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  1. My fear for the Regiment is they are on a downward trajectory that may ultimately take them out of the top 12. There have been years in the past when they placed much lower than expected but immediately bounced back. However, since 2008 they have placed in the top 3 just once and since that year (2012) they have dropped to 11th place in 6 years. With recent finalists The Academy & a resurgent Spirit knocking on the top 12 door not to mention The Mandarins mixing it with the big boys, they are in real danger of saying goodbye on the Friday night. One sincerely hopes not but...
  2. There are also International issues with some pieces of music. DCI wouldn't sell the 2012 BluRay/DVD to anyone who lived in Europe. I had to have it sent to a U.S. friend who forwarded it on to me. If I remember correctly it was something BD played.
  3. It's still referred to as Armistice Day in the UK. The 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month. That football (soccer) game you mentioned also inspired Paul McCartney's "Play the Pipes of Peace" so not all good...
  4. Gary Powell, the drummer with The Libertines & Dirty Pretty Things marched with the Cadets. I suspect those two bands are unknown to most Americans but they were very popular a few years ago in the UK/Europe.
  5. The list although not endless would be very extensive. 1987 - PR, SCV & Cadets 1989 - SCV 1992 - BD 2000 - Cadets 2008 - PR 2016 -Bloo, Crown & The Academy.
  6. I think some corps tell their members to stay away from DCP. We've had a few incidents over the years where thoroughly decent current marching members have had the DCP wolves on their tails for posting innocuous comments in threads... Bloocontraguy springs to mind but there have been several others. As for the stadium security issue, get used to it esp. in larger venues e.g. NFL stadiums. It's here to stay.
  7. We literally hit them as hard as we could. Unlike today, there was no real technique. Put aside the bobbing up and down and the turning from left to right, these kids have a very deft touch and I'd hate for todays pits to go back to the "old"days. It's the singularly most powerful argument for keeping amps in DCI, without them the pit would either be invisible or it would be back to hitting as hard as you can.
  8. 6. Ask a friend to film from the 30 yard line so we can have multi cam on youtube...
  9. I'd like to see a Bluecoats win, it would be great if hey could clean that show into a winning position. Unfortunately for them every time I go to finals Devils win... and I'm going this year. Sorry Bloo.
  10. This may have already been said in this topic but I find the similarities in this show with PR in 2010 quite startling. this isn't a criticism in any way as I loved that show and I'm loving this show. Not a shock when look at who is doing the arranging. All that's missing is Myron Rosander's drill...
  11. Regiment 2010. The whole show was fantastic but the opening was special.
  12. Crown - Very enjoyable, end needs work, just kind of died for me. I guess they couldn't get permission to use the actual scream from the good, the bad and the ugly movies which is a shame. As ever they will be there or there abouts come August. Will their percussion be their achilles heal again...? Devils - Never thought I would say this but that trombone section is electric. As ever they will be the corps to beat. Cavies - Looks like their staff have finally got a hold of the show design (post Gaines). looks good, potential top 5. Cadets - Better show potential than last season... the only 10 they left out last year was "10 year old show concept". again as with Crown will be there or there abouts come August.
  13. To make this approach fool proof for the duration of the season... the judges friendships will be temporarily revoked, their fan network subscriptions will be suspended, they will be blocked from Youtube and their cell phones will be confiscated.
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