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  1. The last two sets were finished a day or two ago. They were adding visuals to the last two sets today.
  2. Cadets are finished their show, making mid season like adjustments. They are incredible. That new staff is amazing and the kids are crushing it!
  3. Anyone have 2-4 tickets in 240? I'll buy them right now.
  4. That's why they are in the boonies. They are really going to surprise everyone.
  5. I'm jaded AF. If the Cadets were OK, I'd say they sounded good. With out hype. This is what a top 5 corps sounds like at the beginning of the season.
  6. Jay is a super great person. A staight shooter and "Do Everything" kind of guy. Every Corps should have a Jay on their staff.
  7. And, Buy another CHampionship! I keed, I keed!
  8. Working harder than you ever thought you could physicaly. Learning things faster than you ever had to mentally. caring about someting so deeply emotionally. Evolving as a person. Evolving as a performer. Making friendships and memories that will last a life time. I have no idea what you're talking about. 🙂
  9. Yes, several kids in a corps I worked with were on insulin. The medicine was kept in the food truck refriderator. Also, some medications were kept with the medical staff who were on for the whole tour.