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  1. I have traveled to those countries, most recently spending 2 weeks in Northern Italy in early January on business. Lets just say that Hygiene is not a priority in the countries you mentioned like it is here.
  2. My Wife and Daughter are both in the medical industry, with one of the largest hospital operators in the Chicago area. Without divulging too much I can tell you that there is a widespread opinion in the industry that this whole ting has been blown waaaaay out of proportion, as most infected only suffer minor symptoms and aren't life threatening.
  3. Conspiracy theories are based on speculation. The idea that the MSM has an agenda and will stop at nothing to further that agenda and achieve their goal is a widely accepted fact. Heck, they don't even try to hide or dispute it. It is right their on display in plain sight every day and night. H1N1 Swine flu, 10 years ago, 12,000 deaths, 300,000 hospitalized, 60 million infected. Nothing cancelled, no one cared, Obama was praised for the way this was handled. COVID 19, 41 deaths, 1500 infected with minimal hospitalizations, 125K infected. All sporting and entertainment events cancelled, schools closed. Widespread hysteria, panic and paranoia. Stores shelves are empty,
  4. You don't believe this over the top craziness is politically motivated? Have you not been paying attention for the last 3 years?
  5. He's right. Start buying stocks now.
  6. 100 exactly correct. The MSM certainly wont discuss the above points because it hurts their narrative and desired outcome.
  7. Exactly right. It is all politically motivated which is very sad.
  8. Exactly. Anyone want to take a stab at the reason why?
  9. This is not disputable. Facts are the facts. Covid 19 is being overblown and fueled by the main stream media. Its absolute insanity.
  10. H1N1 was much more widespread and deadly, yet not one sporting or entertainment event or season was cancelled. Nothing. No crazy widespread panic like we have now. Why do you think that is???
  11. Yes, thanks for the correction.
  12. Serious question here. 10 years ago the H1N1 swine flu killed 12'000 Americans, hospitalized 300,000, and infected 60 million. Essentially nothing was done during that situation and not a single event was canceled or shutdown. Corona virus has killed about 40 Americans, and infected about 1500 with a minimal number hospitalized yet we have a hysteric emergency with everything being canceled. Why the huge difference?
  13. The main stream media has an agenda folks. They wont stop. This should be obvious to everyone.
  14. Thanks for the snarkiness, but technology has obsoleted many things and to me Libraries are one of those things. I would expect to see a bit more justification before spending millions on new Libraries.
  15. Dont get me started on California and Newsome. Here in Illinois we have 30 murders every weekend and no one gives a crap. Both states are in the hands of awful leaders.
  16. Speaking of Libraries, why are some communities investing in building a new Library? Who goes to the Library anymore? My kids did all of their studying online. Seems like a big waste of money to me.
  17. Exactly. The implications and effect on many many industries would be disastrous. You could see the commercial real estate collapse and what would governments do with all their empty school buildings?
  18. Yes. Many things could be fundamentally changed forever because of this.
  19. The fear that a lot of industries and organizations have is that after this virus situation is gone, will things all return to the way they were? For example, I know a teacher who is concerned and worried that if students go to virtual learning while everything is on lockdown during the virus, perhaps some people might think that that is the future of education and we may not need brick and mortar schools and teachers. You could literally have thousands of students at home on I pads being taught by one person. Anyway, it's interesting to think about things like this at least for me.
  20. DCA finals only draws 1000??? Wow.