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  1. We were allowed to load up our coolers and drink Beer, and smoke cigs in uniform. Guys smoked joints on the bus and blew into pillows, and black beauties were the friend of many a snare drummer...so I'm told.
  2. Oh yea. Houston in August is just lovely!
  3. Have you ever been to Las Vegas in August? Its brutally hot.
  4. I agree completely which is why I said not in the City of Chicago.
  5. Madison Nashville Columbus or Charlotte Kansas City
  6. Madison? 100% Yes. St. Louis? Dangerous city with nothing to do there. No one wants to go to St. Louis. No. Chicago? Not downtown. Could work in northern or western suburbs. Cleveland? Dangerous city. No one want to go to Cleveland. No.
  7. Buffalo? Heck no. Whitewater? How in the world would Whitewater, WI be able to support 20K people? No. Philly? Friendly folks there. No. Boston? Way too congested. No.
  8. Exactly. Waaay too many angry people who should be enjoying life rather that raising h e l l and causing disruption. Get a job and take care of your family and loved ones and stop worrying about everyone else.
  9. Unfortunatly, free speech is only acceptable when others agree with ones opinions and positions. Any difference of opinion is shamed and shouted down. These poor brainwashed youth.
  10. Yes Suta! You're speaking my language. Regionalising this activity and a more local effort from a recruiting and competition aspect is the answer. The current model of worldwide & national recruiting and national touring is NOT sustainable. Regionalize the activity to 4 regions with corps competing against other corps within their region, with one mid season show with all corps in the USA, then the top 3 corps in the North, South, East, West in each region make finals.
  11. But unfortunately that isnt enough today. Organizations compromise qualifications and expectations in order to become more diverse, and it's a darn shame. Can you imagine what some of these whackjob crazy people would say if they looked at the demographics of the drum corp activity?
  12. That's not the way it works. Charges of oppression and discrimination need to be proved, not someone's innocence.
  13. Do we really need to raid other countries for US drum corps recruits? No way this makes financial sense.