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  1. Wayne Downey sneaked in an ostinato from Medea as a bridge to the end of BD's 96 closer.
  2. A great American composer. Requiescat in pace.
  3. Short answer? Absolutely. Cadets in the '80s was 'not drum corps.' In 2003 the prevailing sentiment was 'anyone but Cavies.'
  4. Let me say first that I don't think it's likely. In fact, I think it would be more likely that a corps other than BD wins at finals. But I do think that BD has a remote shot at mythical perfection this year. Barring anything unforeseen, they will go into championship weekend in the last spot. They have been placing first in brass about half the time when all the corps are together. They are right there in guard and percussion. The strength of other corps in guard, brass, and percussion gives the last group an opportunity to score tens, if the judges leave room up top, as they're supposed to, after amazing performances earlier in the show. BD has the chops to throw down in any caption any night. The perfect storm would put them in the most rarefied air possible. What says the commentariat? Could it happen? Why, or why not?
  5. Mark Thurston - battery 😜 He should get a royalty every time a line plays the lick.
  6. Semis 2014. 1.0 pts in penalties. One-tenth more and Colts would have tied them for twelfth. Two-tenths and they're out of finals altogether. From Mike Boo's 2015 Semis roundup: 'Another tight placement existed around the cutoff for Finals. Crossmen made it into 12th place by only 0.075 over Troopers—less than a tenth. Crossmen was penalized 1.40 for being overtime due to starting late because of electronics issues.'
  7. Evidently the judges agree. Three out of eight scored achievement higher than content.
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