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  1. DCI corps have been way ahead of the curve on this. Marching bands? Not so much.
  2. Bluecoats run 3. Innovations North Canton Innovations Pittsburgh Tour of Champions Akron
  3. Another example of how I've been around here too long. @garfield's classic and enthralling 990 thread is no longer a part of DCP institutional memory.
  4. Who would of thought that the bloodsport of public hiring and firings wouldn't be enough to satiate the beast that is summoned by this annual ritual?
  5. Yep. Beautiful. Especially with a flugelhorn solo. Jump to 8:20 for the shade to go whiter.
  6. Anyone else ever get the feeling they've been around these forums too long? Just me?
  7. Apparently all those Broken City members that have been marching other corps don't rate. 🤷🏼‍♂️🤭 Oh my, where will 3 of the 5 Bluecoats tenors go now that Mike has left Blue Knights? (For example)
  8. Ok. Since the tenor of the forum has changed, now is finally the time to do this ... this account this shared by a cabal of 5 to 7 former RAMD users. Primarily myself (not my real name), a bull mastiff, a boxer, a scottish terrier and a pomeranian-yorkie mix. Occasionally the 2 year-old twins logon to check in on the activity and see what's going on with their peers. They really want to create their own accounts but I insist that this is the best way to refrain from getting their hands dirty and sullying their otherwise sunny disposition on band. I feel much better now. Good luck with the firings!
  9. It's funny how when Prosperie shuffles things he's the guy that "is not afraid to call it like he sees it!" But if it's the 3rd week of July and y'all see ordinals suddenly out of whack and the last name is different than Prosperie, DCP has threads questioning what the hell is wrong with that judge. 😂😂
  10. On the other hand, they actually play 30% more of the show duration than the corps that preceded them.
  11. Michael is the scenic designer for the Bluecoats. Hence the relation to the prop design. His job outside of drum corps is set design.
  12. Except this show is The Bluecoats and the new ending drives that point home tenfold.