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  1. Mandarins 2017 - Inside the Ink

    I'm very impressed after just watching the Mandarins show. LOVE IT! Best Mandarins show I've ever seen. Brilliantly designed. Visuals are creative and fresh. The entire thing is new and novel...and delivers. That drum line...woah. Thank you for what you've done this year.
  2. Ok ok. I get BD being #1, but SCV as #2? when it's their 60th and 50th anniversary years respectively? REALLY?!! No offense to SCV, but I don't believe this show is #2. Wouldn't that be wonderful if on their anniversary years they both took the top two placements! Oh please. I'm smelling a set-up. The system is rigged.
  3. Massillon, Ohio 2017 version 1

    I'm in Northern Virginia and won't be going to Ohio at all. Maybe I can Next Day Fed Ex.
  4. Massillon, Ohio 2017 version 1

    I have 2 tickets available...GREAT seats. In the $40 section. I had to cancel going. I don't know if it's too late to get them to someone, but just thought I'd let you all know. How can I get these to someone?
  5. I have two tickets available for the Massilon, Ohio show. Please let me know ASAP. I guess I would have to Fed Ex them?
  6. Opening Night!

    Who gets to decide what good "performance art" and "theatrical character" is...and does that make it ok for teenagers to be showcased in this way. I think if my daughter were up there I might ask her to put a robe on. Well, let's not help the dirty men out any...let's do them any favors.
  7. Opening Night!

    Oh ok. That makes it ok then.
  8. Opening Night!

    Is anyone concerned about this? I'm not trying to be a prude...but we do have minors in the activity...and I'm sure even ...I know sex sells, but I didn't come to watch a lust filled cabaret. These women are fairly young. Am I crazy, or are the dad's of these girls cool with this?
  9. Cadets 2017

    If we can have sexual innuendo in shows and wicked games, sensuality, killings, etc. I think we can put up with "let us pray" and a confessional. Let's be wary of becoming religophobes.
  10. Carolina Crown 2017

    Crown's hats this year are certainly unique. Does anyone think they look too big? They look like they are too big for the marchers' heads.
  11. All these reports about Bluecoats' show make me feel pretty, pretty, prettaaay good.
  12. Carolina Crown 2017

    Ok, what do people think? Does Crown have a chance to win this year with this show? If it's light on GE, is that going to hurt them (esp. going up against hyper-GE Bluecoats?) Let's get real here...what is this show likely to place?
  13. Show is very well done.
  14. 2017 PREDICTIONS!

    1 Bluecoats 2 Blue Devils 3 SCV 4 Crown 5 Cadets 6 Cavaliers 7 Phantom 8 Blue Knights 9 Boston 10 Blue Stars 11 Madison 12 Academy
  15. Carolina Crown 2017

    GREAT! Can't wait.