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  1. I approve of this post!
  2. Karma has a way of doing what it’s supposed to do No need to repost what was said in private
  3. Has a corps ever been placed on probation by DCI?
  5. I have been treated for diabetic retinopathy disease for four years . Monday was injection day ( treatment involves getting needles in my eyes). while i was in the chair, waiting on the surgeon to give me the injections, a member of the YEA board ( who I never met or heard of ) sent me several messages chewing me out for calling on the boards resignation. He continued this even after I explained to him where I was and what I was about to go through. Classy Treatnent went well . Four years of new breakthrough treatments have restored my vision! Let the healing process for The Cadets begin!
  6. bishtom

    YEA board resigns

    Let the healing process begin
  8. New nickname for Hopkins: Hopinbed
  9. I have been an avid supporter of The Cadets as well as George Hopkins. George gave me advice while I went blind and had to decide wether or not to try new breakthrough treatments. the treatments worked! i have gone from seeing the eye chart but no lines, now my vision has been restored to 20/25! There is no excuse for what Hopkins did to his accusers. I am so saddened and disgusted by this. Best wishes to Hopkins victims and The Cadets Tom Bishop
  10. bishtom

    Noel Borden

    Sad news Condolences to the family, expecially Joan
  11. bishtom

    Cadets 2015

    I will be returning as a Cadets volunteer a week from today I am more than excited about this program. I have been reding some of the negative comments about the uniform change... ARE YOU KIDDING ME????
  12. I wish it was still in hometown
  13. bishtom

    Why do You Stay?

    I am returning at a Cadets volunteer this year, after being away to take a break and focus on my health What an amazing year to be able to return! I say be able, because march of 2013...I was on a path that was not so good. I have lost 60lbs since my diagnoses of hypertension and type2 diabetes I am thrilled to return and looking forward to serve this amazing corps!