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  1. From a direct e-mail: 'More than six months after we canceled the 2020 DCI Tour we are still facing the reality of the coronavirus pandemic. DCI leadership and the participating organizations have been in constant communication, meeting weekly to discuss, plan, and work through a myriad of challenges which are often compounding and changing on a daily basis. Since early in the onset of the pandemic, corps directors have split into a number of committees and subcommittees to strategize and plan for a number of different scenarios on topics ranging from health, wellness and safety, to corps
  2. I sang Franz Biebl's 'Ave Maria' in college, and played it in a brass ensemble, arranged by one of my fellow students. Phantom Regiment's presentation of this piece is one of the most powerful and subtle arrangements ever done for the football field. 'Faust' is on my short short list of 'would go back in time to see live' shows. Yes, the Cavaliers won with 'Machine,' and probably deserved to, but Phantom stole my heart that year. It took a while for them to give it back. 'Godfather, Part Blue.' Every now and then the Devils do an angry show. 1995, 2000, 2006 leap to mind. While they don't
  3. Crossmen name Tim Fairbanks 2021 Visual and Drill Designer.
  4. 2005 took DCI back to Foxboro, MA, and the Cadets put it all together with 'The Zone.' Cavaliers with a tribute to Chicago (I loved the baseball scene) and Phantom Regiment branching into American music and Gershwin with positive results. Blue Devils with a rare miss in programming but an amazing hornline...(you thought I was going to say it, didn't you?) Bluecoats caravan their way into the Top 5! Madison back in the Top 6 with a very special guest performer. Crown's Angelus was on a scoring island, and then three corps (Santa Clara, Boston, and Blue Knights) within half a point of each
  5. Crossmen design staff: Lee Allman, front ensemble arranger Lee Beddis, battery arranger Drew Shanefield, brass arranger
  6. This was a very interesting year for DCI. Finals in Denver was a week earlier than usual. This was to accommodate the 'Tour of Champions,' an end-of-season tour which took the six competing corps which had previously won a DCI championship (Cavaliers, BD, Cadets, Phantom, Madison and Vanguard) to the West Coast for several non-competitive showcases. I believe the goal was to assess the feasibility of a West Coast DCI championship, which happened in 2007. The corps played their shows and then came forward for an 'instant encore' which consisted of a classic corps song played by the hornlin
  7. Crossmen announce Mike Hardiek interim Director of Operations and interim Corps Director.
  8. The Cavaliers were trying for an unprecedented four-peat, but were overtaken late in the season by the Blue Devils and 'Phenomenon of Cool.' Cavaliers' esoteric 'Spin Cycle' placed second. Hot on their heels was a tribute band, the Cadets, weaving 'My Favorite Things' through a collection of drum corps classics, including their own 'Rocky Point Holiday.' Phantom Regiment was the corps to talk about in 2003. They really made a big step forward with 'Harmonic Journey,' wowing crowds across the nation and barely beating out a talented but perhaps outwritten Santa Clara Vanguard at finals.
  9. I'm sorry I gave the impression that I thought that the actual G7 was in play. That ship has most likely sailed, though I'm not an insider. My idea was that if DCI could not find a way to make its traditional tour happen in the future (because of costs, housing issues, lack of show sites, insurance, health concerns, etc.) there might be a small group of corps who might see if they could try something different. Such as what almost happened in 2010-13 when a group of corps thought it might be a good idea to leave DCI. The new thing would undoubtedly be partially sponsored by the musical in
  10. It may be that COVID-19 is the seismic event which finally makes the 'G7' concept a reality - the departure of the 'big corps' from DCI and their coming together to create their own 'stage' which fits their needs and aspirations. They might think this is a risk they have to take if the local community infrastructure in the country cannot or will not support a traditional drum corps tour. In their view, the important thing will become to save their own organizations and to allow them to continue their mission. A noble goal to be sure, but one which doesn't have the goal of maintaining the 'acti
  11. 2002 Championships were in Madison. Nobody came close to the Cavaliers this year. Their show, 'Frameworks' should have been unmarchable. They went undefeated and hit a 99.15 at finals, which, if I'm not mistaken, was the highest score to that point. More to the point, they nearly two-pointed the second-place corps, Blue Devils, who also had a fantastic show, 'Jazz: Music Made in America.' No one will put the Cadets' 'American Revival' at the top of their all-time favorite Cadets show list, but they won drums anyhow. SCV placed fourth for the third straight year with 'Sound, Shape, and Color.'
  12. Sure, what's making finals anymore?