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  1. No shame in that. 'You Are My Star' was a great show.
  2. From the 'It's not too dark to do another run' department - Lights go out around 6:25 of the video
  3. The Blue Devils and the Vanguard tied at finals, to a chorus of 'ESS-CEE-VEE! ESS-CEE-VEE!' Cavaliers innovated, classically, Cadets took us to New York, and Glassmen were still in gold. Madison were hometown superstars. Blue Knights played Trittico, Phantom Tschaikovsky. Boston joined us for finals and they haven't left. Crossmen were clubbing, Crown was a split personality and Colts were vocal about being in finals. This was the year the live broadcast came back to PBS, to be with us for a few years. And of course, it was the last year of only G bugles, although to be completely honest, it was the move to three-valves that pretty much changed the soundscape - fight me. I saw no live shows in 1999. My son was born in February and I was doing Clinical Pastoral Education during the summer, which was punctuated by a couple of deaths in the family. DCP is proud to present, 1999!
  4. From my show review: 'CROSSMEN: Watch out Phantom and Glassmen. This show is much more demanding visually and musically wise than last year's seventh place offering, and it's also better executed. The key will be this: can the Crossmen get the opener, "Heat of the Day," to groove effortlessly and consistently by finals week? If so, then look for them possibly to debut the TV broadcast. Of course, I haven't seen either Phantom or Glassmen, but Crossmen look great and deserve the scores they're getting. Some phasing problems tonight in "Heat of the Day:" again, this will be key. Bones are marching what I believe is the only flugelhorn section in DCI this year: five horns which have some very tasty but extremely exposed parts, including the opening soli in both the opener and the ballad. They were a little bit tentative tonight: they need to be spit-clean. The program as a whole is enormously satisfying. The horn line packs a wallop - those who say they cover the drums too much at times are right I believe. The guard is very aggressive and use these great ten-foot poles in the balllad: when they spin them at the push, the reflections from the lights make this wonderful effect. Strawberry Soup works. Ten years after I marched, my heart still goes faster when they take the field; and it's especially great to see them doing so well this year and over the past few. Second Div. I: 77.40'
  5. You don't happen to have the tape from the recording device you wore, do you? 🙂
  6. Star 1992 Bluecoats 1995, 2013 Cadets 1995, 2002, 2014 US Marines 2018 Excerpt: Bridgemen '80 'Civil War Fantasy' Spirit of Atlanta 1991 Boston Crusaders 1996, 1997
  7. Been a long time since one of these threads. Once you get behind, it's hard to start again. Also, I really don't know much about 1985, except Garfield three-peated. But I'll have to rely on those who were there and those who know more. Will most likely post some links to shows once the thread gets going and I get back into the groove. For now, all I've got the energy and drive to do is start the thread. So, tell me about 1985.
  8. I was at this exhibition. Was really impressed and excited! Always was great to see both Cadets and Crossmen do their premieres there.
  9. What would you have done? Real question, not sarcastic.
  10. The entire Top 12 is available for your enjoyment!
  11. 1999 was indeed the last year for ONLY G bugles. That is why, I think, he says it's their swan song in 99, even though only BD and Cadets used any key in 2000.