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    Hawthorne Caballeros 1992, 93, 94, 95 and 1996 2nd Soprano
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    DCI: 1986 Blue Devils; DCA: ??
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    DCI: 1986; DCA: Hard to say...
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  1. My hope is that it is not a dark sounding musical show 🙂
  2. I have found tickets folks! thank you to all those who got in touch with me with ticket offers I really appreciate it
  3. Hello all I am looking for 1 ticket for all 3 nights in Indy for championships 2022. if you don’t have a tic for all 3 nights and only have a 140 ticket for one night or two nights available Please let me know Thanks 😊
  4. Hello all hope you’re all doing well! so I’m looking at the drum corps schedule for 2022 and thought it would be fun to visit the original site of DCI championships which of course was in Whitewater Wisconsin. Does anyone know if the actual original stadium/field still exists?
  5. Do you know what’s interesting and sad for the amount of creativity we see on the field in this activity there is zero creativity when it comes to celebrations and hosting milestones.
  6. Hello during DCA finals 2021 they said DCA 2022 tickets would go on sale October 1 I don’t see anything listed on their website? Anyone know any details?
  7. I probably missed some stuff but why do you think the video is silly?
  8. Well , I was talking about the current judging system and the fact that ge is the most subjective caption. More points belong in the technical achievement categories ….it is about the members in the corps right? Yeah…
  9. My feeling has always been that there should be less points allotted for the GE categories and much more for the technical achievement categories. That in itself would in someways reduce the subjectivity 😁
  10. Honestly every corps has had access to woodwinds since 2009… When synths were first allowed 😊
  11. I disagree with this piece here.. >>Craig, we have to connect >>with and appeal to 20 year >>old college kids instead of >>70 year old men if we are to >>last another 80 years." I don’t see evidence that corps who present crowd pleasing shows are not attracting membership versus corps that have esoteric show designs. A good example during a competitive year was when jersey surf did bridgemania . Jersey surf had plenty of members the next year and the fact the corps did a retro show the previous year didn’t phase people to join the corps by the way I hope you’re around to enjoy Drum Corps many many more years 😊
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