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  1. Someone should ask if Brandt Crocker is ready...to retire. He ruined himself 20 years ago. Awful.
  2. The Madison Scouts corps song was and is "May You Never Walk Alone"...not "Mcarther Park" or "Rhapsody in Blue".
  3. What the heck is gross about Hooters and the Miss America pageant? You better stay away from the beach and swimming pools. Ewww!!! Scantily clad Girls who are doing it by choice!
  4. This is great to hear and I hope your Son has a great experience this year.
  5. How do you feel about the Rockettes, Hooters, the red hat club, Miss America pageant, Mary Kaye, etc?
  6. 100% exactly correct. Lies, deceit, deception and deflection were words that were never heard mentioned when discussing the MS. Unfortunatly that is no longer the case.
  7. Wrong. Every single Madison Scout alum and fan would be thrilled if they won DCI this year.
  8. No. That just screams either old DCA or a feeder corps.
  9. Well there you go. You bought some BS. The numbers are the numbers and they arent good.
  10. You must of not been around in the 70's and 80's.
  11. Thank God this courageous crusader freed the Madison Scouts of their discriminatory and exclusive ways after all these years!
  12. So where did the $200K debt reduction figure come from? Was someone getting creative with the debt numbers to make themselves look good? Nooooo....not this regime! Never! FAKE NEWS!
  13. When exactly does the good work start? Its been 10 years of nothing.
  14. Perhaps I misunderstood your post. I thought you meant that negative posts here affect the corps.
  15. Why does this bother you so much? This is a discussion board. Things are said and opinions are posted. If you are sensitive to this then perhaps ignore this thread.
  16. My expectation is to strive for elite excellence both on the field and off. This regime and BOD is incompetent and would have been sent packing 5 years ago in the business world. Results matter.