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  1. The only redeeming factor here is that this disgusting predator has to live in his own disgusting skin.
  2. So an hour before Saturday finals last summer our Ring spotted an individual looking into the back windows of our house. He then went on the deck and started pulling on the back door. My wife called the local police and told the dispatcher she was in Indianapolis and reported the incident. The dispatcher asked if she was at DCI and told her he was an alumni of the Spartans and how thrilled he was they won. It ended up the intruder was a neighbors brother who was visiting and had gone to the wrong house.
  3. Every Saturday night this summer FLO should broadcast the top 12 from a certain year playing the shows from 12th place to 1st place. We can all get on DCP and talk about the shows and whatever fodder comes up. FLO should also be sure to make the stream crappy at times so we can feel like its really happening live!
  4. I hear you Terri. We have a positive in the next town. My wife is freaking out.
  5. There will definitely be residual effects from this crisis. The private school I work at has halted all outside groups from using our campus facilities until further notice. We are planning on the kids not returning from March break. We are in uncharted times but we will get through this.
  6. Thinking the same thing Terri. Definitely could cause sustainability problems for many corps as well as DCI.
  7. With the current state of uncertainty it’s hard to imagine any camps happening before May.
  8. https://www.crusadersenior.org/news
  9. They’re in good company Terri. 3/4 of the NFL sucks.
  10. Expect good things with Travis Larson and Ryan Williams on brass!