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  1. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think Subal worked at Phantom back in the 2000s. Maybe he was a caption head or something? This design staff seems big on getting people they trust and have worked with in the past to work with them. I’m excited to see what he brings to the table, especially with the visual/guard design (which is what I think he would be contributing?). Hopefully the past issues are a case of limitations at Crown rather than something intrinsic.
  2. Wow! 1,380 auditionees sounds insanely good, especially in modern DCI. Very excited to see what’s coming this season!
  3. Just wanted to pop in and say hello to all the fellow phans and drop some thoughts off! I’ve spent all morning listening to Shaw hornlines at SCV and dang we are in for a treat. I don’t know how I forgot, but those Shaw books between 2016 and 2019 at SCV were absolutely ridiculous. Just the epitome of technicality and heart and innovation. I think they’re following the same playbook in building up the corps that they did in building back SCV starting in 2011 (although admittedly Phantom started in a much more treacherous position). Get a few years of foundational shows to establish fundamentals (SCV 2011-2014, Phantom 2021-2023/2024) then start pushing the envelope of what’s possible for the corps. I think innovative design is where this staff is headed based on their work at SCV between 2016 and 2019. I can’t wait to see them develop that brand at Phantom. I was thinking about this a few days ago and I gotta say, it’s rather ironic that Phantom took staff from SCV after what happened in 2011-2012. I love SCV, they’re probably my second or third favorite corps, but it’s just interesting how the universe works. It’s very weird to think about how large parts of the brass, visual, and percussion staffs that created Babylon in 2018 is now in Rockford (although I always said Babylon would’ve been a great Phantom show). I’m also very interested to see what happens with the Rennicks if SCV decides not to return in 2024 (which is what I’m leaning towards happening rn). I want Penland and Sammons in charge and all, but I could see the Rennicks serving in advisory roles, something like they do with Troopers. I don’t really see them going full-time anywhere at this moment, Phantom included. I hope everyone is doing well and the off-season is treating y’all alright! June can’t get here fast enough!
  4. This is my biggest critique of this past season and I’m 99% sure we’ll see a big step forward next season. The whole visual staff has resumes that are steeped in marching-intensive shows. Gonna be very cool to see what they come up with next season now they’ve established the bent-leg technique with the potential vets.
  5. Hope you get to feeling better soon! COVID definitely is not as much fun as listening to Phantom blow the roof off of Lucas Oil. But to get in my obligatory first post as well, I think next year will be the year the staff really locks in together and we start seeing Phantom take those next steps to be an annual top-six corps. As much as this past year was big for design and creating a new Phantom identity for today’s world, I think next year will continue to push the envelope with a show that’s much more technical and challenging, both in terms of music and drill.
  6. To be fair, the current staff is made up of Phantom alums and Rennick protégés. They’ve also only been there for this past season. Give them a few years with some vet retention and I think they’ll start producing some pretty cool and unique results for the corps.
  7. Since BD is just going to win every year regardless, the REAL Founder’s Trophy from now on is the Illinois State Championship😎
  8. 2023 was a huge step forward for Phantom and I’m thinking 2024 is going to be continue in that tradition! Excited to see what the corps brings to the table for what’s sure to be a super competitive season. SUTA!
  9. I don’t care about scores, but that’s pretty ridiculous that Phantom fell. Oh well!
  10. I don’t care what happens tonight score wise. That was Phantom Regiment. There’s no way Lucas Oil still has a roof after that performance. I’m beyond proud of this corps and staff for their work this season. Planting the seeds for some huge things in the years to come!
  11. I know this wasn’t everyone’s favorite show (it was mine but I digress), but we can all agree on one thing: Phantom is back and not going anywhere any time soon. Big things coming in the next few years for the corps from Rockford. SUTA!
  12. If this whole staff comes back, oh boy are we in for a treat. Estudillo and Hartwell on visual, JD with brass, the new guard and percussion staffs that are showing a lot of promise. I’m excited at the possibilities that could be in Phantom’s future.
  13. Agreed. Percussion will have to take a step up in order for Phantom to be a top-six corps year-in and year-out. I have faith in that happening with them being a brand new staff of Phantom alumni from the Rennick pedigree. With a few years of vet retention and the ability to get more comfortable in arrangement and instruction, I think they’ll be a force in the community.
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