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  1. My expectation is to strive for elite excellence both on the field and off. This regime and BOD is incompetent and would have been sent packing 5 years ago in the business world. Results matter.
  2. I will get banned if I respond to this post so I'll just leave it alone.
  3. No there wasnt. The Scouts BOD is 100% incompetent as evidenced by CK's contract extension after 10 years of failure, lies and deceit.
  4. I hope not. There is absolutely nothing wrong with an organization defining their membership guidelines. There are waaaaaay too many people these days worrying about what everyone else is doing when they should prioritize their own family and friends. I have always told my kids to worry and think about themselves, their family and their friends, not others...and dont be a triggered snowflake.
  5. They also discriminate against and exclude old people!!! I'M TRIGGERED BY THIS AND NEED A SAFE PLACE, PUPPY AND STUFFED ANIMAL.
  6. And the Scouts gave the clown show "CEO" a contract extension. Unreal.
  7. Hooters discriminates against Men!!! and The Rockettes too!!!
  8. The Madison Scouts BOD and organization are what is detrimental to their organization. The "CEO" is the problem and those close to the Scouts will tell you that, especially those that have been stabbed in the back and lied to.
  9. Exactly. The coed move was made solely to deflect.