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  1. It saddens me greatly to see what has become of a once great organization.
  2. He was fired 3 years ago. Actions have consequences.
  3. Why would they want to push out the "old alumni"? They're the guys with more disposable income. I suppose the answer is the oldsters are the ones who are fed up and want change. None of this sounds good for the future of the Madison Scouts/Scoutettes. I cant contribute to this regime.
  4. Nothing matters and nothing will change until they fire CK. How in the world can the BOD justify keeping this guy after 10 years of complete incompetency and failure?
  5. I have an easy simple way for every drum corps to save money...Wear the same uniform for many years and keep your instruments longer. You are welcome.
  6. The day the Scouts announced they were going coed, I said its nothing but a diversion and self preservation for CK. After all, in this era of wokeness, who would criticize or fire someone who broke down the barriers of discrimination and seclusion of a misogynistic all Male organization? Give me a freaking break. The BOD Is gutless. Apathy and incompetence brings down organizations and we have seen the results of both the last 10 years under CK's failed regime. How in the world does this guy survive? Do they even do performance appraisals?
  7. I couldn't agree more Wilder. I'm afraid this ends just like the Kilts coed demise.
  8. Well yeah, no surprise in those 4 categories. What other categories do people think contribute to the budget? Payroll I suppose, but I don't think any instructor gets rich teaching drum corps. What does a caption head earn, $50K? $75K?
  9. I think it's a darn shame that the drum corps activity is now only open to college students and music majors. Yes, I realize there are some members who are not college students, but by-and-large it's a college student activity now.
  10. The difference between masculine and feminine is obvious and apparent to everyone.
  11. Exactly right and many kids dont march because of it. There is no cool factor anymore...no bad a55 unis.
  12. No interpretation necessary, its pretty cut & dried/black & white.