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  1. Ever heard of busking/busker? Start there.
  2. On top of that, I’d surmise most corps have a chunk of show on the field before move-ins. At least we did back in the mid-00s. If so, that’s even less to learn per day. Genuinely curious if corps these days approach putting the show together remotely similar to the past, as I know camp logistics, virtual rehearsals, and guard/percussion impacts due to the increasing prevalence of WGI over the past 20 years have changed what the offseason looks like dramatically.
  3. Now updated with Bluecoats, Blue Devils, Crossmen, Mandarins, and the clarified Madison Scouts show title! Thanks for your patience while I was away with family as my grandma's health was failing. Please keep posting any announcements here when they are made, I'm not always keeping tabs on each individual corps' social or DCP threads. ❤️
  4. I scoured the staff pics posted in the announcement three times and didn’t see a single tattoo…what?
  5. Now updated with Seattle Cascades and Troopers repertoires!
  6. It seems to me guard and especially (battery) percussion members to commit more to their instructor than their corps these days. But maybe that’s only at the highest echelon (the Rennicks).
  7. And this right here is the deeply-rooted, institutional cancer that I want to see driven out of any future SCV.
  8. Updated with Seattle Cascade's show announcement today on IG, "Sky Above". No repertoire announced at this time.
  9. With Cadets announcing inactive status on 10/13, Troopers' teasing their show title on 11/20, and now Madison Scout's full show release on 12/6, it felt right to get the 2024 edition started! Looks like another dark western from Troop and Scouts exploring a Spanish/Egyptian vibe...will be REALLY interesting to hear their take on "Momento Magico", Bloo 22's signature piece. Can't wait to see what else is in store for '24!
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