challenging for the members to play. And being from the 70s I was never a fan of the alumni corps with the mindset of so much volume they lose the tone. If people want to hear music then play musically
  9. Would like to know the performance schedule of the corps that appear. Is this “the gig” or the only gig they do for the year? See some SM comments this will kill the alumni type activity and I just don’t get it. Concert shows I get ads for have moved from corps only to include other types of music.
  10. Ok, what I was told is everyone who will participate in SS has to do the training. So no idea if staff and member training is different.
  11. Have been told through social media that any group that wants to participate in SoundSport has to go through training. Told by some (not fond of this) that it’s “nothing more than a video” another way for DCI to get money. Having had annual training (for freaking decades) on sexual harassment, sexual abuse and other sickening subjects interested in DCI policies and procedures. For now: What is covered with the SoundSport training? What to do if you’re a victim? How to spot possible abuse? How to report and/or stop it? Is the training geared to protecting minors only or potential victims of any age?
  12. Hope corps have policies if DCA does not. Not just an issue for the minors either. Even the over 21 people need a way to report problems of anything happens to them.
  13. Guess I was unclear. My question is what is are the current policy and procedures in DCA. Haven’t seen anything that I remember
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