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  1. Thats what is great about the DeKalb show at NIU...no track. Sit down low and your are very close to the field.
  2. I respectfully disagree based on the many conversation that I have had with fans and folks who I marched with BITD. I like what I like.
  3. Speaking of Belleville, IL. as I have said many times here, my favorite drum corp uniform of all time was the Belleville Black Knights. If you aren't familiar with it google it. Those helmets! Gosh how I miss hats in drum corps. The hat was the finishing touch on the uni. Anyway, I'm curious if there is still a Black Knights organization or alumni group of any kind? Do they sponsor this show?
  4. In DeKalb my Wife said to me " who are so many drum corp members crawling around the field on all 4's with angry face? I'm not a fan of dark shows with skulls, the devil, hell, etc. The Bluecoats have figured out the formula for success...and that is to perform uplifting shows that make people feel good. I wish more corps would take that approach...minus the ridiculously loud over-amplification of the horns and drums of course.
  5. Comparing an accomplished drum corp veteran leader like Jim Mason to a complete failure with zero accomplishment and successes like CK and his clown show is just insane. Every great leader has had struggles. The problem with CK and this Madison regime is they have yet to have any success or accomplishment and only know failure. The Madison Scouts are the first and last drum corp that CK will lead.
  6. Yes. Really. It isnt my place or responsibility to put together a succession plan for the Madison Scouts. I have my own business to worry about.
  7. Yes, Bluecoats entire show sounds and feels pre-recorded.
  8. Fake news. I want the BOD and Scout leadership team replaced.
  9. Yes. Bluecoats over-amplifying the entire corps is exactly what many were worried about with amps. It's very artificial, annoying & misleading. This corps and show is great, they dont need to over-amplify.
  10. The drum corp activity was much much bigger and healthier in the '60's & '70's, with 400+ drum corps in the US, a dozen + judging circuits, and hundreds of shows each year. It is much more difficult to recover today. I certainly dont trust this failed Scout regime to fix the Scouts, and every day that they are still employed is one more day too many.
  11. The Cymbal line is always the most entertaining section in drum corps, and usually full of clowns. Our Cymbal line in the 1981 Scouts was the heart and soul of the drum line. 5 guys who were funny as heck. I miss marching Cymbal lines. SCV was always the gold standard and Madison Scouts used to have great Cymbal lines as well. Glad to see the Colts marching Cymbals this year.