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  1. It's an individual issue. Some new to drum corps Never knew a Cadet corps with George. Some people will try to remember only the things based on personal experiences. ( good and /or bad) But, let's face it George was a major game changer in drum corps.. He will have his day in court. There will never be a total group think on this issue. Who knows, I may erase this statement and write something different. Duality of human nature. Stevenson writes about the duality of human nature – the idea that every single human being has good and evil within them.
  2. Although this years Blue Devils show is not as strong as 17 and 18's offerings Blue Devils do use some of the same elements year after. I just made list of the things You'll find in a BD show but, I'll keep it for any Marching band I may write for in the future.
  3. I'm sorry I had to stop playing, I'm on tour with a drumcorps . We stayed at so many cellphone dead zones I couldn't get my prediction out in time.
  4. Bluecoats are the truth. Can't wait for the upgrades Devils are better than I thought. I thought Vanguard would win the whole thing last night. I don't know if so few applaud points help them or hurt them. Crown and Boston are going to be in a dog fight til the end. Cavies had the misfortune of going on between Boston and Santa Clara Cadets have a top 3 percussion section and a bottom 3 (out of 12) brass section. Cadets need more impact points in their show, specifically after the drum break in Dance 1 (from the Estancia Orchestral Suite) Blue Stars- I didn't like them as much upon 2nd viewing. I'm not saying they aren't good (they are) The show didn't leave an impression on me beyond the theme. Phantom needs to take all that great energy they create at the beginning of their show and carry it through to the end. The middle of the show loses a little something but great improvement Phantom.
  5. Sorry about last night. I tried to (Periscope) but I was in a cellphone dead zone there. I also tried to use my buddy Irving as a HOTSPOT but to no avail.
  6. Monday, July 8 Drums Across America - Valdosta Corps Score Carolina Crown 1 81.50 Phantom Regiment 2 75.45 Spirit of Atlanta 3 75.30 Music City 4 67.40 Jersey Surf 5 65.4 Tuesday, July 9 Drums Along the Rockies - Boise Corps Score Blue Devils 1 Blue Knights 2 Troopers 3 Pacific Crest 4 Genesis 5 Cascades 6 The Thunder of Drums Corps Score Bluecoats 1 Blue Stars 2 Colts 3 Academy 4 Madison Scouts 5 Wednesday, July 10 Celebrations in Brass Corps Score Bluecoats 1 Santa Clara Vanguard 2 Blue Stars 3 Mandarins 4 Academy 5 Colts 6 Thursday, July 11 Drums Across the Smokies Corps Score Boston Crusaders 1 Phantom Regiment 2 Spirit of Atlanta 3 Jersy Surf 4 Music City 5 Friday, July 12 Music on the March Corps Score Cavaliers 1 Blue Stars 2 Academy 3 Madison Scouts 4 Colts 5 Saturday, July 13 Drums Along the Rockies Corps Score Blue Devils 1 Cadets 2 Blue Knights 3 Crossmen 4 Troopers 5 Pacific Crest 6 Genesis 7 Cascades 8 DCI Memphis Corps Score Santa Clara Vanguard 1 Carolina Crown 2 Boston Crusaders 3 Spirit of Atlanta 4 Music City 5 Jersey Surf 6 Tour of Champions - Northern Illinois Corps Score Bluecoats 1 Cavaliers 2 Phantom Regiment 3 Blue Stars 4 Mandarins 5 Academy 6 Colts 7 Madison Scouts 8 Sunday, July 14 Tour of Champions - Northern Illinois Corps Score Bluecoats 1 Boston Crusaders 2 Cavaliers 3 Blue Stars 4 Mandarins 5 Phantom Regiment 6 Spirit of Atlanta 7 Colts 8
  7. Boston was great. The guard does not dominate the show. They do visually interpret the hell out of the show. Wow!
  8. Phantom builds a tension at the beginning of their show and hits you with that first impact. They never let you go after that. Impact point after impact point. I enjoyed this show very much. The guard has to start owning their parts they have a lot of great material to work with. Brass was a little spotty but, they know how to hit those big moments.
  9. When I take new people to a drum corps show: I explain basically what drum corps is and why I love it. We sit watch and applaud. I take them to dinner and listen to what they got out of the experience. And, I learn.
  10. Blue Devils have been featuring their guard for years and they have 19 championships.