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    Marched guard in Les Eclispses in 1986
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  1. You don’t have to be a top medalist corps to attract talented guard members, you just have to give people a reason to join. Blue Stars always have a ton of members audition for guard (both male and female) because people want to spin Michael Shapiro twirls and they know they are gong to be super challenged and never bored.
  2. We saw a number of firsts in finals that we haven’t seen all season (Phantom beat Cavies, BS guard beat SCV, BC win percussion, BD winning guard over BC etc) . Is this the first time judges really disregard everything else and solely judge what they see? (Maybe because there are no consequences for the judge for the decisions they make in finals ?)
  3. Lol there is no way Michael Shapiro is leaving Blue Stars. He is a very loyal person.
  4. It’s that time of year. Who is going where? I’ll start Daniel Wiles leaves Cavaliers
  5. Cadets guard is book one of the simpler ones in the top 12. They executing it extremely well.
  6. Achievement isn’t just how clean you are, it’s how clean you are relative to the written book. Ie if you stood and did perfect drop spins for 12 mins your achievement score would be very low. BS written book contains WAY More content that Cadets and relatively BS achievement therefore is higher.
  7. They just need a better run. Last night definitely wasn’t the guard’s best run
  8. There seems to be 2 key areas SCV is not being credited for (or being penalized for) and that is 1. how spread out the guard is for 2/3rds of the show - and how challenging that is from a timing perspective and 2. How much body/dance the hornline does. I suspect both these demands are creating more debit for SCV then credit (e.g. it's quite easy to see the differences between hornline members when they are dancing and the guard creates less effect when so spread out)
  9. Cos there is so many American drum corps you don’t need any international groups, right?
  10. Guys It’s drum Corps INTERNATIONAL and that means accommodating differences. Eg most European corps compete with no age limit. If you don’t like it then change the name of DCI to DCA (Drum Corps America)
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