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  1. I marched with, or toured with, about at dozen. And knew a couple more personally that I didn't tour with. The entire crowd was quietly on their feet to honor that moment. Instant tears. By the time they got to the 50 my knees were so weak that I had to sit up on the back of my chair. I told my daughter next to me that I don't know how I'm going to do this. The poise my friends needed to perform after that ... I cannot say enough about them @bluecoats88 🍁💙 More than a few others lurking here. But when the show started it was just so ####### fun that the tears paused. My throat hurt the next morning from all of the screaming and cheering at LOS. As someone who has a 1991 penny, let me say that I am glad to call you a fellow member. Thank you Kevin. 6 words, indeed.💙🍁
  2. The DCI rulebook linked above shows a January 2019 approval date for the "current" Props section. You would have to see the 2014 Prop section to know. That is, if a Props section even existed in 2014. If I am remembering correctly, the WGI prop height rules were established around 2017'ish.
  3. To be clear, I wasn't saying it is the exact OSHA definition. It is the specification that WGI has developed for their rulebook. I cannot vouch for any direct connection to OSHA standards.
  4. What kind of pyscho-killer would be contemplating CI while "in the moment?" I enjoy CI discourse and when it finally collapses in 25 years, I hope to be flooding this thread in mourning. But I am just speaking for myself.
  5. Defined as either a safety railing, a safety harness, or protective padding. Or any combination of the 3.
  6. If he was going without being seen, the least likely place to do that would have been the suites. Agreed with the consensus. He's toying with folks and was not there.
  7. Top 4 groups all have a shot at the Sanford this year. They've each had their moments on the top rung head-to-head this season. Been awhile since SCV has been this vulnerable.
  8. FWIW, this was the seated position of the crowd the entire show. Until it was over. Weird. Like it or not, you can't deny it is excellent.
  9. https://facebook.com/events/s/drum-corps-tailgate-scholarshi/742124357053963/
  10. You're overly simplified language in describing this thread is both telling to me and insulting to survivors that are working advocacy within.
  11. In the activity and it's community, he no longer deserves any equity and should not get a free pass. The victims should be provided a safe environment in our activity, regardless of any sentence he has served. 2 different things. I'm not sure how to be more clear.
  12. That math equation is absurd. His contributions do not earn him free pass. I side with the victims on this. They should have a safe place in the activity. If that means it is at GH's expense, so be it.
  13. If you are out of free articles or refused because of ad block, I created an archive of the settlement article here. https://archive.ph/y1DKr
  14. I don't think it is for us to quibble about public vs private property, legal rights, etc. That's DCI's fight. It is up to us to pressure DCI into doing anything within it's realm to make a safe environment for those involved in the activity. They need to be trying everything, and if it turns out unenforceable by the courts, then that's on the courts, right? I know that @scheherazadesghost has pointed this out before, but many of us here are not the victims and whenever possible, we need to be hearing from them. I'm not sure if George's victims have ever been public on DCP, but at least one has publicly posted that she has tickets to take her child to the upcoming New Jersey show. She faces a horrible decision and she has said: Why should the victims have to potentially chose to stay away from the activity if they'd rather stay involved? If DCI doesn't make efforts to create a safe environment for them, what is the point?
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