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  1. One thing that many people have overlooked is that this was Tarpon's first performance of the year - wouldn't we be better to wait til BOA finals to judge them and their use of the screens?
  2. I think we will see most costumes for 1 season- just as have with guard costuming for a number of years.
  3. I am kind of hoping Pete Weber re emerges with a certain east coast Corps!
  4. I’m pretty certain Michael Gaines will be Vaguard’s drill write for the foreseeable future.
  5. THIS!!!! It's not about the win, it's about what they have been building towards over the past few years. Putting Michael Gaines in place was the final piece of the jigsaw and I believe we are going to see them dominate for the next few years and force others to review how they construct shows. I am sure SCV will be exploring new ideas and concepts following this year's success. They know what works: They know how to get the audience on their side and the same with the judges
  6. As others have said, next year Cadets needs to find/establish/assert their modern identity. Without all the distractions they should be able to do this. I also believe they will need to attract some new design talent, if they want to compete with the groups in the top 6 (definitely need a guard with more personality and interesting writing and the same with their drill/staging). I am confident they are in good hands to make all this happen and to make the best decisions for the future of the Cadets. The 'taste they have left in everyone's mouths' is a positive one (as opposed to the opposite last year even before all the GH issues came to the surface) so they should be in a good place to compete for talented members.
  7. I meant, are we moving into a new era where SCV becomes the dominate force for a number of years, experimenting more with staging and props, leaving other corps forced to reinvent themselves to keep pace? i know everyone says BD always wins the season after coming 2nd but will that be the case next year or will they start having to look at how they design their shows to keep pace with SCV?
  8. Ah that explains why their visual program was not up to par compared to previous few seasons. He had such an impact on BK.
  9. Are we moving into a new era where SCV dominates and forces other groups to change the way they design to be competitive with Vanguard (just as BD has done)?
  10. I really hope SCV hangs on to all their staff and makes some more magic next year. I hope Cadets make some upgrades to strengthen their design.
  11. Give it a rest. Time to move on. BAC worthy winners so congratulations to them. It’s clear that unless your group wins (BD) then you are going to complain and moan. Seasons over. Be gracious. Move on.
  12. Wowoow Bloo. That was awesome. I am see why the guard scored so well. Most flawless guard so far and amazing performers all round!
  13. Amazing run by Boston. Guard was terrific but a few noticeable drops so let’s see what the rest can bring.