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Found 176 results

  1. Hey all OC has been looking for Class A CDL drivers and cook staff to join the summer, and have been reaching out all over to share this opportunity. I'd thought I'd share here in case someone here fits the roles or knows someone who does. Sorry if this should have been done differently, I wasn't 100% sure how to share this.
  2. Can we start a thread with all of this information? I've seen a few corps releasing public statements such as Cascades, OC, and Blue Knights. Cascades: Oregon Crusaders: Ascend performing Arts (Blue Knights)
  3. Watchmen enters into the 2018 season in their fifth year of competition, and they are stronger than ever. Starting as a brass ensemble in 2013, Watchmen has grown into a full size open class corps and will be touring this year in California, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado. This year’s production is entitled “Altered”, where they will test your altered states. The original composition by Harry Hutchins and Paul Rendon comes in four movements and will evoke images of psychological manipulation, covert intelligence, and mind control. Will chaos ensue? Let’s find out…
  4. The FREE Players Drum and Bugle Corps one of Long Islands only Drum and Bugle Corps to play at Nassau Coliseum for the NY Open Tennis Tourney.
  5. Watchmen open the 2018 season with a successful 1st audition with 80+ potential candidates for a brass, guard and percussion position. Executive Director, David Becker, welcomed everyone for attending, introduced this season’s staff, and presented the plans for the 2018 season.
  6. Southwind Drum & Bugle Corps is seeking two musicians, a guitarist and drum set percussionist, for its 2018 production. The guitarist must read music (not just tablature) and be versed in classical acoustic guitar. Prior drum corps or marching band experience is desirable but not required. The percussionist must be able to read music. Experience performing with marching ensembles is preferred. Both individuals must be able to meet the time and financial commitments required for a touring DCI drum corps. Rehearsal and touring schedules are available upon request. For more information and audition packets, please mail
  7. Probably a lot of you all know about this site. For all you really old times I came across a blog site NanciD with uploaded copies of old drum corps news. The site is Historical Drum Corps Publications.
  8. SDCA is looking for Music , Percussion or Design professionals that would like to advertise for free.. go to to sign up
  9. I have participated and have been following drum corps for a very long time. I have adopted the changes over the years with open arms. I love most of those changes and have no wish to turning the clock back. I start with these points because I know some punk will accuse me of being old school or for not understanding modern drum corps. Rest assured I understand it quite well and I am very familiar with the judging sheets and scoring process. Having said that, it is a shame what the judges are doing to BC this year. I have watched closely all season and have seen the bias that is so obvious. It appears to me the judges have a grudge of some sort against them. Is it the guard outfits? I read the corps changed to longer shorts due to complaints about a little butt cheek or two showing. Is it because the judges believe it is destiny for BD and SCV to be fighting it out during their anniversaries? Maybe it is because they don't have enough pretty colors. I noticed BD has pink in their uniforms. That certainly must be worth an extra 3 or 4 points in visual. It apparently outweighs the extreme drill design BC is marching. Unfortunately, the scores are simply the opinion of a select few judges. They are human and have biases. This years "collective thought" appears to be against the Bluecoats. That truly is a shame given the energy and talent this corps has. The message the judges are sending to all: don't do anything risky, keep your drill simple and clean, focus on having a strong palette of color choices and color guard, both have more impact on your overall score then drill, brass, or percussion. Fast is old school. March slowly and precisely. When playing, be sure it is loud and try to stand still while doing so. If you are going to march at a fast tempo, be sure to do it while not playing. And finally, never ever make the young women in the guard where something feminine. Modern women are not supposed to be feminine or sexy.
  10. It's a SKYLINER SHOW DAY - and our HOME SHOW. Weather is amazing!! Come on out, and see a great show. TONIGHT! Jake Sobeski Stadium, 120 Boston Ave., West Pittston, PA! Thunderbirds! Hurricanes! Bushwackers! White Sabers! NY Skyliners Alumni! Caballeros Alumni! and of course your SKYLINERS! Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for kids - 18 and under, if you wear your show shirt of band jacket or are under 6 years old, YOU GET IN FREE!
  11. It's a SKYLINER SHOW DAY - and our HOME SHOW. Weather is amazing!! Come on out, and see a great show. TONIGHT! Jake Sobeski Stadium, 120 Boston Ave., West Pittston, PA! Thunderbirds! Hurricanes! Bushwackers! White Sabers! NY Skyliners Alumni! Caballeros Alumni! and of your course your SKYLINERS! Tickets are $15 for adults, $10 for kids - 18 and under, if you wear your show shirt of band jacket or are under 6 years old, YOU GET IN FREE!
  12. Crimson Kings Drum Corps seeks Drill designer for Soundsport shows and an upcoming Brooklyn Nets fall 2017 Barclays Center performance. We are looking for both prepackaged drill (preferably scalable) and group specific drill options. Our Corps is currently 25 members. We are actively recruiting and 60 members is our target number. Open to all styles of music, however our Corps still uses G bugles and Fifes. Open to Avant garde, traditional military, and hybrid drill maneuvers, dance, etc. Our Members range from ages 10 to 22. Content should be age and guideline appropriate. Please have links to any of your materials, and compensation requirements. Open to experienced and brand new designers and arrangers. The New York Crimson Kings Drum, Fife and Bugle Corps, established in the 1950s, is the oldest and most honored Asian-American drum corps on the east coast dedicated to youth development through music and performing arts education. Please let us know if you also teach your drill with the staff. Should be familiar with marching band, DCI, DCA, Soundsport judging requirements and Maneuvers Send examples, resume/experience to
  13. Members and Friends of Freedom Drum and Bugle Corps got together and we've made an album called "The Advent Album". We worked tirelessly over it for the last few months, and we'd really appreciate the support if you would like to drop by iTunes, Google Play or any of the other major markets/streaming platforms to purchase/stream our album. We as an organization decided this last January that we would take the summer off to find reputable people to populate our board and staff, but we agreed that no matter what, we needed to GAPOTS. (Get a Performance on the Stage) Despite personal setbacks and obstacles, this is what we were able to do. It's different, but we're proud of it nonetheless, because it meant we were able to come together and make something cohesive, and I'm beyond thankful for that. More to come. iTunes link: Google Play link:
  14. Watchmen Summer Auditions January 7th & 8th, February 4th & 5th Check in 8:00am - Audition Fee: $40 Auditions 9:00am - 9:00pm Location: Patriot High School 4355 Camino Real, Riverside, Ca 92509 email:
  15. The Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps' Open House this past Saturday was a tremendous success, and an exciting beginning for the corps' 2017 competitive season. Shane Startzel, Brass Caption Head, assisted by Joe Wilt, Assistant Brass Caption Head, led the brass instruction, supported by 2017 Brass Staff. After warm-ups, the horn line worked through the "Lost Boy" Ballad and the beginning of "Escape from Paradise" from The Skyliners' 2017 show "XSCAPE". Front and center was the inaugural use of B Flat System Blue brass by The Skyliners, which caused great excitement and anticipation. Brass Arranger John Meehan sent a special video greeting for Open House attendees. Percussion Caption Head Patsy Vankirk, Front Ensemble Coordinator Dr. Rick Wolfel, and the Percussion staff, led the Percussion through battery and front ensemble warm-ups. The talent level of the ensemble and the incredible interest will no doubt be a driving force for The Skyliners in 2017, and raise the bar even further than 2016. The Color Guard members in attendance were led by Brenda Peregrim, Color Guard Caption Head, James Branch, one of The Skyliners' Color Guard Designers and staff through stretching, movement, and flag and weapon work. At the end of the day, the guard members performed their routines for fellow corps members, giving the corps a taste of what to expect from this talented group of performers and designers. Jeff Crawford, Visual Caption Head and the 2017 Visual Staff introduced the Visual program to the attendees, working on ensemble and individual elements. A PT session introduced some of the exercises that members will focus on throughout the year, and a structure to an overall fitness program that will help develop and improve skills, fitness and endurance. The Skyliners thank everyone who attended today, everyone who helped set up, served lunch, cleaned up for the Open House, or helped in many ways to make it such a success. To those who were not able to attend due to school/family commitments, please mark The Skyliners' next rehearsal on your schedule: The Skyliners' JANUARY CAMP dates: Dates: Saturday, January 14, 2017 - BRASS ONLY 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 P.M. Sunday, January 15, 2017 FULL CORPS - Brass, Percussion, Guard 8:00 a.m. - 3:00 P.M. Location: Wyoming Valley West High School 150 Wadham Street, Plymouth, PA 18651 Directions: Directions to Wyoming Valley West High School Keep up-to-date with us via the Skyliners Drum & Bugle Corps Website and join the Skyliners 2017 Interest Page at Skyliners 2017 Interest Facebook Page. For more information, please contact Larry Carbonell, Director or go to Skyliners 2017 Join Page to follow the directions and create a CorpsData profile.
  16. Carolina Thunder Drum & Bugle Corps is organizing in the Charlotte, NC area and plans to form a Mini-Corps for 2017. With a goal of competing at DCA in 2017 the corps plans to begin rehearsal in the spring. For more information contact Greg Dearman at or look for our page on Facebook,
  17. As a corps member of a local fire department back in the 1960's I would like to know for my grandkids and kids of my generation are there still any local corps left. In the 60's there were hundreds of corps in the north east sponsored by fire departments, VFW and other organizations. Today I only see large corps where members have to audition. In the "good ole days" any one could join and learn to play and instrument and march. What is available to the youth today, or in fact there may be no interest. Grenadier