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  1. Don't forget that there has been massive turnover over the past few years and we know why, and who's at fault. Every corps around them has had the blessing of consistency in staff and show design for many years. It's going to take a major rewrite... Of expectations. This is a rebuild, not a reload.
  2. Didn't see the performance tonight but everyone over on the show thread was very positive. The staff must be doing something right to get buy-in from the members.
  3. Let's also remember who's to blame for this. (Hint, he's not with the corps anymore.)
  4. That's it for me today...responsibilities call. Hoping everyone enjoys the rest of the show! Maybe I'll be able to check in later; I'm sure everyone will be waiting with bated breath.
  5. Like about the last half of that show. I still think they could have come up with a better vehicle, glad they're getting a great response.
  6. Nice tribute the way the DM pats her hand over the Trooper logo over her heart.