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  1. Went to college in late 70s for “computer science” and probably little over 10% were female. Good friend was math major at another college slightly later and she was almost the only one. Slowly things changed...
  2. Lol saw Rilling Stones kick off Voodoo Lounge tour at RFK stadium in DC. See that’s slated to be knocked down too. Memorable for me as we got lost and homeless guy at gas station gave me directions to the beltway.
  3. First show: Hershey 1974. There was a rock concert same night in the old hockey arena. Stadium and arena used same parking lot... think about it. Last show: Annapolis,MD Best/worst: nothing sticks out. Annapolis was nice but problems with logistics with HC bathroom when assistance needed. No one told volunteer the pavilion he was “guarding” would be used. Scream session and running before it was resolve “just” in time. Worst food: only think sticking out is Rochester Rhino Stadium not selling coffee on main side for prelims. Freezing and miss a corps or two to warm up
  4. Got an email from my PA dentist that they can do “dental emergency’s” now. Not a lot of detail which has been the big shortcoming in the commonwealths response but they trying to keep up. All I really caught was if you your mouth is bleeding you can call your dentist
  5. Never thought of that thanks. Had an extended family member who was an alcoholic. Every time he went in for surgery (hip, knee, etc) he’d be good for 48 hours and then have visual hallucinations for the next 24. Had back surgery and 3 days later went into a coma for weeks. Best guess is he lied about his drinking and went into bad withdrawal.
  6. PA only has delivery I think. Know we closed day AFTER St Patrick’s Day
  7. Oh great now you made me think of “The Way We Were”....
  8. Hey Ollie’s started in my home area.... great when Ollie was alive as his ads had the funniest stories how he got the stuff. When Cabbage Patch kids were hot Ollie got a bunch from a store that caught fire. Story was a/c pumped the smoke into the toy area. “If you don’t mind wrapping that smells smoky, the dolls are ok”.
  9. My usual place has a meat counter that is only place to get fresh meat. Also no take a number so everyone mobbed at the counter so they don’t lose their place. Saw a pic of my backup place and seniors mobbed at front door waiting for it to open. At a place I hardly go to but not crowded... and only single rolls of Woodys wood chip toilet paper and no clorox or other wipes
  10. Had stockpile at home from before. Wife used them to clean the sinks and kept forgetting about them. So kept putting it on the store list.
  11. Understand that... person I know would like to find out it they had it but of course medical community swamped with everything else. Would be nice to know if she is safe so she can shop for bunch of people with peace of mind. Speaking of which time to pile some Clorox wipes in a baggie and hit the weekly food run. Less crowded now than the Sr hour at the start of the day....
  12. Used to live in a mobile home while saving up for house payments. Still had first couch I ever bought and it was second hand. Chocolate (####) brown leatherette. Bottom cushion was from a patio couch and covered with brown cloth. Girlfriend hated it and I finally order a new one. Day after scheduled delivery she stopped by and the POS was still there. “What happened?”. “well I found out something new about mobile homes. The door is slightly more narrow and.... they couldn’t get the couch through the door.”.
  13. Any idea of allergies? Person I’m talking about has had allergies for years but never heard a complaint about taste. Stuffed up a lot but taste never wacked out that I can remember
  14. We need a vote for ‘zackly.... (exactly).... And your old state had the most miserable (Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure rip off) winter. One day cold, damp and miserable and then warm and sunny. Kept changing so much and so drastically lot of some kind of sickness always going around.
  15. I heard the the last three sentences. When I heard last night I started counting how long since I saw this person last. Came up with 4 weeks and few days.... started breathing easier. We sat right across the table from each other for about 90 minutes. 🤭