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  1. Kanstul Custom Classic G Soprano for sale. Three valve horn. Played all last year while my other one was being repaired. Comes with a case. Buyer has to prepay shipping and insurance. I have pics. $550. Please email bridgechick@gmail.com
  2. ----------------------- Wouldn't you say Game on ????
  3. ----------- Jeff, cmon, you know the answer to that one..........LOL!
  4. ----------------- I thought first place was already determined................... :tongue:
  5. -------- with a score that has been pre-determined.........
  6. First of all - - Elpha... whoever you are........ Whether a corps runs a show or not......... what does that matter ? Kidsgrove is here to compete - - they came, they saw and they conquered. Does that mean they should place last because they haven't paid their dues or hosted a show......... Whichever person said that if we call it WORLD championships........ then that is what it should be was dead nuts on. If we are not here to ask every to join us on the field of competition then change it and change admittance to the circuit. If you are here to compete, compete. If you beat people you only SEE one time each year.... so BE it. That is what competition is all about. God, get a grip. THEY WERE on fire. And they should have been judged as such.
  7. ------------ Close to the stupidest post............ the year isn't over yet.
  8. --------------------- As with Frank and some of the others --- If KIDSGROVE Scouts, came to Bridgeport and kicked everyone's ###................ then they should have one. I have seen all of the other shows at least once this year and there is NO WAY, NO HOW that Kidsgrove Scout doesn't slam dunk the entire lot of them at Bridgeport. What does that tell you - - that the DCA judging which mirrors USSBA............... is NOT fair, NOT accurate and does NOT reflect the actions of the corps on the field. The concept that you start with a certain score and work your way through the season to a better point - - - is and has been crap. That a judge has to "see" a corps 2-3 times to get a "feel for the show" to be able to capture its merit - - if I could use stronger words without being deleted, I think you all know what they would be - - that whole idea is even MORE CRAP then the first. So judges - - you messed up. Crowd - you got it ABSOLUTELY right - - boo away. I have never seen a case where it was more deserved. DCA - - I hope that our corps brethren Kidsgrove - - leaves knowing that the REST of us believe they were the best and decides that they WILL come back and entertain us. What a disappointing end to a great night in Bridgeport.
  9. ----------------------- These are the kinds of ideas that need to be hashed out and discussed. Awesome! Nothing is impossible, and if there is a TRUE interest in saving all aspects in the activity, then we can put aside the we did this, but we can't do that attitude and move forward.
  10. -------------------------- You didn't read my post................ I was talking about the organizations starting task forces to deal with the issue of the future of drum corps. I am well aware they "talk" to each other. That isn't what I was getting at.
  11. ------------ Agreed - - BUT don't you think we ALL have vested interests in each other's worlds............ they are not entities in and of themselves.................. Cooperation is great, but that isn't what I am looking for... I am looking for discussion, ideas, FROM ALL of us. Not just DCI leading the way or DCA - - bring it to the table TOGETHER and lets figure it out. If we can't at least do that...............then we are all talking out of our #####.