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  1. I think that this show has... (•_•) ( •_•)>⌐■-■ (⌐■_■) potential
  2. I'm not in the "drop everything and gtfo out of indy" crowd, but perhaps maybe find a new venue when the contract is up? The new stadium for the Vikings in Minneapolis is supposed to be real nice when it opens. But yeah, DCI may file a formal letter of complaint but I do not see them changing anything right away. I would be very interested to see if this affects anyone during this summer - not all corps house or rehearse at public schools.
  3. Anyone know the rehearsal site for Vanguard Cadets? Hopefully weather holds, but at least field at Athens HS is turf.
  4. It's all situational. Troopers revamped their design and instructional staff going into last season and saw significant improvement. SCV has had a number of staff changes in the last several years with varying degrees of success. Cavaliers changes prior to this year have hurt more than helped, especially in visual and brass. I think the goal of any staff change is to create consistency; nobody hires a designer or caption head with the intention of replacing them anytime soon. The top 3 corps in DCI last season have been largely consistent in their most successful areas, and I don't believe that's coincidental.
  5. Not sure if it was the last time, but Blue Stars won this same show last year when it got shortened due to rain. They were last corps to go on; Boston and Phantom didn't get to perform due to weather.
  6. Spot on. You gotta play it like it was wrote. I had the same issue with Crown last season. I'm a Philip Glass purist myself, and what Michael Klesch did to Einstein on the Beach was horrific. Here I am, looking forward to enjoying five full hours of abstract modern opera, and instead I get some 12 minute frankenstein excuse of a show. When I saw the original in 1976 at the New York Opera House and then saw it 35 years later in Toronto; those, THOSE, were the masterpieces. To think they gave those kids gold medals makes me physically ill; these same kids who more than likely never saw the opera live and probably never will. If someone told the vocalists they had the style down, the same way Lucinda Childs, Sheryl Sutton, Paul Mann, and Samuel M. Johnson had it down...those kids were lied to. Ugh. (to OP: No hard feelings, couldn't resist making the comment. Sorry the show isn't to your liking, I'm just glad to see Kenton and Ellis back on the field again)
  7. It's been almost done to death already, but Radiohead's music translates very well to the activity.
  8. Halfway through Blue Stars now and skipping has resumed. Not thrilled right now
  9. I'm watching on about a five-minute delay. That seems to have fixed a lot of the problems.
  10. I'm starting to think this webcast is DCI's way of giving a big middle finger to TOC
  11. Can I request that my fan network purchase money be specifically allocated to pay for Tom Blair and not whoever is running this webcast?
  12. Audio quality now is on "backfield concourse at Lucas Oil" setting. And we have shaky cam now too!!
  13. I love all these drum major shots. Nothing like watching a backfield conductor beat time during a key drill move. (On a not sarcastic note, Dean is a hell of a conductor)
  14. Just started watching. Nothing like an evening of HD Corps in Mono with severe distortion. Also, I'm waiting for some good closeups. Really interested in inspecting the quality of individual blades of turf.
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