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  1. Another obstacle is worry that the vaccine is not a permanent solution and we might need booster shots. But we might not know that until time has gone by and we see what happens. As for flu shots, when we switched doctors the new one (about half my age) would only suggest if the shot matched the strain going around our area. My wife had a suppressed system so some years doctor suggested she not get the shot.
  2. We do have a few bowling alleys in the town where GH is living.... 😈 got half a former 7/11 for sale down the street from one last I saw *ducks*
  3. Says walking distance of J Birney Crum so who knows the area? All I knew was follow signs to Dorkey oops Dorney Park and go the other way at the last turn... so much easier riding the corps bus 😜
  4. Things starting to fall... yesterday Division III Centennial Conference (PA/MD) cancelled all fall sports for 2020. To keep it Corps related that involves Gettysburg College which had pre-season exhibition show with Cadets and Crossmen in mid 2000s. Also Cadets camp at the time IIRC
  5. Thank you I haven’t been keeping up since online service moved to earlier time. And I’ve been too lazy to watch later.
  6. I have cousins born and raised in Huntington and soon as I heard this accent I knew it had to be close. That was before you added it was from WV. Once went to hospital down the street and nurse came out to ask some questions. When asked if I had any questions I had to say “there’s a reason why I’m asking this... where are you from if you don’t mind”. Yep same county.... That area is a whole different feel from my home area but very loose and welcoming. edit: watched again and if this dude talked real slow instead of fast he could pass for cousin Paul 😳
  7. Just to show differences in one state.... and without getting into labels or ideologies..... First became aware that whole state wasn’t like my home area 1968 elections. Went to bed with Candidate X leading the vote count very well. Get up next day and same Candidate X LOST very well. Whatever is the 6th grade term for wth I said it. Reason was cities had voting machines and got results in before my bedtime. In the hinterlands (is that safe 😜) they used paper ballots and (most) got results in by daybreak. And the hinterlands votes opposite of the cities for the most part. Interesting phenomenon for someone who has lived his whole life in the ‘burbs around the state capital.
  8. True and hope I used “in general” regarding the T enough times. Use of Alabama, Mississippi and Deep South I’ve seen and heard other places so I mentioned them. Forget what term James Carvell used on tv. Arkansas was a new one for me. Hope that clears that up.... and can understand your hurt and frustrations now that I know you are from the south.
  9. On the other hand pointing out that a state or geographical area can contain a wide range of beliefs and experiences can open up some people’s eyes. You call it dissing but this is something PA’ers have known about and dealt with for years so no surprise to us. Irony is no one complained that use of Arkansas, Deep South, etc was insulting to those areas.
  10. I unblocked because I thought you might be quoting me. What I am saying is my use of the word “liberal” was confusing and taken the wrong way. I meant liberal in the sense of more accepting of new/different ideas and people. No idea how this is accusing anyone of lying.
  11. Well I did say maybe.... My issue was not points being made as that leads to a good discussion. My issue was my words being twisted into things I did not say. That kills discussion as trust is lost
  12. Yeah you DO know me so well. 😜 More like top of my head to your chin. Or am I thinking Pastor Horner (he is way tall folks)? Thinking of him as dog has groom time with his wife soon
  13. Yep I was seeing what you posted as separate items. Others saw it as mixed together. Yesterday I posted the word “liberal” meaning more open to new ideas. But it was taken in the political sense so off to the races we went
  14. “More feisty..” my sister says now that I’m retired I’m turning into a regular grumpy old fart. 😈. She’s 9 years younger so her turn will come. 😜