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  1. So now finals is over, who is going where? What do you know or hope for?
  2. I have never seen a guard this good. That was phenomenal and flawless. The guy playing David is just fearless and amazing. They deserve a perfect score in guard.
  3. I thought that was a great run. By far the best guard so far. The first one that looked like they had some decent technique!
  4. Great show bd. Great guard but I hate the “run and reset” between numbers, which they do every year. Clearly th judges don’t have an issue with it. So what do I know!!!!
  5. Musically Crown is amazing. Visually they seem ‘small’ and if they didn’t have a guard, you wouldn’t rally miss them
  6. Crown’s guard is gonna kill them. They add so little and are still not that clean
  7. Cadets making the best of a very poorly designed show. Good to see some old Cadets style drill at the end. Shame it’s in early July form with only 2 weeks left of the season!
  8. I agree they are better but no where in the same league as Blue Stars guard