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  1. I really didn't want to reply, but there seems to be a lot of idiocy in some posters statements. Thirdcoast: You ask how I could find Madison 2010 boring? In my thread I tell you directly that I didn't attend a single show in 2010, so I didn't find them to be anything. Another person thinks this leaving statement is an ego boost. I am leaving because I don't go to shows, so how can I have an intelligent debate about said shows that I no longer attend? You are exactly who I have no further use for. As for the Hollywood statement. If I paid fifteen bucks to go sit through 11 straight boring movi
  2. It was asked in another thread if you could really walk away from drum corps completely. I have thought long and hard about that. I have to say yes. It has been a great ride, but the car I am in now is just not working for me. I think the shows are extremely well done, but very boring, over used keys and amps that make it hard to even hear the corps. I gave the amps a chance their first year and wasn't too fond of them but could live with it. I gave voice a chance and then heard Yowza. One more straw on the camels back. Then came the hornline doubling synths. I just can't enjoy it anymore and
  3. They can't pay the bills? Just add some more new toys to the corps repetoire and millions of new fans will come replace those old people with all their extra money to spend, but for Godsakes don't dare scale back.
  4. I keep hearing it is the economy. Really. That is the only reason? Most of us dinos still have money and have chosen to use it elswhere. I gave new drum corps synths a chance and hated every horn doubling show, so my attedance was zero last year, yet my personal economy was up. RESPUTE that please. Tell me how I must be mistaken.
  5. Actually my quote asks if we can like the shows both ways. I don't know that we can, but it seems that two polls have proven we can't.
  6. How come we keep having these polls that are susposed to tell us how much we are susposed to like woodwinds, and not want to go back to the way things were before all the PA advantages, yet the numbers keep saying otherwise? By very large margins. Then the minority come on saying that the numbers can't be right? Interesting observations.
  7. That is the whole point. You guys across the pond are playing the tunes that are being begged for here, yet all we get are snippets of unrecognizable blurbs. We really do like the music.
  8. Wow, refreshing. Recognizable music, pits that you can hear, without amps. Whats next? Marching? What are the themes for the shows? I want to read the thesis to understand the interpretive value of each show. How can it be judged without a title?
  9. Guess that wipes out all corps members then because guards haven't marched since they became professional dancers and horns and drum are either running or prancing. Where have you been?
  10. Why? You don't like this years new title from corps x. This years show will be titled, "Palpable feelings of neurotic monks on planet Mars, with mirrors and a door in three phases of moon." With snippets of unrecognizable music by thirty eight different composers. Now sit back as we blastingly resort to putting you into the nicest deepest tranquil sleep you ever had.
  11. I marched the 80s and NO I wouldn't walk away, but please don't go back to the boring drill. Take the music of that day, get rid of the synth and mic'd voice, keep the drill, NIRVANA.
  12. I like how you seem to be able to speak for everyone and say their is a vocal MINORITY, yet the poll on adding woodwinds had a tangible number saying almost 4-1 people woulod leave if they add woodwinds. I for one am not a blow hard. I gave amps, bass guitars and the ilk a chance and saw it as an epic fail. I never saw a show this year, didn't buy a souvie and have no plans to buy dvds of corps using 20 tubas with a synth overlaying the same hornline. I left, FOR REAL. I am actually planning on leaving this site as a contributor too. That ones hard to do. I will do it when I get the willpower.
  13. Maybe donations are down. Couldn't possibly have anything to do with greedy 7 proposals?