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  1. Triple Forte

    Carolina Crown 2019

    The original ending is still out in the inter webs to enjoy if you like. :)
  2. Triple Forte

    2019 Show Ideas

    That corps had an incredible hornline just listen to the opening statement
  3. Triple Forte

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Well you and section 238 have your opinion and me and fans from section 140 (And others) have ours :)
  4. Triple Forte

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    The title of this topic SCV was a musical fail which I don't agree with however I do not think it was something outrageously awesome. Execution is another thing we're talking about design. In my opinion their 2016 show had better flow to it then 2018 . I thought bluecoats had the most cohesive musical program of the top corps this season and Boston Crusaders were also very impressive designwise. I just think a lot of fans wanted to see an almost 19 year drought end overhyped SCV this year that's all ....simple :)
  5. Triple Forte

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Of course it could be both . What I'm saying and is in my opinion it wasn't both for A lot of fans It was let's just win
  6. Triple Forte

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    Basically what I am saying imo SCV had a ton of fan support because they haven't won in a really long time. once they beat the top seed during he reg season fans just wanted them to win regardless of the show content/design
  7. Hello All, Looking to sell my DCA Championship Prelim and Final tics posted in the DCP Market place at
  8. Hello All, I am looking to sell my DCA Championship Prelim and Finals tickets for 'face value' 3 tickets for both nights (Same seats both nights) Sect. C Row DD Seats 12, 13, 14 Face value of Prelims tics are $40.00 each Face value of Finals tics are $45.00 each
  9. Triple Forte

    SCV's show was an epic musical fail.

    I discussed this with a lot of fans in Indy and most agreed with me. I said SCV is always popular and after they beat BD a couple times I believe most of support was for seeing SCV get gold more and less about the actual show. To me SCV 2016 was vintage SCV and 2018 is really good but not 2016 (Design wise)
  10. Triple Forte

    best corps names

    There was a corps years ago called The Silver Beavers and yes their hats had a beaver tail on back :) i always thought one of the more unique names was Velvet Knights although could someone chime in to tell me it's origin?
  11. Triple Forte

    2019 Show Ideas

    So most of my show ideas will never be done in this current drum corps environment but here is one that 'Should be Obvious' 'The Music of Aretha Franklin' corps that come to mind that would be a good fit for this show Music City Spirit Jersey Surf (Go back to your roots a bit with your show choices : ) Bluecoats
  12. Triple Forte

    2019 Bloooooooooooooocoats

    Message to 2019 design team..,more toe tapping jazz/music!! :)
  13. I hear you...I am fairly sure why I would just love to hear the powers at be squirm to answer that question:)
  14. This change will reduce the number of brass and percussion players and that to me is a catastrophic change to the unique sound that attract fans to drum corps. There are plenty of musical groups all over the country (Mainly marching bands) that members and fans can enjoy that feature the instrumentation mix you are proposing. In land of many choices why do people want to merge all the marching art activities in to one?