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  1. the hall is right off of the 101, the address is on the website.
  2. I've seen the toast in some 1970's scv shows. Last time I saw it prior to this past summer was 2007: baritone doing toast at the end of Eureka! 2008 SCVC did it at the end of their show as well.
  3. ALW just had a press release for phantom 2, the sequel to one of the greatest musicals ever, and one of the most beloved drum corps shows of all time, performed by SCV in 1988/89. Here's a video of one of the new songs: ]I just want to know what people's reactions would be to a drum corps attempting to pull off this show in a few years. Could you imagine another phantom show topping 1988/1989 vanguard?? I'm excited just thinking about the possibilities of SCV bringing back the magic... thoughts??
  4. Check out the 08 open class champion's repetoire for this year. that's the Vanguard Cadets, if you didn't know..
  5. http://www.scvanguard.org/about/news/news....d2-bbe463532285
  6. I would not consider Surf's show world class caliber. They had the size of a world class corp but there drill and overall demand in no way came close to world class. Both BDB and SCVC simply had superior shows.