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  1. Triple Forte

    Mandarins 2019!

    That’s cool I hear what you are saying but isn’t presenting dark sinister themed shows with atonal music been overdone by...well the entire activity? There is so much from the Asian culture to draw from..just the movie genre alone. In the end we all have our preferences and opinions 😊
  2. Triple Forte

    Mandarins 2019!

    I hope they don’t 😊 How about something similar to one of their previous Asian productions like a sequel to their River show?
  3. Triple Forte

    Academy 2019 show teaser

    Not without a smart phone or tablet 😕
  4. Triple Forte

    New show announcements request

    I wish Hershman was replacing Dan but that’s another topic
  5. Triple Forte

    2018 DVD/BluRays DCI Champ Finals??

    Not picking on you here individually just easy to quote your comment to make my comments regarding who people watch first when they receive their Blu-ray’s. 😊 To give every corps a fair shot for viewing I always put all the corps names in a hat and pick them out randomly and that determines the order in which I watch the corps. It’s a lot of fun to see who comes out where and it’s really rough when a favorite performance gets picked next to last for viewing but it is what it is. believe me I have my favorites too 🙂.
  6. Triple Forte

    Music corps should NOT do

    I haven't stirred things up out here in a while so let me throw this out there and I'm sure it's going to stir some things up and by the way when I say stir I mean with a wooden spoon yes I grew up on wooden spoons and I'm still alive to talk about it 🙂 Wind ensemble pieces. Yes there has been some good stuff to come out of this genre but this genre has been so beaten to death over the years it's unbelievable. Talk about beating a dead horse in the mouth . Let's sideline it for a while 😊
  7. Triple Forte

    Music corps should NOT do

    Have you ever listen to Yanni's tribute album? Lots of cool stuff in there including Great mixed meter stuff. Def some drum Corps music in there but each to their own :)
  8. Triple Forte

    Then vs Now

    Kind of fits in the overall gist of what you are saying but for a handful of years I have felt... Today the execution and talent level is at the highest it had ever been however the content was far better (Although in many ways it's getting better) years ago.
  9. I feel so fortunate I was able to see them live in 1987 at a local show in a small stadium talk about impact . Awesome corps and awesome program. one of my fav phantom shows . what sticks out to me is that huge Drumline and of course the hornline was great.
  10. Triple Forte

    SCV 1999 still the BEST SCV Ever?

    I agree 88 was better !
  11. Triple Forte

    SCV 1999 still the BEST SCV Ever?

    I am with you a 100% They said the difference was SCV percussion was better yet a tenor player dropped a stick during a feature and the snare line were like bumper cars while marching at one point. Shouldn't have won and especially wasn't deserving of a record score
  12. Triple Forte

    SCV 1999 still the BEST SCV Ever?

    Well technically speaking isn't 1989 the best SCV ever with their highest 1st place score 98.8 ?
  13. I too have been disappointed by the arms race as a relates to props tarps costumes and electronics . But, I think the reason has a lot more to do with sponsorships people promoting each other and their products and design ideas with their motivation centered on making money off the activity versus trying to be more creative .
  14. Triple Forte

    2018 DVD/BluRays DCI Champ Finals??

    Are there any rumors on when the 2018 bluRays will be available for purchase?