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  1. Wow. Blue Stars were impressive. The outdoorsy theme worked for me, including the uniforms surprisingly. Marching booties! The shows was very good. They are strong this year. posted from the DrumScorps app
  2. Crossmen.. New age drum corps. I just don't get the uniforms. What are these corps thinking? I'll spare you that long rant. Crossmen sure are talented this year, but show isn't too crowd pleasing. Their drum major entrance was awesome though. posted from the DrumScorps app
  3. Disclaimer... I'm a big Phan. So I came here tonight to see Phantom the most. They threw down tonight. I loved their show, but I am biased. Judges won't like it as much I'm sure... This Phantom show has a great theme and lots of potential. posted from the DrumScorps app
  4. Not enjoying INT this year. Same show as last year and seems to last forever. posted from the DrumScorps app
  5. Colts. I don't get their show other than they go from fire to ice and don't play a crowd pleasing song until the closer. Fans not as engaged as with the Scouts. Colts trying to please the judges. Lots of props and park and blow into mics. Amped. Very talented kids though. posted from the DrumScorps app
  6. Scouts are decent this year. Like their show much more than last year. Uniforms are better too. posted from the DrumScorps app
  7. I'm at the show. Will provide some thoughts... Encore says it's Scouts and River City Rhythm. posted from the DrumScorps app
  8. So they aren't allowed to sell the product with the greatest demand? That just plain sucks. Should have bought all of them when I could...
  9. I went to the shop at DCI.org to shop for dvd's and I can't find the videos category. It's gone. Anyone know what's up? Sorry if I posted this is the wrong spot...
  10. I went to the cinema event last night. I enjoyed all the shows except for that mess BD put on at the end, and then they end up winning!!! I'm sorry, but if this is what DCI is rewarding these days, then it's become an absolute joke. Yes, the BD kids are amazingly talented, but it's an issue when those amazingly talented kids aren't entertaining. It's seems to me that would turn off fans. Maybe I'm just old and I don't understand what the young kids consider "entertainment." However, it just seems to me that winning DCI is about playing cleaner bleeps and blops instead of moving the audience to tears or making them jump out of their seats. Sad.... And one note regarding the original posting in this forum: The fact that PR has few african american members is a non-issue and silly to bring up. I've been a PR fan for years and years and they have had many members of all sorts of ethnicities.
  11. I just got back from Rockford. It was a great show, but the lowlight for me was the Blue Devils show. In my opinion, it was by far the least audience engaging show of the night. They went on first, and I liked all the shows that followed better. And the the judges put them in first by a comfortable margin? I understand they are an extremely talented group of kids, but aren't the new scoring sheets supposed to reward entertaining and engaging the audience? They sounded like they were back to bleeps and blops which the judges apparently still eat up. Play a frickin melody that will leave me humming to myself after the show. My only other gripe is that there were no 'instant encores' this year at this TOC event. Disappointing. Guess the corps wanted to get out of there. Long drive ahead of them. Otherwise, the show was great. Great venue. Nice summer evening. Phantom was great. Also enjoyed the Cadets much more than I thought I would.
  12. Did anyone else see Crown's hornline get down on their knees??? Looks like lots of grass stains this year! Maybe that's the point?
  13. I think it did. I heard it too. Sort of unexpected and cool.
  14. I thought Phantom was debuting their new uniforms this weekend. Anyone have any pics? Thanks!