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  1. I tend to agree with Don Pescone around 33:45 into this video. Pretty much regular kids representative of their peers.
  2. Notable how far ahead of it's time this segment was. Yet the "small pit" is just one of the countless things I saw that is long gone. And that's ok.
  3. Timing penalties exist. Wether for electronics delays or otherwise, they are a thing. The only exception being the beginning few shows of the season. As is the case with most marching arts activities.
  4. I'm fortunate. The only show I went to in 1987 is available online. Even the retreat. Make sure you stick around for the SCV Russian Christmas encore. Link is to a playlist of 5 videos combined for the entire broadcast. August 6, 1987 Bloomington IN 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 94.900 2 Star of Indiana 88.800 3 Velvet Knights 88.400 4 Dutch Boy 78.200 4 Troopers 78.200 6 Boston Crusaders 74.000 7 Colts 73.700
  5. We at DCP have a rich history in solving perceived problems that maybe aren't actually problems.
  6. I see that working. You and I are both part of a facebook group that hit this topic pretty hard this year and it was nearly unanimous that it would not be worth trying with large groups that have moving batteries (thinking this would include all of World Class for sure). Unless there was a VERY compelling reason. A lot of people with large-scale expertise both inside and outside of the marching arts chimed in on it. Folks that have been taking some big innovative risks in our activities over the years had feedback based on real experiences. I'm with them. As I am with them on the insane idea o
  7. OP in pure ecstasy right now as this thread reaches 7 pages.
  8. The people that I am referring to in my post are people who do it for a living. They did not find it incredibly simple.
  9. The investment and effort in making pulse come from a permanent "back" ensemble is not worth it. UNLESS, you possibly have no battery. You aren't the first to have considered this. But most that have tried it have quickly moved away from it.
  10. Lol. Pat Butler. Only looks slightly older today. Decidedly less hair. 😁
  11. Woohoo 1988! To repeat some context I shared in the 89 thread, 1986 I only went to one show and I had no idea what I was getting into. 1987 was also just one show. But the thing is, I saw SCV live in 87 and instantly became an all-in drum corps fanatic. 1988 I went no holds barred (as much as my parent's permission and money would allow. Much thanks to them.) Apologies for not paying close enough attention to the non-finalist corps when I was a kid. My first show was pretty early. June 20, 1988 Mishawaka IN 1 Cavaliers 67.300 2 Bluecoats 66.600 3 Colts
  12. As someone who has been around this forum for a long time, and also as someone that got bored during quarantine and re-read the first 100 pages of this thread last week, @Lance's dedication to this work is unwavering. And rightfully so.
  13. Good comparison. Sufjan Stevens definitely overlaps into the chamber pop portion of a venn diagram. https://www.allmusic.com/style/chamber-pop-ma0000012300