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  1. Woops...I guess I should follow these things more closely.
  2. IF this turns out to be true, when was the last time a Top 5, 10 corps did a major motion picture/musical? That's huge. It's been a while, hasn't it? Follow-up question: Is this the "Blue Coats-effect"? i.e. do something different, unique?
  3. Other possible ideas to add interest in Indy: 1. <<insert corps>> meet-and-greet "Meetup" at a local restaurant...go meet fellow Cadets, Blue Coats, Vanguard etc. fans 2. Food trucks...there should be a unique Food Truck Row outside the stadium...the food at Lucas Oil is bad 3. T-shirt tosses (like they do at basketball games) into the crowd? 4. Contests and prizes (maybe shown over the stadium's video monitor in between performances) they do at sporting events...Drum Corps questions like, "Tell me when Star of Indiana won the championship?" or whatever...and the fan guesses the a free whatever. 5. Mini-mini- standing brass line to give unannounced performances inside the stadium...near they do at Disneyland when all of a sudden a brass line comes out and tears it up 6. Backstage tours? 7. Tours of the Indy Zoo! ; )
  4. You pay extra for a "fan experience." DCI could set this up. What would that entail? Say you are a fan of the Cavaliers. They are your corps. If you pay the premium fan experience for the Cavaliers, you get ...(included, but not limited to) 1. Free Cavaliers gift bag, including t-shirts 2. Cheer them on in the tunnel as they come out onto the field. Be RIGHT there near the line. 3. Sit up front with the instructional staff during the show 4. Take selfies with some of the players after a show 5. You congratulate them on Finals night at the end of the awards ceremony. It would be marketed as the "total fan experience." DCI would love it because they'd have the opportunity to make more $$$.
  5. WOW. This is huge news about the Cadets program. I'm excited!
  6. I'm not finding it. These ARE the 2017 repertoires or "maybe" the repertoires?
  7. What is the "Site not to be named" with the leaked chosen music that was referenced earlier?
  8. I feel like I'm watching the grass grow. What is the delay on these announcements?! :) Please, drum corps...give us something...just a song title, one composer, a series of notes...anything!
  9. Taking someone who has never been to drum corps to a competition and watch the look on their face when they realize what they've been missing.
  10. Overacting/bad acting by guard members. Ambiguous/relativistic show themes that can mean anything (and therefore don't mean anything), "I unity, in love, in Unicorns..."
  11. I'll start it off. Crown - Done well - brass content and performance. Needs to improve - percussion content and performance.
  12. Just take one or all of the top 4 corps from 2016: Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Crown, SCV What are 2-3 things these corps have nailed, i.e. do exceptionally well, and what 2-3 things do they need to improve for 2017? So for example, these could include any and all aspect of the shows (marching proficiency, general effect, crowd pleasing, music analysis, brass content, brass proficiency, color guard composition, color guard proficiency, percussion, etc. etc.) Bluecoats (2-3 things almost always done well, 2-3 things needs to improve in 2017) Blue Devils (2-3 things almost always well, 2-3 things needs to improve in 2017) Crown (2-3 things almost always done well, 2-3 things needs to improve in 2017) SCV (2-3 things almost always done well, 2-3 things needs to improve in 2017) Or just one thing. You get the point. It doesn't have to be just the top 4. But didn't want to overwhelm people with too many variables.
  13. What is hi and multi cam? Multi cam meaning the traditional broadcast shown in Movie Theaters or something more? Hi cam meaning just the camera showing the overall show, I'm assuming?
  14. I would go back and tell my parents, respectfully, "Drum Corps is what I was born to do. And I'm going to work hard to achieve it." Stand-up and be bold about pursuing my dreams of playing in drum corps rather than allowing myself to be afraid of what others think my dreams should be. Then I would audition for the Vanguard in 1996-1997.
  15. For sale: two conductors battons...two different drum majors left them behind at dci after they were heavily recruited to guest conduct the "Chicago" and "Tempe" Philharmonics as rising stars in classical music.