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  1. Troopers first show is July 5th in Portland/Hillsboro. Judging is so weird at the beginning of the season. So many judges judge you based on last year's placement at the beginning of the season. They tend to figure it out a week or two later.
  2. Troopers are more talented this year. The guard is way better. The show is more exciting than last year. They are just all-around better. They are at Kelly Walsh it's warm during the day and cool at night. If other corps aren't ready, Troopers will jump them and take their lunch money. They are looking and sounding good.
  3. Having the show at the University of Maryland or Audi Stadium in DC is perfect. Both stadiums are open on that date.
  4. The Cavaliers just added Matt Stratton. What an amazing move!
  5. Dr Vaughn is a great mentor, he's in good hands.
  6. Excellent choice and Monte Mass is an excellent mentor. The Cavaliers have made great picks to replace the CEO and corps director. Thank you Dr Vaughn and Monte for all your great work with the Cavaliers.
  7. I'm happy Dr. Michael Vaughn will be with Daniel Belcher during the 2024 Drumcorps season. Mike is the best corps director I have ever worked with. I wish Daniel all the success in the world.
  8. I hate Christmas and Christmas music But, I love this show.
  9. I've been certified in CPR for 20+ years. I also carry my own personal AED machine on tour.
  10. I marched with Cadets that year.
  11. I knew I would stir up the donks. I don't care what you think.
  12. Blue Devil- Finally get a legit 3-peat? Bluecoats Carolina Crown Boston Crusaders Cavaliers- Improve their Brass and GE scores Win percussion again Mandarin- Could move to 5th Phantom- Ya neva know Vanguard- Battle with Mandarin all year Troopers-Colts Colts-Troopers Blue Stars- Last year was a mess. They can go nowhere but up. Blue Knights ( Wishful thinking Pacific Crest) Crossmen
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