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  1. It was bass synth supported if memory serves. Outdoors no supporting sound.. probably a much bigger response 😊
  2. I wonder how many people are just like you on this one. I bet there is a shockingly high number of people barely hanging on. I know I am....
  3. Exactly I support that idea ! One thing I definitely dislike a lot about electronics and drum Corps is they act like it’s some kind a major advancement evolution of some sort. there’s been electronic instruments of some sort involved with the marching activity since the 70s
  4. Congratulations Fred well done !! I never got to meet or chat with the man but a few DCI finals ago I saw him talking with a few folks and he seemed like a really really nice person 😊
  5. I am by no means a homer of any corps but I will tell you that 2015 crown is gold ! The fact that a handful of judges didn’t think so is meaningless in my opinion 😁
  6. Two words...shows that are less cerebral 😊
  7. Lots of next season discussions happen during the current season example several years back in Allentown I overheard Wayne Downey on his cell phone talking about audition dates and details for the next seasons corps
  8. My alma mater last Marched with them finals 1996 let’s go Cabs and have a better run then earlier today
  9. It’s a wooden black and white cat. Bush always puts the cat on the dms podium a tradition going back to At least 1992
  10. Had a great run for sure and shame they can’t catch the corps in front of them. three points ahead roughly congrats CT on a great finals run