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    DCI: 1986 Blue Devils; DCA: ??
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    DCI: 1986; DCA: Hard to say...
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  1. Well , I was talking about the current judging system and the fact that ge is the most subjective caption. More points belong in the technical achievement categories ….it is about the members in the corps right? Yeah…
  2. My feeling has always been that there should be less points allotted for the GE categories and much more for the technical achievement categories. That in itself would in someways reduce the subjectivity 😁
  3. Honestly every corps has had access to woodwinds since 2009… When synths were first allowed 😊
  4. I disagree with this piece here.. >>Craig, we have to connect >>with and appeal to 20 year >>old college kids instead of >>70 year old men if we are to >>last another 80 years." I don’t see evidence that corps who present crowd pleasing shows are not attracting membership versus corps that have esoteric show designs. A good example during a competitive year was when jersey surf did bridgemania . Jersey surf had plenty of members the next year and the fact the corps did a retro show the previous year didn’t phase people to join the corps by the way I hope you’re around to enjoy Drum Corps many many more years 😊
  5. So a very good corps on the rise spent about 135k for prop design, construction and transportation in 2019 The arms race has to stop…IMO
  6. Of the top corps this year bac had the most hornline amplification and it sounded horrible . All corps should stop amping the entire musical ensemble it’s distracting and ruins the effect of the overall sound . If music is Coming from the left I should not hear it right and center....👎
  7. I usually take the IndyGo shuttle direct to downtown Indy but this last time jumped on the city bus. I jumped off the city bus after 45 ish min and grabbed a Uber to my hotel. I would highly suggest using the direct shuttle to downtown.
  8. Yeah but staff members and leadership of corps say all the time it has nothing to do with scores or placement it has to do with excellence and being the best you can be.... 👀
  9. What about concerts? no fun because it’s not competitive? I doubt drum corps is a closer relative to sports than musical groups
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