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  1. As a 30 veteran of DCI East a have to say over the years we have been reasonably lucky with the weather at Allentown. That being said last summers Friday night rain-out really hurt. For that reason I will return to Indy this year knowing that despite the cost, travel, and dome I will see all the top corps.
  2. BAC Senior still going strong after 26 years. For obvious reasons they will skip the "27th" and go straight to 28!
  3. Cuts are the first necessary step to addressing YEA’s current situation however all other challenges pale in comparison to the need for funding to keep their doors open and accomplish their mission. This is the challenge that all Drum Corps face in 2018.
  4. Missing DCA this year as school started today. Glad to see Warriors and Sine Wave back in the mini corps lineup.
  5. Wait, are you saying the internet is less trashy tonight?
  6. Better they steal your hammer than steal your staff : )
  7. And on a positive note, nice job with Genesis this year Jason.
  8. It appears the whole Brass Staff section has been removed from BK's site. Don Taylor was high brass instructor. Chad Pence was brass caption head. I thought brass was BK high point this year.