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  1. The Greenville Cadets have really surprised me this season. This is their first season in DCPI and they have made it to the semi-final round. Super proud of the kids at Black and Gold as well. We had a few illnesses out of some sections which hurt us but great season to everyone and can't wait to see everyone at semi's to tonight.
  2. This problem must only happen with iOS Devices
  3. It's alright I'll just have to get wifi on my laptop when I can, I was just wondering of it could be fixed.
  4. I can not see them on the mobile site
  5. If someone could post a link to the score sheet for yesterday's events it would be appreciated.
  6. I fully understand how to view them, I did it last season with the old website. On the NEW website I am only seeing the left half of the screen that is supposed to be there, I can't click on the links to actually view the scores.
  7. I know this but I was looking for last seasons scores and I couldn't see them either.
  8. If someone could link me to the exact score sheet of every competition this season I would be most grateful. I can't see any scores on the website. There is something wrong with the new website and I still need to see the scores. Anyone willing to help?
  9. I'm loving the new website but I'm having some issues. Mobile users, or maybe this only applies to me, are having problems seeing scores for events. Part of the screen is cut off so there is no way for me to see that part of the page. This same thing happens when I go to change my captions. I have to turn my phone in order to see how much my total and how much points each band is. If this could some how get fixed in the near future it would be appreciated. Thanks!
  10. I noticed, as I was looking through here, that there is a typo here. There is an extra E in Greenville Cadets. A quick fix would be appreciated.
  11. I also joined earlier and my information has yet to be put into the data base to my knowledge.
  12. I'm a bit confused, I've registered on the new website, now what do I need to do?
  13. Corps Name: Black and Gold Regiment Corps Division: World Corps Hometown: Greenville, Kentucky username: Zingar Homeshow site and venue request: N/A Corps Name: Greenville Cadets Corps Division: Open Corps Hometown: Greenville, Kentucky username: Zingar Homeshow site and venue request: N/A Music's Finest's wishes everyone the best of luck this season!!
  14. I think this will come up to be a very exciting season.
  15. With the events of last season we are proud to announce that we have a brand new corp entering the fray this summer, The Greenville Cadets! They will be entering Open class with the formation of the organization Music's Finest. Extremely excited for season 18, Music's Finest's first Live season. See everyone when summer approaches.