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  1. They’re in good company Terri. 3/4 of the NFL sucks.
  2. Expect good things with Travis Larson and Ryan Williams on brass!
  3. This is my second year of missing DCA. Must say I enjoyed the festive atmosphere of Friday night I&E and mini-corps and possibly a concert by the Cabs.
  4. Did the person who made the decision to put the Spartans on after a full day of drum corps actually think people would stay??
  5. The DCI CSI unit released images of the Boston infraction. posted from the DrumScorps app
  6. Nice finish Boston to an outstanding tour!! Can’t wait to see the GIANTS rock the building in Indy!!
  7. It’s pretty clear Mike Davis really didn’t like BACS battery. First and last time they see him this year. They are certainly having a down year but tonight’s score is a head scratcher. One thing I know, these guys won’t quit!