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    Finals of 2004- I've never experienced anything like it since!
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    Percussion, music education, teaching, marching band, drum corps, WGI winter drumline, art, sketching, camping, traveling, marimba, marching bass, timpani, jazz vibraphone, afro cuban percussion, singing, musical theatre, piano...<br /><br />I'm a graduate of Mansfield University with a degree in Music Education, I'm a member of Sigma Alpha Iota international music fraternity, and I've been a member of the Empire Statesmen for 7 years now! As a percussionist I constantly strive to be as well rounded as I can be. (that, and its fun to learn how to play everything! )

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  1. what, no pit? I don't live down south, but have family in TX (Houston)...and occationally consider moving there. Austin is great and theres a music school there that I've considered. If I do move to TX I know I would definitly seek out a drumline or corps to play with. (although I know that doesn't help your cause at the moment...) Good Luck! (:
  2. Perhaps it’s "C" for corps, not "C" for C horns, or "G" for G horns. Avoiding the whole horn tunage debate. As far as I know, I think we'll still be using the G horns we have... but then again, I'm not in the horn line. Any who, it’s a cool show idea; I think it’s been too long since America's Entertainers have done an American themed show. (yeah..so we did "A tribute to American Composers" in 2002, but it didn't feel as in-your-face-American-tribute, as much as a Bernstien-and-friends one) Sounds like it'll be very tasteful too. I like the selections of the more modern/alternative patriotic music, as apposed to the traditional patriotic tunes.
  3. I'll remember that for '09! I'll DEFINITLY be there as long as my corps is allowed to do I&E (some years we don't, but that’s all up to the directors.) Thanks Brian, and Congrats on your I&Es as well! (: Hahah, I know! I find it hilarious! Now that’s a corps I don't think any one would mind being listed in. (:
  4. I have to say, of the few Renegades members that I did meet finals weekend, they were all really nice, positive and fun. I wish we could meet half way for a show in the middle of the season...it would probably end up in Kansas… To Sam the Marimba Champ- thank you for the congrats and the company on that I&E stage, and thank you for the cheers as we came off the field on finals! It’s so cool and humbling to have other corps' members cheering for you! Seriously, you guys are all wonderful! Congrats to you all on another successful season!
  5. Statesmen's drum solo isn't Officer Krupke (We played that in '02, though!) it's the Rumble. There's some melodic bits of WWS's rumble in the opening, with a few horn chords and Lots o' pit. I was so happy to see you and Tammy and the kids at the show! You all look very happy! Thanks for coming and thank you for the great review, I like how honest you are in your writing. I have a better idea of how the other corps sound/look on the field, too. I hope to see your family again this coming weekend! (:
  6. Wow. You are too kind! I know that our entire corps really appreciated that Fusion was there to watch us, and that they also really enjoyed getting the opportunity to see you in your first Victory Concert. What a cool experience for all of us!!! (Unfortunately I didn't get to watch you upfront - I was behind the stadium looking for our pit trailor...we didn't know where it parked...From what I could hear, it sounds like you guys have a fun show! You sounded great!) I can't speak for everyone, but as an individual, I couldn't have been more excited to see Fusion Core win Class A last night. To see a new corps on the rise, especially one in its second year of existence do what you guys are doing- well it’s an amazing and special, thing to see. To our fellow hatless entertainment corps- congratulations and thank you. You made our victory concert more fun to perform, too, that’s for sure! It was fun cheering on and briefly chatting with some of your pitsters before the victory concert, and during the concert I loved making eye contact with a number of your members parked in front of the pit. So, so cool to make those connections as a performer. Thank you so much for that!!!!! You guys ROCK!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS! (: I also have to say- Saturday at lunch I was talking with a fellow corps members who had marched with the Grenadiers in '05, and how it was so sad and a huge shame that they had to "fold." It’s a sad day for the entire drum corps activity when any corps needs to take a year or more off. It really is. I also hated seeing that it was our only Canadian corps. Especially after their Class A world championship in '04. So, I'm sure you could imagine my utter surprise, excitement and happiness to see the Bright Yellow and shinning Maple Leafs marching to the field Saturday. YES!!!!!!!! Grennies are back! That is really, really, really awesome! I hope you are having a great season and having a fantastic time out there. WELCOME BACK!!!!!! (That’s right, I live under a rock-so I really didn't know this until Saturday...) Ok, time to go back to sleep.
  7. Would it be possible for you give a brief one-liner for each pit? I'm sure all the pitsters out there would appreciate it! So many reviews neglect that corps section. (although one of these Clifton reviews did say that Reading's pit is on fire- very cool!) Thanks, (:
  8. unfortunatly I can't help you, (already performing, etc...) but I do want to wish you the best of luck in your percusisonist search. I hope your #1 gets better! And Good luck to you on the field this year too! Its great to hear that you guys are back for a 2nd season!!!!! ps I went to college with the Spatz's - they are great people!
  9. I'm not saying that I agree or disagree. However this is a topic that I'm interested in. But after reading all that I can't help but toss in my worthless 2 cents. Bejamin Britten's Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra, and Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portiat both are written and commonly performed with narraiton. Fantastic orchestral pieces, the later having also been transcribed for wind ensembles. Narration can work. Corps have been pushing the envolope for years and years and years in both DCI and DCA. It is what develops thier individual corps style. People choose to march with which corps they like. There's something for every one out there, fans and marchers alike, and that I do like. If a corps tests the narration amp waters, and they like it and find it successful, then good for them. If a corps finds that narration isn't thier cup of tea, then good for them. Amps, pits, pants, kilts, hats or no hats, sunglasses, Bflat or G, dancing or no dancing, chanting/singing or none, creative props, classical, modern, jazz, broadway - what is it really that entertains the audience? It depends on the individual who's looking for entertainment. I respect you all for your opinions, and hope the healthy discussion continues. (:
  10. I'm really starting to get pumped about the alumni performance at the Rochester show! Saturday's rehearsal with the alumni was really a special, special thing, and to think it was only a rehearsal! Seeing old friends I've marched with and meeting alumni from pre2000s was really amazing. Hearing the stories, and reflecting on Statesmen past, and seeing some great people/players poping back from no where was inspiring. I saw ALOT of people that I really miss this weekend, and getting to perform with them again should be a BLAST! My section recently did a neat thing: After rehearsal we all met at one of our player's houses and watched the tapes of each of our "rookie" years, and some of the championship years too. It was in our hopes to show the new members what a huge and amaizng expirience this activity can be. It got our section talking alot about the corps' history, too!
  11. I haven't checked DCP in months, and ofcourse I find our corps at the top of the discussion boards! I love the photos Ken! Thanks for sharing! I especially enjoy the one with the pit and guard in it- looks like the wedge from the middle of the drum solo?
  12. I use a crummy wooden bar stool, it used to be padded with a leather top that was falling apart, I "re-upholstered" it with some foam from a couch cushion, quilt batting and some smooth cloth. I still find it hard to twist from side to side and still find it uncomfortable (I tend to sit on the edge rather then on top) I've tested out a Roc-n-Soc drum set throne and found it super comfortable. I haven't seen a specific Timpani version, I'm sure it’s awesome though. I've used a large, swivel, height adjustable chair, and found it quite comfy and really easy to get from one drum to the next- it also had a back to it for support, but again, I sit on the edge and found that I didn't need the chair back. I'm not sure if any of this helps you at all... but I'll be sure to come back to this thread and see if more people post- I'd like to see what other people recommend too! Cheers!
  13. I just saw the story and photos on the news, and find it horrifying. This should never happen, ever... I'll be keeping your corps in my prayers. I wish the best of luck to you all this weekend and throughout the season.
  14. I have to say, I've never been so excited to perform in a winter show before! The corps has brought back some classic statesmen tunes, have a few new ones in store, and for the first time ever the pit will be playing melodic material on ALL of these tunes- material that really complements and fills out that true drum corps sound! If any ES alumni come, PLEASE stop afterwards to say hi! Don't be shy! Also, this past camp a whole family that used to march with us stopped by. A cymbal player, Bari, Gaurd and Pit. It was great seeing all of them! I'm glad that these fantastic alumni were able to visit their drum corps family and see us practice. Gah, I miss them! If you used to march, it's totally ok to come back and visit! Take care,
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