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  1. Yeah I hadn’t hit my second gallon of caffeine so problems with posting is a given....
  2. Eh... should have titled this Shows AFFECTED by sickness instead of cancelled.... IOW include shows that corps dropped out of also
  3. Yep and just looking for examples in the past that might have been missed
  4. Pandemic, local outbreak in show location, corps hit with health issues (had few of them since 2000), and that polio thing that is thought I read somewhere is what I was thinking of
  5. “Do you know of any” (stupid editor) No I do not know of any, that is why I asked.... As for disagreeing i was not thinking of weather related as been through a few of those myself.... those I do know of
  6. Must have read this somewhere (History of DC book?) as polio and AL was in the back of my mind. Will have to check further but good starting point. Thank you.... note to self: most complete VFW results are in HODC Vol 1 and not the 2 websites I usually check 😫
  7. Not exactly what I was looking for but thanks anyway....
  8. Sounds like a question for history section but relates to today so putting it here (where the action is). In the last few years we have had corps cancel out of shows due to health reasons. IIRC it was food poisoning or flu going through the ranks. Pre WWII found a historical entry from one of my old corps that they didn’t go to a show due to county polio epidemic. But has there ever been a show cancelled due to health concerns?
  9. Get them nanobots..... Thinking of the polio post have a “here we go again”connection. From Hanover Lancers history: Pre WWII (forget year) “corps did not go to the state AL convention due to polio outbreak in York county “. York is Lancers home county. Wonder is any other corps activities were cancelled due to disease outbreak
  10. Will have to read to refresh my memory. What I remember is there were two types of vaccine and one either didn’t do anything or hurt (killed?) some people. Salk vs Sabin? edit: read the link and will have to try to find a book I read on this years back. Will have to go down to the library to see if they have it 👍 Years back think we had a thalidomide victim on base (or at least same problem with her arms). Beyond words what she had to put up with.
  11. That’s why I loved giving reports of bad news (testing or creating a new system) when it was someone who knew me. “The last report you gave sounded pretty good, why is it bad news all of a sudden”. ”Well we got a chance to really try things and.. the stuff/crap/#### doesn’t work as advertised” or “doesn’t work like we thought it would”. Really a big issue last few years with a laptop app and multiple versions of WinBlows out there. Really blows up the all computers are the same mindset. In fighting CV it’s all people are not the same.
  12. Let me show the scars from the last time I tried to get a cat to do something he didn’t want to do 😱😬😆 One of those weird stories and saw it happened in PA. Then I clicked to see where and holy crap... no town given.... Did see from another article they think the cat caught it from the owners as multiple cases in that house.
  13. Well you ain’t as old as me... not for a while anyway. Sure I can find a time when the library isn’t that crowded for voting but something new. And no worry if stuff hits fan in few weeks. Weird news is PA board of health found a cat that was carrying CV... in our county.. poor cat...
  14. Oh Lord the older we get the more Jeff and I agree on things ... like staying home on primary day in PA (closed primaries). In RAMD days we were accused of being doppelgängers. Hilarious if you see us together....
  15. Do they allow internet access in jail. Is there a purpose to this or you just bored and trying to stir up crap. Asking because if just stirring up I’m done