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  1. Well for one, go to www.dci.org Click on the "SCORES" tab Look up the recap for Open Class Quarterfinals, read. For another, listen to recordings. The ear does not lie. If in fact there has been a concentrated effort in creating good quality sound, then it has failed miserably. If that is the case, ouch.
  2. They show little interest in producing proper sound, much more emphasis on play acting. Best of luck to them and that approach.
  3. I believe Hopkins would be flattered o be characterized as the single handed reason that drum corps has evolved, but it is incorrect. Check out how many times electronics were strongly supported by the Blue Devils. Check out how many times Hopkins proposals were shot down. Far from the Voice of God. More like the Voice of Progress - often ignored, eventually accepted. How many corps folded when they couldnt pay the bill for those brand new Bb horns? Well, none. I can think of numerous small corps that have popped up since the advent of B flat usage that claim it was much easier to get of the ground when borrowing horns from various schools and member owned instruments. How many corps folded when Div 3 was dissolved and they couldnt meet the touring and competition requirements to run with the big corps? It has been all of 1 season since Div 2 & Dv 3 were folded into 1 class. The tour last season was the same as it was when there were 2 classes. Sorry to let facts creep up into this volatile argument.
  4. plus "kids are lazy". Look, it doesn't matter if a group is regional, local or even on someone's street where they live. If it is not organized and can offer an unique and high quality experience, it will not attract the desired membership. Kids have multiple options on how to spend their leisure time & money. Part-time and full-time jobs are much more a teenagers life than it was in the 1960's, 1970's, 1980's and 1990's. You may be well intentioned, but certainly can't compete with organized (well funded and equipped) sports, high quality interactive video games & online entertainment, the opportunity to earn spending money (if not contribute families' income) and the competitive scholastic marching arts endeavors. Corps will NEVER leave World Class for Open Class. To lose the $75 or so in appearance fees would be fiscal suicide. Personally, I believe Tom Brace to be the single greatest threat to DCI (except for Arizona Academy)
  5. ah yes, the answer that was on the tip of everyone's tongue
  6. I would be happy if VK's hornline could play in tune. Ouch
  7. Look inward dude. What kind of experience were you providing? Quality education? Equipment? Organization? I am thinking if you weren't charging membership fees kids go a sense they were getting what they paid for. Why don't more kids march? Duh. M-O-N-E-Y. Cheap airfare has lead to national membership of the top 12. Tell the kids in California, Oregon, Florida, and Masachusetts that they are lazy. They will march right over you and laugh as you continue to whine.
  8. Well the "one " show considered is the World Championship prelims. Only a few years ago there were over 40. There have always been a handful of corps that do not attend. Either way you slice it, the amount of Open Class corps is shrinking every year. Not growing at all. What other factors would you consider? The average height of members in a corps? Sorry, it's a fact. Less corps every year means shrinking. Not growing at all.
  9. Some good points/ some bad ones Good - It is financially illogical to start or take over an Open Class corps - Open Class corps do not sell tickets. Bad - Blanket statment like "kids are lazy". No, they are more discerning as to how they spend their money for group related activities. Open Class corps cannot just announce they exist and plan on attending chamopinships
  10. There are 19 corps competing in Michigan City Open Class Quarter Finals. An all time low. Open Class is not growing folks.
  11. four for nothing.... unless it's color guard rehearsal and then it's "five, six, five six seven eight"
  12. This thread is right on the money. Quantifiable evidence of the road drum corps programming is going down. While there will be those in favor of /against each method of design, the date is accurate.
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