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  1. Star of Indiana 1990 with all brass judge tapes
  2. The best part of this clip is Winston Zeddimore in the background trying desperately to keep from cracking up.
  3. Would a superhero show work in this day and age? Certainly if there were copyrighted characters involved, this would be tough. But am imaginative, or even derivative, approach might be well-received.
  4. 2015 Cadets without the uniform change and with a better slow movement. Actually, the Cadets most every other year in the 2000's.
  5. Suggest Crossmen 92 in her request queue. I have and she says on her site that she gives preference to videos that are recommended multiple times
  6. Certainly the description of the 'fan experience' in this article is accurate. For the fan, it is as if I myself have marched the show and been crowned champion, or made finals, or beaten this other corps, etc. Even if the 'winner' wins by 0.025, for example, it's still a 'win.' One group (or group of fans) is happy, and the others are not. It is kind of absurd that someone's subjective opinion of a performance determines my emotional reaction, but it's what happens, and only later, and then only for some, can rationality set in. I can also see that the 'system' of drum corps competition
  7. From what I've heard that line was a mashup of any bugles they could put their hands on. Makes it even more amazing what they did with them.
  8. They did edit the performance on the CD's. The opener and the closer were from finals. The two middle charts were from semis.