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    1976 so many great corps
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  1. I just got around to reading this. It was great working with you, Landry. You're a kind, hardworking young man with a big heart.
  2. boxingfred

    DCI World Championships tickets for sale

    I would love to buy those tickets from you but I usually sit in section 240 row 15-20. They are great seats. I have a friend that likes to sit close. I see if they are interested.
  3. boxingfred

    Jim Ott Award

    2007 Blue Devils 19.600 19.800 19.800 19.733 2008 Blue Devils 19.500 19.700 19.700 19.633 2009 Carolina Crown 19.500 19.500 19.600 19.533 2010 Blue Devils 19.300 19.300 19.800 19.467 2011 Carolina Crown 19.500 19.500 19.500 19.500 2012 Carolina Crown 19.400 19.700 19.800 19.633 2013 Carolina Crown 19.300 19.800 20.000 19.700 2014 Blue Devils 19.700 19.700 19.800 19.733 2015 Cadets 19.100 19.700 19.800 19.533 2016 Carolina Crown 19.200 19.300 19.600 19.367
  4. I lost my three stories too p!ssed to retype.
  5. boxingfred

    Help me out here!

    I couldn't remember the year but, I do remember BAC playing Axel F. So I left it off.
  6. boxingfred

    Help me out here!

    1972 Kingsmen - Start 1976- Blue Devils- Changed how drum corps sound based on instrumentation and composition 1980 - Brought Broadway to drum corps and dance to Colorguard not to mention the best percussion lines of the early 80's 1983- Garfield Cadets - The Cadets bought asymmetrical drill design to a championship corps 1991- Academie Musicale- Bought body movement to drum corps in a major way. 1993- Star Of Indiana- Bought body movement to world-class corps in a major way 2006- Cadets- Presented a show with a singer, characters in costumes Large props, an acrobatic color guard, people jumping off pink benches, Uniform/costumes on the corps proper, body movement etc... This show was a case of too much too soon and was blasted by critics *Forgot to add Amplification innovators- Cadets did introduce amplification to modern drum corps ( via rules congress )but Bluecoats perfected it. So. 2014 Bluecoats or 2015 Bluecoats- 2018- Santa Clara Vanguard-Finish Honorable Mention- 1976 Bridgemen, 2004 Carolina Crown, So many others * There are so many corps I could have added. I'll make a second list after I see a few other lists. I have a second and third list ready to go. *Don't criticize my list unless you put together one of your own.
  7. Kick all involved, off the band. Suspend them for a week or two of school and take away any end of year awards.
  8. This is some stupid S#!t. Drum Corps depict killings all the time. This was a segment of a show that depicted holding characters at gunpoint. I would love to see the whole show. Get off your P. C. soapbox and look at the shows you've marched, Applauded for and put in your favorites list.
  9. boxingfred

    Your 2018 Top 6

    Bluecoats Music City Cadets SCV Boston Crossmen Honorable Mention: BD, Cavies Horrible Mention: Pioneer, Phantom
  10. Just because BD moves more this year doesen't mean they weren't the "Park and Blow Devils" in they past. Im glad they are moving more. Still good, just moving more.
  11. boxingfred

    Annapolis, MD - July 31, 2018

    As of yesterday only 3 kids were down.
  12. boxingfred

    Little Rock, AR - July 25, 2018

    Actually, we did have a big tear in our ballad. Right after the opening solo, the timing was off for about bars. But, performance wise it was fire.