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  1. Wow they haven’t even stepped one foot on the competitive field this summer and you got it all figured out...that this is going to be a dismal failure. Look forward to revisiting this in August.
  2. I am hoping Bluecoats release some info regarding their 2019 show before opening night. This waiting til you see us is an old tired trick 😊. Come up with something less predictable 😊
  3. Better be more like 2007 and 2008 and not dark and angry 😊
  4. MC’s trademark has been presenting straight laced choices in a fun and exciting way !! Look forward to seeing and hearing it
  5. I got some info last year while at finals that they were planning on giving more preference to the friends of dci who have been friends a looooong time vs giving preference to a one time heavy hitter donater. I was going to join until I heard that .
  6. Someone wanting to know more about what the corps are up to is just as valid as someone who doesn’t care to know what the corps are up to. Why are you attacking people who want know some info ? Let them. Btw you said... Here's the thing...would I like to know? Sure. 
  7. I completely agree. What’s interesting is the cadets used to be one of the corps that used to provide lots of off-season information and even content. I remember in 2011 the cadets that actually did a full musical run through of their show from I believe April camp weekend via live stream on the Internet. The good news is if a coprs does provide more off-season content and is well received you know all corps will jump on the bandwagon just like with all the other changes 🙂
  8. That’s cool I hear what you are saying but isn’t presenting dark sinister themed shows with atonal music been overdone by...well the entire activity? There is so much from the Asian culture to draw from..just the movie genre alone. In the end we all have our preferences and opinions 😊
  9. I hope they don’t 😊 How about something similar to one of their previous Asian productions like a sequel to their River show?
  10. I wish Hershman was replacing Dan but that’s another topic
  11. Not picking on you here individually just easy to quote your comment to make my comments regarding who people watch first when they receive their Blu-ray’s. 😊 To give every corps a fair shot for viewing I always put all the corps names in a hat and pick them out randomly and that determines the order in which I watch the corps. It’s a lot of fun to see who comes out where and it’s really rough when a favorite performance gets picked next to last for viewing but it is what it is. believe me I have my favorites too 🙂.
  12. I haven't stirred things up out here in a while so let me throw this out there and I'm sure it's going to stir some things up and by the way when I say stir I mean with a wooden spoon yes I grew up on wooden spoons and I'm still alive to talk about it 🙂 Wind ensemble pieces. Yes there has been some good stuff to come out of this genre but this genre has been so beaten to death over the years it's unbelievable. Talk about beating a dead horse in the mouth . Let's sideline it for a while 😊