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  1. With auditions around the corner and the dust settling on recent leadership/staff shakeups, figured it was time to get a new Cadets 2023 topic going since the last one went off the rails. 2023 Staff: https://cadets.org/staff 2023 Tour: https://cadets.org/2023-cadets-tour-announced 2023 Program: TBD
  2. It wasn’t my intent to minimize the abuse that led to them taking the season off. There’s an entire thread dedicated to that conversation.
  3. Troopers are first out of the gate with what seems to be their 2023 show announcement, "To Lasso the Sun", so figured I'd get this season's programs and playlist topic started. Excited to also see Spirit of Atlanta and Seattle Cascades planning to return to the field after taking 2022 off.
  4. This post serves as the master list of 2023 show announcements and will only be updated after official announcements from corps' websites or social media. Credit to frontensemble.com for the corps' logos used below. ======================================== The Academy Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Bluecoats Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Blue Devils Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Blue Knights Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Blue Stars Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Boston Crusaders Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== The Cadets Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Carolina Crown Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== The Cavaliers Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Colts Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Crossmen Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Genesis Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Jersey Surf Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Madison Scouts Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Mandarins Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Music City Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Pacific Crest Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Phantom Regiment Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================= Santa Clara Vanguard Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Seattle Cascades Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Spirit of Atlanta Repertoire: TBD Announcement: TBD ======================================== Troopers – "To Lasso the Sun" Repertoire: TBD Announcement: https://www.instagram.com/p/CjvtEj6LC99/?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y%3D
  5. The Cadets have had me sitting on the edge of my seat for the past 6 years in the worst possible way. And the past 4 have been real nail-biters in terms of if they’d even field a corps.
  6. Would have saved a lot of angst, and a lot of Aungst…
  7. Thanks for sharing this! While I knew Fanfare & Allegro and Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra were SCV hallmarks [I'm familiar via 2003 and 2001 Cadets, respectively], I'm not sure I'd ever heard these SCV performances until now. Still impressive 49 years later!
  8. @Orwellian Wiress, as one of those performers from the mid-00s, thank you -- and I also have a question: why do you call drum corps "band"? I promise this is an honest question not intended to pick a fight or derail the conversation, I'd just like to understand your point of view as you've now referenced this several times and it seems a conscious choice. In the fifteen years since my ageout, the activity has evolved tremendously, with much of that change continuing to blur the lines between corps and band. But while you're far from the only person to call corps "band", I'm curious why, for something that brings you so much joy, you choose to not refer to it by that which makes it unique amongst the other marching arts...are indoor drumlines and winter guards also "bands" to you? It's clear that in 2022 this activity has far greater concerns to address than a potential identity crisis, but thanks for humoring me! 🙂
  9. Infuriatingly, as it relates to Nick Angelis, many posters saw the writing on the wall as early as March this year as to how this season seemingly played out under his leadership/instruction. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck…
  10. Listening to this, I’m impressed at how much less “brass support” there is written in than I’d assumed. I unfortunately never saw this show live but it wasn’t always clear from Flo or YT if certain moments the brass were playing or front ensemble was providing backup/effect like in 2015 and 2019/2021. Now clearly hearing what is what makes both front ensemble and brass even more impressive. Way to go, Bloo!
  11. From the outside looking in, 2022 was not the competitive or organizational success one might have hoped or even expected from this corps. Covid/sickness and meal issues seemed to plague the corps for parts of the season, leading to a flurry of social media posts from members heading into finals. Some staff have already indicated they are leaving, but so far the biggest announcement is that corps director Mark Richardson is stepping into a strictly executive director role, and is looking for a new corps director to manage the day to day: https://www.arizonaacademy.org/now-hiring-corps-director/ I've always been impressed with The Academy and it's methodical rise to where it is today. Hoping for the best for all and a smoother 2023 ahead!
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