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  1. It was way more than just one. We stayed at a hotel along with 2 other corps that year. It was left up to us to find a rehearsal field. The first day in town was spent driving around looking for anywhere we could march. After no luck, we found a small church parking lot and had standstill ensemble rehearsal (playing Dies Irae in the dark and in a church parking lot, now THAT'S fun!). We eventually found a small school where we could rehearse, but it was a good ways away from the hotel, as was the stadium. We would rehearse at the field during the day and after getting back to the hotel we would go through the show visual warmup in the back parking lot with the other two corps watching us. Even with the traveling (which played a large part in our being late to semi's problem) and having to find our own rehearsal sights, we looked at it as a major hype. We all had our electronics left on in the rooms and we were allowed in the pool at night and there was a Denny's and McDonald's right next door. After working our butt's off all summer long, the staff was happy to let us enjoy the experience. For me, it was a great way to end an amazing summer (my last in DCI). So many memories from that week alone.
  2. Like Memphis Sound 2007 at Div II/III semis? :P
  3. In 2004, rehearsing at Desoto Central in Mississippi, close to Memphis. We were in section sectionals. We were standing in a small trumpet arc when dark clouds started rolling in and the wind started to pick up. Ryan Todd (tech) looks around and notices other sections are still rehearsing, so we continue on. All of sudden, from around a fence come running the baris and their tech yelling at us to get inside. That is the only time I have ever actually heard the rain coming before I saw it.
  4. For the cadets, I was on the bus headed home from finals week. We stayed for semis, but the corps headed home early. For Phantom in 2008, I was in a hotel lobby in Baton Rouge. (I was there helping out with the annual hot air balloon event). I was checking the scores and happened to look at the screen next to me where someone else just happened to be checking scores. This is cool for multiple reasons. 1.) He marched Memphis Blue and I marched Memphis Sound, so there is already somewhat of a connection there. 2.) He marched with Phantom during the ORIGINAL Spartacus show. Pretty cool night if I say so myself.
  5. I DID run into Albert Lo. He was judging Div. II/III finals (I THINK. It was during finals week though.) Happened at the end of our opener. He got caught in the middle of the diamond cutters.
  6. In 04 and 05, I was really young and immature. In 04, I had no idea what I was getting myself into and in 05, I had the whole "I'm a vet" mentality. I got sick both these years and had to miss a show each time. I missed 06 saying I would never come back again, I just did not feel welcome either of these years. I decided to come back in 07. My goal: to not miss a single minute/show of the season. Not only did I succeed in that part, halfway through everydays the corps director pulled me to the side and told me people from 04 and 05 had noticed a difference in my attitude and told me to keep up the good work. Just the motivation I needed to continue the most amazing summer of my life. Not to mention it was during that year I made some of the best friends I have today.
  7. Hey, no need for that. We will be winning over you guys soon enough. SEC championship within 4 years now. GO STATE! But at least black actually looks good with our other colors.
  8. in 04, I was on field lining 05, it was bus loading 07, back to field lining. The 5 or 6 of us (i can't remember) could a field lined from 20 to 20 in 15 minutes. Thanks to that, we never had to wake up much earlier than the rest of the corps. There was also a drumline and color guard field lining crew for when they needed their own practice fields. Fielding lining was great because even though you do wake up early, when you are in a rush to leave a housing site, you dont have a job to worry about
  9. Great book! Got it a few years ago for Christmas and have read it twice now. Really makes want to have marched SCV, but sadly I am now too old. As for me, I got a trumpet gig bag to make it easier to carry my trumpet around campus. $25 Barnes and Noble gift card. The movies Iron Man, 21, and Defiance.
  10. In high school, our trombones had shirts that had a picture of a t-bone steak on the front. It says T-Bones on the front and Well Done on the back.
  11. I broke my the top knuckle in my pinky on my right hand about 3-4 days before March camp in 2007. Went through the whole camp with my pinky and ring finger taped together. Not too bad since I played trumpet. Never did get it fixed. Still broken to this day...