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  1. For Sale King 2 Valve G Baritone been in storage for 5 years. includes case and Bach 11c mouthpiece . $ 325 + 80 shipping.
  2. The Bridgemen are looking forward to participating at the Reilly Raider Show, for our first performance of 2016.
  3. Veterans Stadium , a great show to take the whole family to. See you there this Saturday .
  4. Weather for Saturday sunny and in the mid- 80's. Take a ride and come see some GREAT DRUM CORPS for only 15 DOLLARS .
  5. Everyone is welcome to attend , and enjoy an evening with some great Drum Corps people.
  6. Come on out and spend this weekend with the BRIDGEMEN in Bayonne. There are still some openings in all sections , so feel free to come out and sit in and enjoy yourself. Practice is Saturday 12 PM at ST. ANDREWS,then join us at the BRIDGEMEN HALL OF FAME DINNER AT 730-1130 for the induction some of the BEST PEOPLE EVER TO BE INVOLVED WITH DRUM CORPS. O Ray Williamson
  7. That's not not even this years picture of Allentown , of ALL THE PEOPLE WHO STAYED IN THAT TROPICAL RAIN SYORM.
  8. Thanks Liz ---- If you can, come on down to the Venice Sat. night and I'll buy a couple of Refreshments. Ray Williamson
  9. Anyone that wants to have a fun summer doing DRUM CORPS, should come to ST. ANDREWS at 4th and Broadway this SATURDAY and SUNDAY 12 to 6. Come sit in and have a fun time playing some fun music you'll really enjoy. The weather's gonna be great, so take a ride with family members or some friends .Come down and meet our staff and here what's in store for the BRIDGEMEN THIS YEAR. Ray Williamson
  10. I hope you start the new season off with that great kanstul soprano thats getting lonely. Ray Williamson
  11. Charlie , you can pick me up for a change . The cooler is ready and filled. Ray Williamson
  12. 5 Day's away and counting!!! Why not bring the whole family out and see what the BRIDGEMEN are all about. It's gonna be a GREAT SHOW this year that I'am sure you,ll enjoy performing it . Come sit in this weekend with no commitment whatsoever. So come on down to ST. ANDREWS at 4th and BROADWAY this SATURDAY AND SUNDAY and have ALOT OF FUN. SEE YOU THIS WEEKEND !!! Ray Williamson
  13. Why not buy a silent brass system , then you can play anywhere.