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  1. Karma has a way of doing what it’s supposed to do No need to repost what was said in private
  2. Has a corps ever been placed on probation by DCI?
  4. I have been treated for diabetic retinopathy disease for four years . Monday was injection day ( treatment involves getting needles in my eyes). while i was in the chair, waiting on the surgeon to give me the injections, a member of the YEA board ( who I never met or heard of ) sent me several messages chewing me out for calling on the boards resignation. He continued this even after I explained to him where I was and what I was about to go through. Classy Treatnent went well . Four years of new breakthrough treatments have restored my vision! Let the healing process for The Cadets begin!
  6. I have been an avid supporter of The Cadets as well as George Hopkins. George gave me advice while I went blind and had to decide wether or not to try new breakthrough treatments. the treatments worked! i have gone from seeing the eye chart but no lines, now my vision has been restored to 20/25! There is no excuse for what Hopkins did to his accusers. I am so saddened and disgusted by this. Best wishes to Hopkins victims and The Cadets Tom Bishop
  7. Sad news Condolences to the family, expecially Joan
  8. I will be returning as a Cadets volunteer a week from today I am more than excited about this program. I have been reding some of the negative comments about the uniform change... ARE YOU KIDDING ME????