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  1. True. And as was posted... it once once. Think about that for an minute. *as I knowingly tap my temple*
  2. I am so confused by the preceding yellow bloooooo post. And reposting as a quote has only exacerbated this feeling.
  3. DCI is only forgiving on timing penalties at the beginning of the season. At championships, they would not be forgiving.
  4. If you had finished with answers that reflect your experience that you describe above, there would be more data to understand similarities and differences. But if you're more concerned about distrusting "what answers they are looking for" I guess quitting may have been the better option?
  5. Larry was the program director those years. The Harrisburg Forum shows and the spring drill camps were different weekends.
  6. It wasn't 89. There was a change in schedule and they ended up doing the spring drill camp at the RCA Dome (Hoosier Dome). Although I may have been there, Fran! We did those spring Baltimore Armory camps in 1990 and 1991 when I marched. Although it may have been earlier as they were there in 86, 87, 88. Maybe before that too!
  7. A drum corps alumnus is doing a research project with Baylor University and the more respondents (DCI Alumni) that take part, the better the results. I took the survey and it had me thinking in new ways about my experience. If you are a DCI alumni, please consider taking some time to complete! ATTENTION DCI ALUMNI: we all know the tremendous emotional impact that DCI has. As with any elite athletics, these emotions come in dramatic highs and lows. Especially after returning to “real life” these lows can become particularly heightened. The best way we can continue to support such a dear organization and its current performers is to better understand what factors may influence the emotional impact of DCI. I have been granted the opportunity to create a forum for us to embrace this goal through a research study at Baylor University. PLEASE take the time to complete this survey to continue growing DCI into the most positive formative experience it can be for future members. An Examination of Forced Retirement on Elite Marching Athletes https://baylor.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cunDQQiEJDOpUWx
  8. Pacers would stay long-term, Indy Eleven stadium has outside shot in proposals worth millions https://www.indystar.com/story/news/politics/2019/01/27/indiana-pacers-indy-eleven-deals-would-keep-nba-team-in-town-offer-small-chance-for-mls-stadium/265981200 Given the office space for DCI and usage of the convention center and hotels this seems relevant. If completed this would move Indy from a top 20 convention city into more elite company. Modest improvements to LOS. References FFA and Gen Con extending their location agreements based on this expected expansion.
  9. Had you been around awhile back you would understand why DCI refocused on the product and how much better off they are today because of it. As far as the geniuses at NASCAR, I would let them keep working their "magic" over there and not in my sandbox.
  10. My point is that techs don't need to hover as much since judges are reading from front. They can find things to fix while hovering, but it will now be just as important to also understand where the reads can or won't happen.
  11. It's not the end of the world. But I'm not thrilled with it. Outdoors is one thing. But I've witnessed countless shows at LOS from the field front sideline. Reading the battery once they get behind the front hash will not be happening. It's unfortunate that their visual presentation becomes compulsory, but the decision is not about me.
  12. It will be interesting to see if this changes how batteries are tech'ed. Why have your sub-techs on the field so much when those reads are no longer relevant.
  13. In all fairness @Lancer79, you peeked back into the activity a year and a half ago after a long absence. And by your own admission much of your informational feedback seems to have come from George. There are people in these boards that have followed the evolution of the activity, including Cadets, YEA very much near the center of it closely and without absence. Your bothsideism and advocacy for George are coming from a place with significant gaps in time and important historical reference.
  14. That first response from Cyrus was incredibly civil and exactly what he asked for... Huh. Guess he didn't mean that after all. Color me shocked. Sincerely, The guy that wishes he had screen shot Cyrus's comment.