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  1. Hearing a lot of silence from INT's camp. (Yes, I did.)
  2. A go-to for me when I need a pick-me-up. Have listened several times over the past few days, actually.
  3. Of the three, I only marched the US Open - after its heyday, in 1992, but anyhow... Shorty Bartholomew told us that it was an honor for us to go on last at the US Open. After the show, I went to the track to hear the Blue Devils victory concert. Awesome. US Open for me.
  4. The 'Devils' in 'Concord Blue Devils' comes from Mt Diablo in the vicinity of Concord, CA. The "Bayonne Bridgemen' comes from the Bayonne Bridge from NJ to Staten Island. You could say 'Florida Wave' is related to, well, the ocean on the coast of Florida, and certainly 'Magic of Orlando' has to do with the Magic Kingdom of Disney World. And, of course, 'Suncoast Sound.' Toledo Glassmen, after Toledo's nickname, 'The Glass City,' from its glass industry. From the DCA arena, 'Westshoremen' coming from 'The West Shore,' the name for the Harrisburg Metro Area across from the Susquehanna (to the west) from Harrisburg.
  5. I was grateful to find RAMD in 1995. It kept me interested in drum corps. I was saved from involvement with the great unpleasantness by the fact that I wasn't personally involved in the activity and thus I didn't know people personally. Was excited to find DCP in 2002 and still do enjoy the site. Looking forward to the give-and-take of conversation during another competitive season in 2022.
  6. @FTNK An outstanding and shocking indictment of the tyrannical rule one man had over The Cadets... Actually, it would have been shocking until about four years ago. It is a reminder of how hard work, talent, inspiration, and creativity from ground-up can mask failure of leadership. It is also a reminder of how we can often only hear (or see) the truth when our illusions are incontrovertibly disabused. Finally, a reminder of how people 'on the front line' can suffer based on the decisions of people in command. Thank you for sharing your experiences, and know that many people were still entertained and inspired by the members of the 2006 Cadets.
  7. I don't know if these have been posted before, so I thought I'd share them. All appear to be from the early 60s: An Evening With the Corps at Carnegie Hall, Disc 1: St Catherine of Siena Queensmen, Reading Buccaneers, Garfield, Archer-Epler Senior Musketeers Horns Aplenty: Cambridge Caballeros, Audubon All-Girl, Paterson Cadets, Selden Cadets The Music from Drum Beauty: Garfield Cadets, Chicago Cavaliers, Indianhead Scouts, Audubon Bon-Bons, Madison Scouts, Ferko String Band Bugles Up! Blessed Sacrament, Chicago Cavaliers, St Kevin's, Garfield Cadets Mission Drums: Connecticut Hurricanes, Geneva Appleknockers The Music Of The Hawthorne Caballeros The 1962 Canadian Championship Vol.2: Optimists, Les Diplomates The 1962 Canadian Championship Vol.4: Militaires, Jesters American Legion Nationals Drum And Bugle Corps Finals Convention Edition Volume 1 : Various Hawthorne Caballeros, Boys of '76, Black Knights, St Lucy's Cadets American Legion Nationals Drum And Bugle Corps Finals Convention Edition Volume 4 : Various Garfield Cadets, Bracken Cavaliers, Andrews Sabres, The Vikings Penn Favorites Vol.2: Pittsburgh Rockets, Reading Buccaneers A Portrait In Brass : Skyliners Drum And Bugle Corps Drum And Bugle Corps. Skokie Indians : Various : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive (samples only)
  8. The guy must have played the end of the show over and over and over. 📼 is worn out 😆
  9. They were called 'Meehaphones.' This Wayne Downey interview from the early 90s gives some details. http://www.middlehornleader.com/Downey Interview.htm
  10. Star of Indiana 1990 with all brass judge tapes
  11. The best part of this clip is Winston Zeddimore in the background trying desperately to keep from cracking up.
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