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  1. I'm glad she is recovering! I had a high school student whose leg separated at the knee multiple times over the years while pushing keyboards post-rehearsal. ELIMINATE THE DANGEROUS FRONT ENSEMBLE! 🙃
  2. Hoping for all of the best for Crossmen going forward. I definitely got a vibe this summer that they are still battling to get on the right side of the financial chasm caused by the pandemic. These off-season changes are big. They have some great alumni fighting for them! Keep it up bones!
  3. It was a real joy watching this diverse set of performances. In a way, the connection to dated material was refreshing. And this scoring break was an fortunate by-product of an unfortunate situation for a few groups that needed a good "reset." Weather it was a corps re-presenting an entire classic show, or a group paying tribute to the entire long legacy, or one paying tribute to their community. So many different approaches! That being said, my interest in seeing groups publicly struggle with reconciling their past with their future in show format for the long term is very limited. I'm sure most folks on these forums have lived in this scene long enough to have seen some touchstone drum corps spend years trying to pay tribute to themselves as they wander aimlessly in a creativity desert. I don't want to see the bottle dance every other year. Or an obligatory repeated Bernstein-framed Z pull. Or a 22 snares playing drum to drum every year. The Crossmen can find a way to play "The Lick" and that is a fun and quick wink as fan-service. But circling the drain with retro shows year after year ain't it for me. So I guess that means I want scores as limiting framework, which puts group in a position to test and bend those limits. If you can do that with a retro lean, bring it.
  4. This was 6 PM last night. https://photos.app.goo.gl/28NyTW9mUWToAdCM6
  5. Thanks for the head's up. I have frequently utilized and referred people to this deal over the years. I remember that it started out as $10 tickets, then $15. But even at $19 it is a great way to get kids/students into the gate.
  6. Which reminds me of the fantastically ludicrous movie that takes it's name from Leakey's primate. A story about "what if drugs smuggled inside of Scarlett Johansson's gut leaked and actually gave her 100% Brain Capacity?"
  7. Where us the celebration that we didn't have to wait until the first show, August 1st, for the program announcement? 😄
  8. I tend to agree with Don Pescone around 33:45 into this video. Pretty much regular kids representative of their peers.
  9. Notable how far ahead of it's time this segment was. Yet the "small pit" is just one of the countless things I saw that is long gone. And that's ok.
  10. Timing penalties exist. Wether for electronics delays or otherwise, they are a thing. The only exception being the beginning few shows of the season. As is the case with most marching arts activities.
  11. I'm fortunate. The only show I went to in 1987 is available online. Even the retreat. Make sure you stick around for the SCV Russian Christmas encore. Link is to a playlist of 5 videos combined for the entire broadcast. August 6, 1987 Bloomington IN 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 94.900 2 Star of Indiana 88.800 3 Velvet Knights 88.400 4 Dutch Boy 78.200 4 Troopers 78.200 6 Boston Crusaders 74.000 7 Colts 73.700
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