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  1. Been holding onto this bugle for a few years now and I'm honestly ready to pass it on. As stated in the topic title, it's a Getzen 'Titleist' Baritone Bugle (chrome, I believe). Piston-Rotary action (both function properly), minor dings/scratchs here/there, and it plays fine. The serial number is F23624, which according to www.musictrader.com/getzen.html, dates it between 1972-1975. I've posted a few pictures for y'all. Asking $40 (taking best offer) and the buyer pays shipping. Thank you! 1) 2) 3) 4) 5)
  2. I really like this persons opinion... Simply because they stick to their true thoughts and OBSERVATIONS instead of what other people type or say.. I'm a huge BD fan, they are the biggest reason why I marched drum corps in the first place. Wayne has a UNIQUE style of writing. In my opinion, it appears that he goes for more of the Jazz, Big Band style where the top end dominates the bottom. Somewhat balanced, but definitely a strong suit for the higher tessitura voices. His arranging is STELLAR for this style. Doug Thrower's arranging is DIFFERENT... who is to say what is correct and what is not??? Really... Music is a flexible art. The listeners opinion changes constantly and what the listener wants to hear is ultimately what the reaction portrays... whether or not it may be something fresh or a rendition of an old standard with mild alteration... who cares??? This provides the AUDIENCE the opportunity to make their OWN MIND up about the product presented. Isn't that what every single person does when they listen to a new piece???..... Doug CHOOSES to write more across the voices, putting the melody in every voice.. Do YOU prefer this or not, that is the real question?? Why do some people listen to Bach and some people listen to Wagner?? Don't they write COMPLETELY different from one another... Too many people on these boards, and in life, rely on OTHER PEOPLE'S OPINIONS to establish their own... It doesn't matter what your professor or instructor tells you is "correct", it is what you believe is correct and believe works for you.. That is why music is such a phenomenal art form, opinion is opinion... choose what you think is ideal, that is what makes it unique.
  3. I don't know how long that link will last.. So if it gets taken down, just search YouTube for Patrick's Solo - Bluecoats 2010 I'll try to get a recording of it with a met, I'll just have to find some time. Just started classes back up last week.
  4. I posted the sheet music up merely to share the experience with others who love this activity as much as I do. Bashing electronics and whatever else, making arguments is really not the intent of this thread. WITH that said, I agree with both sides. YES it would be nice to have a good recording without the electronics.. However, I'm pretty open-minded with modern marketability and always looking for new ways to event myself as a player. I mean, I play euphonium as my primary, I have to do something or else I won't be noticed. I think the effect is really innovative, at least in this activity, and provides the listener with something unexpected. This summer actually made me more interested in the idea and making me want to pursue it more on my own. I mean really, check out the stuff that Roland Szentpáli is doing with his tuba recordings, WOW!!
  5. Whoa!! Yall are too much!! Scott did an awesome job as well on the mello solo. Performed it beautifully all season. I think someone asked about that earlier in the thread.. There were one or two guys that said they tried to work it up during the winter camps, but gave up on it. I don't really know what would of happened if anything HAD happened, but thankfully nothing did happen. A lot of the baritone section aged out this year. 5 out of the 8 actually.
  6. You couldn't be more spot on with that statement! Any dip in air-stream and the notes just wont happen. The same goes with mental awareness, it just wont work without it. I'm not sure of the effect, you'd have to ask Doug Thrower for that one. I know he got the idea from a Tenor Sax player that uses it on one of his albums that utilizes 3 different effect pedals. Also, if you check out the Atlanta Regional on the fan newtwork, there is another example of the solo ALMOST without effect... It's very faint, very baritone heavy. PS: Thank you to all that have complimented!! It's very cool to read what people have to say about it.
  7. If you go to YouTube and search for the Gadsden, AL encore then you'll find one. I think this might be the only recording out there of the solo WITHOUT the mic. The mic stand actually broke during the show, making me improv my position to maintain the effect. So that is why it isn't out there during the encore performance. Not the best quality video but again, it is probably the only one out there. If you want to fast-forward, it starts at 7:52.
  8. Alan, this means more to me than you probably know. Thank you for being there in the beginning and sparking a mentality of excellence and passion for music.
  9. One or two others said they TRIED to learn it but gave up. So I suppose if I HAD gotten injured... it would of been switched to a synth solo and had someone fake it... or just have me chill on the sideline the entire show. THANK GOD I did not, that would of been a terrible age-out.
  10. Here is the Baritone solo from Asphalt Cocktail. Try it out! It was an incredible experience working on and playing throughout the season.
  11. Yes, because those two things solely define Jazz...
  12. Yeah Regiment just plays the same #### they have before. How many impact chords were exactly the same?? I lost count.. But I did seriously like Phantom 08 it was a great show, but you need to chill out. You are taking a statement of "something different" as "risking absurdity", two totally different meanings to those statements. One says, "I am going to reach into white space and attempt innovation", the second says, "I am going to do things that no one else does, because they go against any sort of logic that I can fathom".
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