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  1. My favorites in year order 2003 start of the awesome brass 2005 2007 2008 2011 2014 2016
  2. In my opinion the biggest impact is going to be financial. How long have corps been living beyond their means? it is going to be very painful for those corps and I hate to say it that way but I think it’s true.
  3. So there are a ton of challenges to get over between now and firmly planning for next season. but I was just wondering and had a random thought about tickets that fans bought for 2020 big shows. big shows being Allentown Atlanta etc. and of course the shows in Indy. Any word on how they’re going to handle this? I think it would only be fair that the people who paid for tickets for this year have the same tickets for next year. That idea would also be consistent with other shows be it concerts , musicals..etc. Thoughts ? Rumors ?
  4. Best advice I have for everyone...catch up on your sleep 😴. Society is very sleep deprived plus you can’t worry and be upset if you are sleeping. 😊
  5. Let me ask a question I’ve been wanting to for a long time how did this little girl qualify to be on the field? Isn’t there an age requirement?
  6. Looks like no one weighed in yet regarding warmups. Just be aware this is as of last season. Things change so you probably want to validate some of this. Just about every corps warms up at military park. DCI has a shuttle service (Free) that can shuttle anyone to the stadium from military park. I don’t know wha exactly happens in the event of bad weather other than they move the warmups indoors to the convention center. Food wise not much to be had at military park but there was a TGIF in a hotel about maybe a qtr mile away...a lil bit of a walk but not bad. If I think of more I’ll post more 😊
  7. Yeah keep building more and bigger props. I was there that night and what a shame for everyone it ended up being a standstill only
  8. Also Brandt needs to drop the’s actually a bit embarrassing
  9. You didn’t list 86 or 88 are unhealthy 😁
  10. Yeah they won one title in the approximately six years they’ve been doing it 😊 It’s a new decade now start a new trend 😏
  11. Honestly I wish they would announce the show much earlier than the first show of the year. think about it they’ve done it for how many years... predictable is not a good look 😁
  12. For me it last happened in 2016 I was pulling for Bluecoats and Crown as I loved both those shows. Was really pulling for Bluecoats in 2019.
  13. With all due respect Jeff this topic/thread is basically Madison Scouts 2019 part 2 of 2 . So to be more logical why don’t we have the poster remove the year from the title and have it just say Madison Scouts? Why bother putting the year if the topic/thread is going to host discussions about anything and everything in the history of the corps? Just put a note here saying all discussions are going to be continued at topic X In the thresd/topic Starting with page X we’re going to allow 2020 only discussions