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  1. The hit in the balled 2 seasons was entertaining but. This diehard bd fan from the past is tired of their presentations. Bluecoats have been more entertaining and bigger risk takers than bd
  2. With the amount of winning BD has had they should be taking for bigger risks instead we just keep seeing the same old same old from them and I get tired of that winning!
  3. Not really directing this to you but overall would anyone really guess what the theme of the show is or what it actually means?
  4. Their design reminds me a lot of BD. A lot of stuff going on and a lot of nothing
  5. I have no idea what kind of problems people had with the live streaming before Flo but all I can tell you is i did the pay per view thing for certain shows with the previous carrier for years and the live streaming product/service was nearly flawless. Flos service is aweful!
  6. sorry...I had next to zero issues with the previous service. Flo is a joke compared to the other service.
  7. Here is the thing before flo marching came around they had another streaming service and it was great it was almost flawless believe it or not compared to flo a million times better so that’s the problem I have is that they replaced what they had with this inferior service