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  1. I am seeking two tickets for DCI World Class Semifinals. Fortunately for me, my annual church convocation is in Indy this year 🙂. Will probably be busy with that Thursday, and have to be back Saturday for church, but Friday is open. If there's still business to be done, I may well arrive late at the show, so I will need the tickets before semis start. They could be mailed or I could pick them up in Indy beforehand somehow. PM me if you can help. Thank you!
  2. Today is April Fools Day, and that had me thinking... What were the best in-show LOLs? Drill moves/sets, musical phrases, characters, etc. which made the audience 😂. Dearly departed VK and Bridgemen come to mind, but certainly there's plenty of humor to go around. This past year, I think of the Bluecoats opener. Setting everyone up for the big hit and then most of the hornline snapping the horns down while the middle horns played a sixteenth-note figure. People chuckled. Have at it!
  3. Thanks, that's interesting and I did not know that. Been a while since I've watched figure skating.
  4. I guess I was thinking the uniqueness would be in different judges evaluating different portions of the performance. In American Idol or skating its not that one judge does effect, another execution, etc, but all judges evaluate the totality of the presentation.
  5. Just something that popped into my head...are drum corps and associated endeavors in the so-called 'marching arts' unique in that the performances are scored by adding up the weighted scores of individual judges who are evaluating different aspects of the performance? I can't think of any other activity which is adjudicated in a similar way, but I'm dense sometimes. So...
  6. Crossmen threads generally do not get much play on DCP.
  7. I very well may be in Indy for the first time.
  8. Tarps greater safety issue than in field percussion judges. More distracting too.
  9. Dada is still alive...still alive...still alive