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  1. Earlier today, the NFL Franchise behind the Tennessee Titans released renderings of a brand-new, 60k-capacity stadium for the city of Nashville. As a Tennessean myself, it's hard not be excited at what looks like a state-of-the-art stadium and the prospect of more events coming to our state. If you'd like, you can check out the renderings at: https://www.tennesseetitans.com/news/titans-release-renderings-of-proposed-new-stadium This all had me thinking about the possibility of DCI having World Championships in Nashville following the end of the contract with Lucas Oil in 2028. For biased, I'd love to see DCI have World Championships in Nashville. It's a match made in heaven: it's closer to Texas and in the Southeastern United States where marching band is generally a bit more significant and serious culturally while being close enough to the Midwest and Northeast to keep historical and cultural connections, it's more centrally located for almost all of the member corps (with the exception of corps west of the Rocky Mountains), it's a state-of-the-art stadium in one of the fastest growing and nicest cities in the country, and you'd be able to have DCI World Championships in a city literally nicknamed "Music City". Doesn't get much better than all that. Regardless, if DCI decides to not extend their contract for World Championships with Lucas Oil past 2028 and DCI still exists (since that seems up in the air these days), where could you see DCI moving Championships? Would we return to a new location every year (although that seems economically infeasible), see another contract signed with a stadium somewhere else in the country, or maybe a combination of the two where DCI signs shorter contracts with multiple places?
  2. Feels like Phantom over the past two or so years has pulled an SCV early 2010s or Boston mid-2010s and just hired a staff that will put them in contention for a top-six finish very quickly. I’m extremely excited to see what this team puts together with so much established, championship winning design talent
  3. Hmmm, Appalachian Spring perhaps? Love the aesthetic regardless
  4. Anyone have updates on the visual design vacancies? Edit: Oops, visual staff*** is what I meant
  5. What exactly does that look like? Is this a vertical move for Phantom or a horizontal one?
  6. Completely agree with your comments on the analogy. That was more of a stretch for purposes of comparing placements haha. Either way, I hope Phantom does something completely new this upcoming year. Put the community on notice!
  7. Phantom needs to come out in 2023 with something akin to 1993. This past season was perfect for creating momentum and hype. It was the quintessential Phantom Regiment show. You've got some dark music, white uniforms, loudness, etc. That's very similar to 1992 when Phantom did War and Peace. I mean, there's little more Phantom than Tchaikovsky. 1993, however, completely turned what Phantom was on its head and put them on track to win in 1996. They were still very much loyal to tradition and their reputation and all, but they pushed the envelope of what their tradition and reputation was. If 2023 can capture even a bit of that energy, it's going to be beyond exciting to watch. Phantom is at its absolute best when it's simultaneously progressing the art while staying true to itself. I should also note that Phantom went from 8th in 1992 to 3rd in 1993. That would be a nice thing to repeat for the Thirtieth Anniversary of that show! While on the topic of 1993, I will forever say that if the 1993 season was one or two weeks longer, Phantom would've won a championship that year. They had lightning in a bottle and the whole activity was on notice.
  8. You have no idea haha! Between Phantom and the sports teams I follow, I was starting to think my support was a jinx. I’m beyond ecstatic to see Phantom proving me wrong!
  9. I've heard some buzz but nothing at all definitive or something I'm confident in enough to report. Regardless, I can't imagine that there's a shortage of people that would be interested in the position. Phantom is probably in the best shape it's been in a decade. Whoever takes the job could very easily glide into a competitive golden age if they're lucky and existing trends continue.
  10. Any update as to when we should expect new hires to be announced? I find it hard to believe that Phantom would create vacancies without having a pretty good idea of who will be filling them
  11. As a huge fan of them, I'm glad Phantom made the right decision, however, it was extremely overdue with little to no transparency. Hopefully, they can move forward with lessons learned and never repeat this bs ever again (and maybe they'll a get a better guard staff in the process).
  12. Are you hearing specific things or is this just something you are anticipating?
  13. Best of luck to Jacob Taylor in his future endeavors! Judging by the comments on his post, he was very well liked and appreciated at Phantom. In terms of where this leaves the program, you have to think they wouldn't make this sort of move without having someone lined up that they think will help the sheets, correct?
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