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  1. No, I'm just open-minded and arguing for greater diversity of shows with real meaning. These shows that are esoteric and avante guard remind me of a teenager who thinks he's being original and unique because he gets a tattoo and gets a nose ring. No, he's being cliche. Every other teenager gets a tattoo and a nose ring. These shows like Metamorph and "i" and Enigma claim modernity, originality, newness and imaginativeness, but to me they are nothing but the same old cliched teenager trying to die his hair to be "original" because it's cool and hip. These relativistic shows are put out year after year after year...since the 1990s. I welcome that style to drum corps, but can we get some balance and diversity with substance too please? If you feel strongly about diversity, you will want a diverse set of shows.
  2. I know I'm going to take heat for this...but so it's Metamorph (is that a word?), some Serpent that eats itself, just the title "i"...lowercase! Not uppercase! (with an eye image), Enigma, and now a semi-Satanic (partly being funny here) "Wicked Games." It's as if we are afraid to make any value judgement whatsoever in our show theme, and if there is's got to be dark and Eastern. Dark, obscure, esoteric, enigmas are what these initial show concepts seem to be about. There's no balance to this with shows that have true meaning and are uplifting year after year (except for Crown, The Academy, and at times others). I get you can't be "Disneyland" and "Pollyanna" ever year and in every show but too many corps are force-feeding us post-modern baloney devoid of substance that leaves people scratching their heads after the corps walks off the field. "What was that?" is what we hear. And I'm sure it's partly to show how avant-guard and "sophisticated" we are being. "You just don't get it Chris. You just don't SEE what's there." No I don't. And neither does most of the audience. You can be sophisticated and entertaining. You don't have to make your show as unclear as a stained dirty glass. And shows can reflect real life. They don't always have to be abstract obscurities from the ancient world. How many inspiring topics could you do this year that could actually affect people's lives? What about stories that draw attention to the beauty in the world, like natural beauty (natural parks or nature), a husband or wife who volunteers to serve his country and leaves his family, a story of kids making it out of poverty from the inner city, a theme about redemption from drugs or alcohol, current news events with inspirational examples. The ideas are endless. Drum corps and art doesn't just exist for art's sake. It exists to inspire, to motivate, to draw our soul's out into a cause bigger than ourselves. To uplift our spirits. No to leave the audience more confused. That is a waste of art, in my opinion. Instead, it's a snake. An eye. A Wicked Game. An enigma. Shows that are so out-there in theme (I had to consult my ancient mythological dictionary from college just to remember what an Ouroboros was), that we're wondering when did Western Civilization leave DCI? I get that too heavy a dose of saccharine shows and crowd pleasers ad nauseaum can make one feel ill. I'm not asking for more of those shows. I'm asking for a decreased dose of shows with no real vitamins in my medicine. Or at least some meaning to draw out from the abstract. I think that will make everyone feeling better.
  3. Fine if you like new agey (I'm not a fan), but there is such thing as bad art, contrary to what post modern intellectual drum corps fans will tell you. If there's bad art, there's bad (just not different) drum corps show themes ... and again, it seems some of the announced show themes are a little more esoteric, new agey style over substance. But it's early! Obviously, I need to give them a chance. I grant you that.
  4. Got to admit, a little disappointed in Blue Devils 60th anniversary show theme and music selection...seems a little new agey. I'm sick of new agey.
  5. During the final key change, I can just imagine the majesty and magic .... the guard and flags going crazy.
  6. I'm going to be real counter-cultural here (and don't mean to be controversial), but someone has got to do this song. Even if you come from a different faith tradition....I think "In Christ Alone" would be an amazing ballad. Just as a piece of music I think it can be appreciated.
  7. How do people feel about Cadets show not being Lion King? A. I knew all along it wasn't (just the rumor of a couple of posts). B. Prefer Bernstein's Mass! Lion King would have been too cheesy/not serious. C. Lion King would have been amazing; but so will Bernstein's Mass. D. I'm a little disappointed.
  8. Woops...I guess I should follow these things more closely.
  9. IF this turns out to be true, when was the last time a Top 5, 10 corps did a major motion picture/musical? That's huge. It's been a while, hasn't it? Follow-up question: Is this the "Blue Coats-effect"? i.e. do something different, unique?
  10. Other possible ideas to add interest in Indy: 1. <<insert corps>> meet-and-greet "Meetup" at a local restaurant...go meet fellow Cadets, Blue Coats, Vanguard etc. fans 2. Food trucks...there should be a unique Food Truck Row outside the stadium...the food at Lucas Oil is bad 3. T-shirt tosses (like they do at basketball games) into the crowd? 4. Contests and prizes (maybe shown over the stadium's video monitor in between performances) they do at sporting events...Drum Corps questions like, "Tell me when Star of Indiana won the championship?" or whatever...and the fan guesses the a free whatever. 5. Mini-mini- standing brass line to give unannounced performances inside the stadium...near they do at Disneyland when all of a sudden a brass line comes out and tears it up 6. Backstage tours? 7. Tours of the Indy Zoo! ; )
  11. You pay extra for a "fan experience." DCI could set this up. What would that entail? Say you are a fan of the Cavaliers. They are your corps. If you pay the premium fan experience for the Cavaliers, you get ...(included, but not limited to) 1. Free Cavaliers gift bag, including t-shirts 2. Cheer them on in the tunnel as they come out onto the field. Be RIGHT there near the line. 3. Sit up front with the instructional staff during the show 4. Take selfies with some of the players after a show 5. You congratulate them on Finals night at the end of the awards ceremony. It would be marketed as the "total fan experience." DCI would love it because they'd have the opportunity to make more $$$.
  12. WOW. This is huge news about the Cadets program. I'm excited!
  13. I'm not finding it. These ARE the 2017 repertoires or "maybe" the repertoires?
  14. What is the "Site not to be named" with the leaked chosen music that was referenced earlier?
  15. I feel like I'm watching the grass grow. What is the delay on these announcements?! :) Please, drum corps...give us something...just a song title, one composer, a series of notes...anything!