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  1. They now tell me I’ve used too much of my subscription to receive any type of prorated refund. Doesn’t make sense to me. I have three months left. Just prorate $12.50 x 3. Flo has the worst customer service department.
  2. Did you get a refund? They won’t offer me one. Just a 3 month pause option or a 20% off my next renewal.
  3. I watched all 7 episodes in one sitting! I said to myself “what did I just watch?!?”
  4. They will be revealing the streaming schedule.
  5. Dci.org/indyhotels has a few option still available. We’ve stayed at the Hampton Inn and Embassy Suites downtown. Most hotels downtown are within walking distance.
  6. Mega Monday appears to be DCI Box Office. Atlanta is usually Ticketmaster.
  7. If I remember correctly, it was the end of April this past season.
  8. https://www.dci.org/news/2020-drum-corps-international-tour-schedule