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  1. ...minute? I just cut the cheese and it was satisfying.
  2. Anyone have a uhhh... link to the closer? I missed out. EDIT: nm, found it! EDIT 2: Holy smokes that closer sounds amazing. I wish it was in at Stanford, even as a standstill.
  3. After watching it live at Stanford and even on YT, their hornline is definitely a cut above the rest. And I'm hearing that with no music educational background. Usually it's difficult for me to notice the quality differences between the top groups. They are danged good.
  4. I dont know what's so difficult about pronouncing Eversio. All I can think of is when I was a punk youngster I would say to people, "If I ever see yo @ss again around these parts..." So Vox Ever-see-yo.
  5. Hey SCV, while this season's show hasn't grabbed me right off the bat like last year, I still love you 3000!
  6. Fantastic show so far, BD! I can't wait to see it as it evolves throughout the season.
  7. Whew just got back from the show. They were being extremely strict about bags and other things being brought into the stadium this year--it's the first time I've seen them so strict at Stanford since DCI West first ran. Would have been nice to have a bigger, bolder warning about it on tickets and other event materials. So many people turned away at the security checkpoint. Lone Star Percussion needs to change their commercial. It's annoying and is a holdover from last season IIRC. During intermission, music was being blasted over the speakers--making it hard to socialize with
  8. Just listening to the source music, the Metallica piece just seems like a big departure from everything else so I wonder how they will integrate it.
  9. When oh when will they announce their show and rep. I'm anxious!
  10. Awesome thank you all for the replies! I think I'm gonna dive in and get the 1-year sub at a discounted rate so I can catch all of the season instead of just the last month! Plus it seems like I'll be able to introduce myself to BoA.
  11. Is it a good deal? I would pay 120 Annually for membership but I can't remember the prices before. Last year, I just paid for 1 month which I think was $40 or $50.
  12. You live in Kailua?/ Lucky! I want some Boots & Kimos.
  13. Here is Aretha in 2015. She brought the house down like BD did. And she was 73 at the time!