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  1. I really don't believe it would, not because of quality, but because of expectations, as someone else skillfully mentioned earlier. It's an amazing show by an amazing group. But it just doesn't translate well enough to the modern activity to win. Star 93 would be their best bet in my opinion.
  2. Dude I took your advice. Rewatched it and you are right. It is stunning. How well the show is designed, how well the hornline moves and/or plays :D, how integrated and seamless the effect points transition throughout the storyboard and the sections of the corps, from brass to guard to drums to playing to marching to drill to coreogeaphy etc... Such a beautiful show performed so well. Thanks for the suggestion.
  3. You're right about star, but as far as the cavaliers horn lines, those are gross assumptions and over simplifications. The whole note half note thing is simply untrue; being all about the visual is simply untrue. Go back and watch 2003 and 2004 especially. Agree that 2002 didn't have as many runs or sixteenth notes or whatever as Star 91; still standard setting in terms of tone quality and color and ensemble skills. Some of you don't get it and that's fine, but what that organization achieved brass wise from 02-04 stands as some of the finest ensemble brass playing the activity has seen. When you compound that with what they were doing visually, simply phenomenal.
  4. No way do they have the GE or the color guard. Brass line was obviously great- it set the standard for that era- but that standard was surpassed by the Cavaliers in 2002. The show wasn't even that clean for THAT era. 97.1 if i remember correctly? Either way star 91 would get spanked so hard by crown 2013. The idea that some of you seem to think that Star 91 would be more competitive than early 2000s Cavaliers in this Era is absolutely absurd.
  5. Also something I've noticed - let me know if I'm off base- is the higher quality of the top 12 as a whole. I used to pretty much ignore the bottom 6 (sorry, I was kind of a jerk) but now I find the quality of show design and performance to be much higher when I marched. I feel there are recent bottom 6 shows that would be very competitive 5+ years ago
  6. Also I think it's a bit sensitive to assume that any attacking of men prancing is homophobic. I've definitely seen men prance when they shouldn't, regardless of their sexual orientation. In fact, I find on average that straight men attempting to prance is much more likely to be offensive than gay men prancing. In any case, we would all do well as a gender, regardless of orientation, to raise the bar and step up our prancing game. Too long have we men been timid and tame in this manner. We must boldly prance into the future, -for the sake of our children, and our children's children, be they biological or adopted. Your friends don't prance and if they don't prance, well they're .... not my friends.
  7. No way star 91 would be competitive today. Are you kidding? Have you read the sheets?? I love that show. But seriously. It would be bottom 6 tops. Star 93 would fare far better. I don't think much of anything from the 90s would place in the top 6, maybe not even the top 12. I think cavaliers 2000-2004 would do okay, probably 2006 as well. Don't know if any would win but top 6 or medals wouldn't be out of the question depending on the year. Strangely enough, I feel like spin cycle would have the best chance. In some ways, I feel like today's show design is still in large part a reaction to the designs of those shows, mostly because other corps had to figure out how to combat them. How do you beat a corps that is completely crushing the game in terms of effect with drill design and musical integration (not to mention the consistency of their performance captions back then... brass was almost always top 2 or 3, cavaliers won VP every finals NIGHT from 2000 to 2008), guard and drums always good, drill notoriously clean...? You fight back with a different formula, one that the Cadets unveiled IMHO in 2005, a counter to that style of show design that could win. Obviously recent Devs shows are competitive. Honestly not sure about phantom 08, maybe I need to watch it again but I feel like the rest of the top 4 from that year have aged more gracefully. Probably just biased though, I can admit that. Never been a regiment fan. I think the "Cavaliers millenium" shows, culminating in 2006 (maybe throw 08 in there too, I don't know. Not 05 or 07) represent the pinnacle of what show design was before the sheets changed and storyline became more complex. Seamless integration, very pure effect from honest drill and musical moments, executed at some of the highest levels seen. Cadets imo set the template and the standard for the counterattack to that in 2005, blue devils and crown have been crushing it lately. Discuss.
  8. Don't see how that's relevant over a decade later, seems like a bit of a low blow. Also his analysis seems pretty spot on, and I have a ring. I don't think that's relevant, but I guess you do? Anyway...
  9. Mine is Crown Bloo Vanguard Cavaliers Devs Cadets Phantom I was starting to think I was the only person who likes crowns show ( a lot of my friends do not seem to care for it). Scv and bloo could easily switch. I may enjoy devs more on multiple viewings/understanding what the hell is going on. Cavaliers is much better than the last two years but still meh compared to the majority of their recent history. Cadets are impressive but I don't enjoy it. Wish the pr kids the best :)
  10. Seems like that's everyone's opinion
  11. Time is running out and they are getting consistently beaten by two corps. Obviously nothing is impossible, but it's hard for me to imagine Devils losing this year. While I certainly prefer Bluecoats show to the cadets, my tastes are not a caption and the Cadets are performing at a very high level. Considering the strength of Vanguard, I'd say it's far more likely Bloo gets 4th rather that 1st. All the best to them though.