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  1. That place is the biggest echo chamber I've ever been to in my life. Makes RCA Dome sound like an open air stadium. I saw Manny Pacquiao fight there. The acoustics are Terrible. The site line are good though.
  2. Madison- You newbies have no idea how great DCI Finals in Madison was for some of us. Saturday farmer market on Capitol grounds, State Street, I and E in the Frank Loyd Wright Museum, Lake Mendota, That Ice Cream place! Las Vegas- Awesome new indoor stadium, Lot's of inexpensive hotels, great food . Lots of things to do after and before the drum corps shows. It's hot but so what! Chill out by the pool. I spent many years going to Vegas for boxing events. I could show you some places! Atlanta- They really tried to create an amazing drum corps experience there last year. I think the Indy model will fit well there, Coke anyone? Washington DC- City council has plans for a brand new stadium on RFK site. Open class could be held in our new soccer stadium. Museums in DC are free, Lots of great food, Lots of hotels. site seeing is on a level 10. And, if you really take the time to check out the music seen you'll find a very diverse mix. Everything from Country, Bluegrass, hard and punk rock to Hip Hop, RnB, Soul and GoGo Bands.
  3. Fred you are a great guy. We shared a lot of handshakes and hugs over these 20+ (30+?)years.
  4. ...And the tuba player that suffered the testicular hernia came back after a year.
  5. That's just my mentality, I assume there are risk on tour. I try to be very careful but I wouldn't put myself in harms way. I wouldn't pick metal objects off the field during a lightning storm or jump into a dumpster of rusty cans but I expect to work very hard and look after my own well-been and if I get hurt I patch up and get back on the wagon.
  6. Yeah, I got knocked silly , I had to sleep that one off. If it doesn't kill me, I'm pretty much good to go.
  7. During my many years working with the Cadets and other drum corps, I had torn my labrum, torn my ACL, Broke my big and middle toes, broke fingers and had multiple 2nd and 3rd degree burns. I even had a big azz chair fall on my head. I never thought about suing a drum corps and I'm sure they would pay my hospital fees if asked.
  8. Yeah, I would hate for them to sweep all captions and score a 99+. That sucked!
  9. Blue Devils won by less than a tenth of a point. Both corps performed their azzes off. It was a coin flip win. Add or subtract a tenth in any sub-caption and we are singing a different song. I saw a lot of great drum corp that night and a few Championship level shows. The numbers 0.087 favored BD.
  10. A huge step in the right direction.