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  1. They’re going to push the percussion to the detriment of everything else. Was hoping for some more balance this year.
  2. Just watched the video. It will be interesting to see how this develops and where they go with the props/bookcases. You can definitely tell the framework is there. The only portion I don’t quite care for is when the trombones start to play Bump and then transition into that interlude. It just seems forced instead. The horn lick after that whole section is fantastic.
  3. They're either free through sponsorship or heavily discounted (Yamaha). It varies by manufacturer. They can sell them, make money, and get new equipment every season. It's a smart business decision as a profit center. Same with the horns. As a percussionist, I'm not auditioning somewhere with 4-5 year old equipment. No thanks.
  4. WGI Independent World has been all-age for about 17-18 years? edit: more than that. Rule change was in 2000 I believe.
  5. YouTube reactors really like drum corps when paid to react.
  6. What? Most corps post their daily rehearsal sites and daily schedules every year. Most aren’t published yet, but as spring training starts, they’ll be more filled out.
  7. DCI corps all have to adhere to the training guidelines. If one is not, report it. Alumni corps now have to take the same Safesport training. I had friends that participated in the Bluecoats alumni corps. Feel free to confirm with any of those 500 people. I’ll base my knowledge on actual experience of actively teaching in the activity right now.
  8. That policy is already in place. I have to sign my employment agreement with that specially spelled out and covered in training.
  9. The safe sport training is activity wide. As a staff member, the amount of training I receive is far and beyond what I have to do for any other activity I’m involved in. (Coaching youth baseball and volunteering with the high school musicals for set construction). It’s also far more than our 15 minute sexual harassment training taken yearly for work. It’s probably never enough, but there’s frequent reminders, spelled out in my teaching contracts, in separate policy documents. It’s taken very seriously by the two drum corps I have recently taught and I’ve heard no different from my friends and past members teaching across the activity. There’s some people that will never be satisfied or convinced that it’s enough. That’s fine, but it’s a huge improvement over what existed five years ago. I’m not sure what more could be done right now but making the minimum age 18 would be best in my mind.
  10. I agree 18-22 or 23. Will never solve everything but at least handles the minor/adult relationship issue better. An 18 year member cannot have a relationship with a 17 year old member. Think back to your marching days and about how that dynamic has changed. I’m not saying it’s wrong to have that strict line but it’s much different than what used to be acceptable
  11. Guard members are very loyal to staff and instructors. Probably at the same degree or higher than percussion. Watched the majority of my corps’s guard follow their caption head to their new corps twice in the mid-nineties and have seen it so many times since. I’ve also seen new guard members show up to spring training in recent years with barely any following or knowledge of the history of past of the corps they were about to join which is surprising. They are following that staff that recruited them throughout the WGI season.
  12. Can’t wait to see what they bring in their return. I would love some hard-hitting, aggressive, angry SCV.
  13. Agreed, but those biology students aren’t away from home, practicing all day and living on a bus for half of that time.
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