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  1. Bluecoats can relate to peaking before finals week. EDIT to add: This is all Bluecoats shows from Preview of Champions to Finals night. Circular data points on the other corps indicate a head-to-head matchup against Bluecoats at the same show site.
  2. If nothing else, the OP is getting a huge lesson here in how one encounters resistance via gatekeeping when doing advocacy work.
  3. C'mon. Can a viola player talk about symphonies and orchestras while being involved in legal action with their former orchestra? Of course.
  4. If one looked at DCX Museum reps, one might think nobody has played So What before. Do teases count? https://youtube.com/clip/Ugkxm9q1G3YLRXWqfw-B51OynLrRWhENqix9?si=nYMJzY8USWTkelQf
  5. I never met Mike Duffy. But if you spent much time in the haunted spaces of "drum corps internet" over the past 30'ish years, you'd be hard pressed to find a guy that brought more humor and levity into the self-serious arguments that tend to fester in these communities. I'm going to make some time to peruse the old RAMD sinkhole and giggle at his contributions. If you get bored and want an idea of what it was like, and you don't mind inadequate search tools and terrible TEXT/HTML/ASCII translations, go to https://groups.google.com/g/rec.arts.marching.drumcorps/search?q=mcduffy&sortBy=DATE and do some poking around. Edit to recommend looking at the older posts, then you might avoid some of the more retched scum and villainy of RAMD. Although you'd miss this banger:
  6. Jon Vanderkolff Scott Boerma Gordon Henderson And one of our own, Michael Duffy aka @McDuffy https://www.dci.org/news/four-to-be-inducted-into-dci-hall-of-fame-class-of-2024
  7. Another favorite! Although I lean to the original. Probably because of the percussion?
  8. An oldie but a goodie, here's one of my faves
  9. Great googly moogly! https://bluecoats.com/news/2024/3/6/son-lux-named-artist-in-residence
  10. 2005 Ombra (from Cirque du Soliel) Incantation (from Quidam) 2006 Distorted (from La Nouba) 2012 Love Dance (from Ka) Filet (from La Reve) - Not exactly cirque du soliel, but a cirque-adjacent program that was also composed by Benoit Jutras
  11. In reality, I think that is an accurate sentiment to have. But I didn't feel like that was what the author produced. Especially a brief and dismissive ... Followed directly by And then knocking both products that came after GH's departure. I'm not prodding you to continue in response. I have always had a lot of respect for you and wouldn't dare! ❤️😆 Most of the talk in this thread was about "will they return." And I wasn't seeing any other critique of the author's work, so it seemed like a relevant point to chime in.
  12. In this specific case the OP mentioned, they were going to terminate the usage of implements. With the possible exception of swing flags. The good news is that an agreement was made during a heated community meeting last night to retain color guard and add a dance group.
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