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  1. I had that DVD. The corps was great, the DVD was crap. I was on tour with them that summer. As I recall, The video person quit at the end after the idiot boo-fest in Pasadena. I think the corps had the get the data from the video person and piece it together.
  2. Found this on FaceTube ( After 18 minutes my nose started to bleed)
  3. Senior corps deiced to wait this corona virus thing out. Kids dying to sharpen their Brass, Percussion and Guard skills deiced to join a DCA corps. DCA corps are better than ever. Drum Corps starved fans flock to DCA shows DCA enjoys a boom year that carries over for years to come Fans get their Drum Corps Fix. Kids sharpen their skills some even stay with their new home in DCA Summer 2020 turns out not so bad. Fred delays wedding plans until after DCA Championships
  4. Member corps vote to cancel 2020 DCI Tour by Drum Corps International We know this is a difficult time for everyone as we all respond to the COVID-19 crisis. The events worldwide have impacted Drum Corps International as well, forcing cancellation of the 2020 Summer Tour as of Wednesday, March 25. DCI’s voting membership unanimously reached the difficult decision with great regret after thorough evaluation of numerous factors affecting participant health and safety, travel requirements, logistics, venue availability, and other associated issues. The membership a
  5. I'm learning ( improving my) Spanish on It's free! More languages, More Friends!
  6. If we can wait until the rain stops in Allentown, We can weather this storm.
  7. Anyone play Canasta? Here's a website.
  8. SHM, Where is the +/- button when you need it. This is definitely a minus
  9. Yeah, people who live here take it for granted until we go out of town and pay up to $60 to visit an art gallery. I was born in the heart of the city, I've never known anything but Free Museums, Art gallery's and zoo.