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  1. There are currently four, crowd-driven screenings of our drum corps movie scheduled across the Lone Star State, but they'll only happen if their ticket quotas are met before the deadlines. Please share the info below with your Texas friends! Houston, TX (Feb 5th screening) Dallas, TX (Feb 12th screening) Beaumont, TX (Feb 19th screening) Austin, TX (March 19th screening) To find details about screenings in other states, please visit: Thank you! Mac Smith Director/Producer - "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood"
  2. There are less than two days to purchase tickets for the 1st Southern California screening of the award winning documentary film "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood." This is an event hosted by the Velvet Knights Alumni corps to benefit their group. 58 tickets have already been purchased, 32 tickets need to be sold to meet the ticket quota by Monday, January 5th at Noon (Purchase here: No tickets will be available at the door. Please utilize this Facebook event page ( and use the "invite" function (on the right side of the event page) to easily alert your SoCal friends about this screening. A portion of the ticket proceeds will go to the VK alumni corps. Thank you!
  3. There's a Bakersfield, CA screening that only has a few days left to sell enough tickets. This screening was requested by Tim Heasley who is the corps director of Golden Empire drum & bugle corps. Tim saw a rough cut of the film and thinks that this screning can really help inspire the local community about the great things that happen in the marching arts. Please help Tim reach their ticket threshold by using the "INVITE" tool on his Facebook event page. Use this to alert anyone you know in the Southern California about this screening and encourage them to "INVITE" their friends too. Facebook event page: Preorder tickets at this link: Thank you!
  4. "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood," the feature length film won the "Best Documentary" award yesterday at the FLY Film Festival. Read more about the festival and the latest with the film on the movie website. While the movie features the Madison Scouts, it has the ability to bring many new people to the activity and help all the groups in DCI & DCA. Please spread the word! Thank you!
  5. I think our thread got buried really quickly, but as a reminder to everyone interested: the filmmakers of "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood" will be holding an online Q&A tomorrow before Drums on Parade! Check this link out for more details:
  6. I finally got to see & hear "Monsters University" tonight. Wow! Major props to Scott Johnson & his group of percussionists. I thought they would only been in the movie a couple of times, but they were in there at least five, maybe six times. They sound super clean (of course) and really set the tone of the music in the film. Our co-producer on the "Scouts Honor" documentary is responsible for hooking up Pixar with BD. Here's the story:
  7. Greetings Everyone, We just wanted to announce that we will be holding a Q&A session this Saturday (the day of Drums on Parade) at 12pm central. We hope that you guys can participate and ask us some great questions about the progress on our film. We will also be showing some new, exclusive footage on the stream. Check our website for more details: http://www.scoutshon...nor-filmmakers/ Also, as a side note, check out this article we wrote about the Blue Devils, the Scouts, and Monsters University: http://www.scoutshon...ers-university/ Hope to hear from you all soon! Gigantic Cranium
  8. Hello everyone, Just a quick reminder that the makers of "Scouts Honor: Inside A Marching Brotherhood" are down to the final day of “The March To The Rough Cut” fundraiser. This film will be a full-length documentary on the Madison Scouts. We have added a new twist to the campaign, so now every contribution of $10.00 that you and your friends contribute between now and 11:59 p.m. (PST) tonight will earn you a vote for your favorite section of the corps (horn line, drum line, color guard, and front line ensemble). At the end of the campaign, each section with 150 or more votes will get its own bonus feature on the completed DVD/BluRay, or if none of the sections reach that number then the one with the most votes will be the winner. So far, none of the sections have reached the 150 vote mark, so make sure your section gets your vote today by visiting "The March To The Rough Cut" site. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far. The response has been great! We would just ask that everyone please pick up the phone, send some emails, and use your social media today to help to spread the word about this final day of “The March To The Rough Cut.” Get your favorite section represented! Remember that all of the funds will be going directly to the costs associated with the post-production of “Scouts Honor,” including the creation of the rough cut of the film. For more information on this project, please visit Thanks!
  9. "Scouts Honor" is an independent production that is not being sponsored by the Scouts, so it is unlikely that the DVD/Blu-Ray will be available at the Scouts' souvie booth. That being said, the Scouts organization has been overwhelmingly accompanying and generous with the filming over the last two years. This has included granting the almuni filmmakers virtually all-access status when it comes to the members and staff during this period, both on the practice/competitive field and off. There will be a DVD/Blu-Ray made of "Scouts Honor." The film is currently in post-production and one of the most popular ways to support the project is to pre-order the DVD/Blu-Ray via the film's website at: Basically how it works is that for donations of a certain amount, you are rewarded with prizes, one of which is a copy of the finished film on DVD/Blu-Ray. It is essentially the same as pre-ordering the movie. Also, as mentioned above, "Scouts Honor" is in the midst of a fundraiser that ends on February 17th. During this time, your donations earn you votes that directly effect the final product. More information on this fundraiser can be found here: Thanks!
  10. Hey everybody, As you may know, there is a feature-length documentary about the Madison Scouts that is currently in post-production called "Scouts Honor: Inside A Marching Brotherhood." It is being directed by two Scouts alumni, Mac Smith ('95) and Tom Tollefsen ('95-'97), who began the process of filming the movie over two years ago. The goal is to have the film completed for a premiere in Madison for the 75th anniversary celebration for the Scouts this Fall. They are in the midst of a fundraising campaign which is giving donors the opportunity to personally shape the final product, while raising the resources needed to complete the rough cut of the film. The campaign is running from January 30th through February 17th and all pertinent information can be found by clicking here: The March To The Rough Cut Fundraiser. From more information on this unique project, including a number of videos, please visit Please help spread the word about this independent film on the Madison Scouts with all of your friends and fellow drum crops fans. Thanks!
  11. Here is the link to our Reddit AMA (ask me anything) post. Please come by and join in on the conversation! Ask us anything relating to our indie film production of "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood" about the 2012 Madison Scouts.
  12. For those of you that are interested in the documentary film being made about the 2012 Madison Scouts, the filmmakers (myself & Tom Tollefsen) will be having a "Ask Me Anything" on Reddit at 11am (pacific time) today, Sunday July 22nd. It's a great way for anyone to ask us questions and we'll post answers right away. I'll let you know how to find us as we get closer to that time. Thanks! Mac Smith
  13. Here's a little update about the Madison Scouts documentary that we are working on.... We were interviewed last week by Tim Hinton and Scout Alum John Bogenschutz for the Marching Roundtable podcast. Tom and I talk about our involvement with drum corps, marching with the Scouts in the mid 90's, how this project started, what it's been like working with the members and staff during the filming, the goals for the film and so much more. Take a listen to it HERE and share it with your friends. You can also find it in the iTunes store if you search "Marching Roundtable". It's episode #108 "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood". Thanks so much, Mac Smith
  14. We were at Whitewater and DOP last week. Here's our that I posted this morning for our documentary about the 2012 Scouts. It gives you a rare, behind the scenes look, and a snippet of the show. If you like what you see please consider a contribution. $38 will get you the DVD once it's produced, and you are giving us a hand to get where we need to, to capture more great footage for the film. Next week we join the corps again to shoot the Cedarburg & Whitewater shows with multiple HD cameras and a 5.1 microphone setup. Half of our trip is paid for. Please take a moment to see what we still need to cover on our production checklist.Thanks! Mac (and Tom)
  15. It's been a while since we've posted on here about our little movie. We'd like some feedback if you have a moment or two.... We are two alumni of the Madison Scouts from the mid-90s who are in the middle of production of a feature-length documentary about the group. We began production during tour last summer and have been continuing the filming process throughout winter camps and spring training. We are about to start the process of filming the 2012 tour in less than a week. Please check out our website (, Facebook page (, and Twitter feed (@ScoutsHonorDoc) for more information, including clips of some the footage that we have already shot. We will be following the Scouts throughout portions of the summer tour and hope to have the project completed in time for the fall of 2013, which is the 75th anniversary of the organization. While we are currently focusing on one member each of the horn line, drum line, and color guard, we are interested in your feedback about what you would like to see in the final product. Should we focus more on the long history of one of the oldest drum corps in existence? Its unique place in the history of Drum Corp International (DCI)? Its special relationship with drum corps audiences? The brotherhood that comes from marching in an all-male drum corps? Let us know what you think and what you would be most excited about seeing in a documentary on the Madison Scouts. Thanks! Mac Smith & Tom Tollefsen
  16. Documentary production seeks camera operators, production sound mixers, assistant picture editors, and production assistants for filming throughout the lead-up to and including part of the 2012 drum corps season. Production has already begun on this project, which follows the daily lives of members of a World Class drum and bugle corps, but we are seeking highly motivated individuals to help with the filming of pre-tour interviews and coverage during the upcoming tour. Due to the sometimes brutal schedule of drum corps, prior marching experience is highly recommended. This work will involve traveling throughout the United States. Interested parties please contact for more information.
  17. Less than 5 hours for our "SCOUTS HONOR" campaign on IndieGoGo! It's the film we're making about the Madison Scouts. We are thrilled with the donations that have been coming in! Please help us get a little closer in these last hours! Visit our page HERE.
  18. I'm jumping into this heated discussion to remind all of you that the IndieGoGo Campaign for the feature length documentary film about the Madison Scouts is finishing on Sunday evening, January 22nd (tomorrow). Contributions of any size are welcome and we are offering some great perks. One of the really unique things about our film is our commitment to capturing the actual experience of seeing the Scouts live, with a big emphasis on the quality of the sound recordings of the corps. I have been able to bring my expertise as a sound professional at a Northern California post production facility to the project and the results have been incredible so far. Our 5.1 sound tests have raised the bar when it comes to the recordings of live drum corps. We've already started the filming for the 2012 season at auditions and the initial winter camps, and will continue through the 2012 summer tour, culminating at DCI Finals in Indianapolis. We're going to focus on the unique brotherhood that exists within the Scouts and unites all of members (young and old) for life. It's a great project and will be an excellent vehicle for spreading the word on the Scouts and all of the things that they do to shape young men's lives. It would mean a lot if you would consider a donation to the film and post the above links on your social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter), as well as tell other drum corps fans about the movie. Check out our Facebook presence here: "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood"
  19. Our IndieGoGo campaign for the Madison Scouts documentary ends on this Sunday night, January 22nd. Please consider a contribution and spread the word. This film has the potential of benefiting the entire drum corps activity. SCOUTS HONOR IndieGoGo Campaign Page Thank you so much!
  20. Thanks! The more money we can raise these next few days from friends, fans, alumni, etc. the more likely we'll be able to get other sources of money to make our film. We'll be able to show sponsors and investors that there is a bunch of momentum and anticipation from the fan base. Spread the word!
  21. Thanks to the contributions so far for the Madison Scouts documentary, "SCOUTS HONOR" I was able to go to the January camp in Dallas this past weekend to shoot footage. The show music is VERY exciting. We picked a terrific year to shoot this film. I got a chance to talk with Dann Petersen (corps director) and Chris Komnick (executive director) on camera about our project... A Talk with the Directors of the Madison Scouts We only have 4 1/2 days left with our IndieGoGo campaign. Help fund this film so we can capture and preserve Madison history.
  22. Well, I'm one of the guys behind the documentary on the Madison Scouts. We are in the early stages of production. I went on the road this past summer for 8 days with the Scouts to shoot test footage. We've been raising money online through the site IndieGoGo and would love some help spreading the word. I marched with the Scouts in '95 and have been working in the film industry for the past 11 years. Our goal is to make "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood" unique. We want to examine what makes such a strong brotherhood within the Madison Scouts by following a few members throughout the season, talking about the history of the corps, and also interviewing alumni. While the Scouts organization has been very supportive of our film, they are not financing it. It's a completely independent project. Please visit our campaign to learn more about it: Scouts Honor IndieGoGo Campaign We have a number of videos linked under the "GALLERY" tab on there. Also Chris Komnick has posted the one show that we shot during the 2011 season in a small stadium in Summerville, SC: 2011 Madison Scouts - Summerville, SC This was the first and only show where we got to do both video and sound (we did full 5.1 sound which you don't get to hear on Vimeo unfortunately). Not too bad for the first time. You can also follow me on Twitter (@ScoutsHonorDoc) Thanks for taking a look, and please help us get the word out!
  23. Out of all the drum corps documentaries that you've seen, which one do you like best and why? Does this documentary appeal only to drum corps fans or a wider audience as well?
  24. Hi. I'm pleased to see that you already found my campaign video for the documentary on the Scouts on YouTube. We are very excited about this project. Both Tom Tollefsen and I marched in the Scouts in the mid-90s. We're planning on following a few members from the 2012 season and will also talk about the history of the Scouts, and talk to the alumni about what the Scouts and the brotherhood means to them. We are in the last two and a half weeks for a fundraising campaign. Please visit our page on IndieGoGo for more information about "Scouts Honor: Inside a Marching Brotherhood". Help us spread the word!