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  1. Thanks for the advice, everyone and..Well, umm, uhh..in addition to Drum Corps., I also do this thing called work. I stayed off of it as much as I could yesturday, but I had to work all day,today, which meant 8 hours of standing on it. It's still slightly swollen and very sore, but there is only a bit of faint redness in it. My manager has had several sprains from sports and said that limping is the worst I can do on it. He says I need to walk on it as much as possible to get the muscles loosened. He told me it would help my ankle heal faster. Is this true or is he crazy? I'm going to march this weekend, but I don't want to lose it during the show. I'm annoyed. This killed my trying to keep indurance for this weekend. Especially since the injury wasn't even marching related!!! Adrenaline had better kick in. See some of you at Clifton, Elizabeth
  2. Hi, All, Well, I knew those stupid stairs were going to get me eventually. This morning, I missed the last two or three stair steps and came down hard on my ankle. It is slightly swollen but doesn't look too bad, yet. But I can barely put my wait on it and it hurts like crazy. I'm concerned about it not healing by this weekend's rehearsal and competition. What can I do to speed recovery process? Thanks, Elizabeth
  3. Thanks, John and Tom, That means A LOT. I just hope that lightbulb comes on, or at least gives promising flickers before our first show. At home, for instance, practicing at Sanderson Highschool today, I can play the music, until I start marching and than, well, like I said, feet in the music. It frustrates me a bit, because, newbie or not, Gold needs my third sop. voice as much as the leads. I don't want Gold to suffer because of my inexperience. But yes, I'll remember that it takes time, and I'll remember to make the most of the time, and find at least one thing to improve on everytime we repeat a set or the whole show. Oh, and John, some bad news, for the next rehearsal, Friday, my boss demanded me to work, so I can't come, Saturday, I'm going to the lake with friends, Sunday, we have a cookout at Church, and Sunday night...No, put the phone down, I'M ONLY JOKING!!! Although, last rehearsal, my boss scheduled me that Saturday. Needless to say...Both jobs know about Carolina Gold. I talk about it all the time. And yes, practice a bit during the slow times, too... Take care, Elizabeth M.
  4. Nice to meet you, Patrick. Don't feel too bad. This is my first year of marching, EVER!! Homeschooling was great, morally, but it completely butchered any hopes for marching band or chorus. I'm glad I found Carolina Gold, but the fact I'd never marched before is making it difficult. I love it, though. Hope to see you back on the field sometime soon. Elizabeth
  5. Hi, everyone! I know it's a little late to be asking this, but I need help and the way my corps explains it is not sinking in. I still cannot master the marching style, which is the straight-legged w/ roll step. I can play the music, but you, "hear feet in the music," to quote my brass head. I don't want that. Carolina Gold doesn't want that. If it's not an out of the way question, can I get a few pointers from the rest of my DCA family, through PM, if you will. Remember, real competition comes when everyone is playing and marching at their best. I hope no one thinks I'm trying to get ahead of another corps. I just want to march the way I'm supposed to. Please. Anyway, thanks, and look forward to seeing some of you in N.J., next week!!! Elizabeth
  6. Wait a minute, how'd I miss my own Brass Head's response? I love music we are playing. I still say we should stick to the music and let our soloists do the rest.
  7. Alright, I'll admit, I love that station. But- in Drum and Bugle Corps., there's a time and a place.
  8. 1) I'm a soprano, and 2) I agree. Our Brass head is on us constantly about our cut-offs. If we don't hit them all at the same time, he has us do them over and over until we do. We are to play as a section and leave the extras to the soloists. I can relate to this personally, too, because I also have a soprano singing voice and when I was first discovering I had some talent, I thought it would add to the Church camp hymns if I sang on a measure or two. All I discovered was people looking at me like I was crazy. It just sounded tacky and distracted the rest of the people from the song. So sopranos, unless we have a solo that allows us some improvision, or have been given leave by the drum major, lets play the music the way it is written. Thanks for bringing up the topic, Elizabeth
  9. Hi, everybody!!! Hope that everyone is doing well with the season's preperations. Look foward to seeing some of you the first weekend in July. I can't believe how fast things went by once I joined Carolina Gold!! I love it, even though it's tough, at times. Every time I overcome a difficult drill set or measure in my music, I feel one step closer to helping bring us to the finals. I hope every one in every corps. feels the same way. I have only one complaint: M-o-n-e-y. But-that's l-i-f-e. Good luck,
  10. I know this has happened in the past, or there would be no rule about it. I posted a question on one of the DCA forums about looking for a video of the Caveliers performance in 2000. I missed Carolina Gold's last rehearsal and was told by a fellow corps member that we worked on a move that was kind of tricky. He mentioned that the Caviliers may have used that particular move in 2000. All I wanted to do was see it so I wouldn't be comepletely lost when I got to the next rehearsal. Since my motive was only to observe, not to steal, I didn't consider that the post would be questionable. I know now and I will refrain from posting anything else like it. I hope that I haven't allianated anyone by this. That was not my intent. Forgive me,
  11. I had a feeling I was overstepping a boundery. Next time I'll be more careful. I'm sorry I caused any suspicians or problems. Please don't hold it against me and please disregard this post.
  12. Hi! I was wondering, does anyone have a video file-or whatever it's called, I'm a musician, not a computer person!-of the Caveliers program from year 2000? If it's okay for me to say this, there is a marching move I want to check out. Thanks, and if I've overstepped a boundery, just let me know. (Toldya I was a worrywart.)
  13. Eww...Just because it has caffiene in it doesn't mean that you can brew it as coffee. (I work at Starbuck's. I know these things.) Well, as far as the field problem, I'm just going to have to bury my fear of getting thrown out and find a place to practice every day, even if for a little while. I'm missing the next rehearsal because of a previous commitment-I'm songleader for our Church's Ladies Retreat at the beach-, so every spare moment has to be used. With the amount of rehearsal time I have to catch up on, for me, June is only a couple weeks away. Not that I'm complaining....The more I memorize the music, the more it carries me exactly to my spots. I LOVE CAROLINA GOLD!!! I can't wait for the competitions to start!! Your's in Corps,
  14. Welcome!!! You'll love DCP. I joined a month ago and everyone has been wonderful. Look forward to seeing your posts and good luck for 2006.
  15. No! No matter where I go, family, friends, work, Drum Corps, they're all crazy!! (Meant affectionately.) So long as you don't start a game during competitions, we're fine. Throwing things at people is off limits, do I make myself clear? Well, you can throw a great program at one another, but that's a given, right? BTW, I found a mini football field-half the size-on the baseball field at Rotery Park in N. Raleigh today. It provided just the space I needed for the drill I'm working on. I could have stayed out there for hours, but "I have to be home before supper-time." (Don't ya adore in-laws?)