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  1. Came here to see the chatter yesterday. I didn't see antyhing going on so I left. I only delve into a couple official annual corps threads. As far as I see it, those are about 2020 program content and development. This is worthy of it's own thread, IMO.
  2. Worth noting that they are in the Community College division. 2 year schools. For one reason or a another each were not accepted at 4 year university cheer programs. Or at least, one that was a match for them.
  3. No idea in audition numbers. Every single young man in that picture has marched Bluecoats at least one year. Hence ... all of them wearing their previous battery sections shirts. I'm not sure how to be more clear?
  4. Not necessary total. But they do all happen to be wearing the battery shirt of their first year with bluecoats.
  5. Whatever it is, they'll be doing it with a 100% vet snareline.
  6. Jay was our middle-man. If you have any questions about the list, feel free to PM me. Now you know why I made my comment earlier about titles. 😂
  7. 2000 - Dan Delong (Percussion Coordinator) 2001 - Dan Delong (Percussion Coordinator) 2002 - Dan Delong (Director of Percussion Education) 2003 - Dan DeLong (Director of Percussion Education) : Lane Armey (Caption Head)
  8. Was just scanning your sheet. Not sure Hannum was ever technically the caption head at Star of Indiana. But he definitely was NOT caption head in 1990. Dubie was. Hannum started consulting mid-season. Dubie may have technically remained caption head with Hannum there as well in 92 and 93. They co-arranged.
  9. I was forwarded an email by a corps to help someone requesting similar information ... maybe you? Except the verbiage was Percussion Directors. As we move through the decades the term "caption head" becomes more nebulous across time and the "percussion director" might mean different things. I'll get you something to work with though.
  10. DCI corps have been way ahead of the curve on this. Marching bands? Not so much.
  11. Bluecoats run 3. Innovations North Canton Innovations Pittsburgh Tour of Champions Akron
  12. Another example of how I've been around here too long. @garfield's classic and enthralling 990 thread is no longer a part of DCP institutional memory.
  13. Who would of thought that the bloodsport of public hiring and firings wouldn't be enough to satiate the beast that is summoned by this annual ritual?
  14. Yep. Beautiful. Especially with a flugelhorn solo. Jump to 8:20 for the shade to go whiter.