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  1. The DCP News site and Forums have been restored to service. Please note any issues you see in this thread. Thanks!
  2. We'll be taking the DrumCorpsPlanet sites, including the Forums, offline on Saturday, Oct 22 to make some changes to our server configuration. Expect the site to go offline around 9am CDST and be down for a few hours. Please know that the work we're doing *may* result in some minor issues on the forums that will reveal themselves over the new few weeks. Thank you in-advance for your patience as we track these 'tuning' issues down and get them resolved. Remember - please post any issues you see in THIS Member Service Center forum. It is the place we look for reports of problems and issues. Thanks! -john
  3. Thanks for raising this question. I've had a look at the system and talked with the moderation team about the matter. There *was* a time when certain users abused the 'reputation' system and littered the forums with negative votes on posts by targeted individuals. It turned out to be quite a mess and did nothing positive for the community - so we took steps to reduce the abuse. Further, the system software evolved to permit greater control over the handling of 'feedback' and "Reactions", which we implemented - but with some limits (200 "Reactions" per day per Member). Looking at it today, we've 'lost' many of those that were creating the havoc and eliminated the ability to "downvote" posts by users, some time ago. "Reactions" are generally categorized as "positive" or "neutral". With that, I've removed the limits on "Reactions" - effective immediately. This should remove the roadblock folks were seeing when wanting to react to posted content. Go forth a spread your (positive) reactions!! -johnD P.S. Remember - If you think a post violates our Community Guidelines (NOT that you simply disagree with the poster), hit the Report button.
  4. Thanks for bringing this to my attention, Jim. I've changed the settings on the system to permit only the Member themselves and the forum Admin team to see the birthday in a Member's profile. Of course, if the Member doesn't enter the information, there's nothing shown to anyone. Thanks again. -johnD
  5. Cappy - I don't know when the change to the mobile template happened, mainly because I seldom use the mobile version. I haven't made any changes to the theme/template settings, so it must've been one of the incremental 'improvements' from Invision along the way. Actually, your suggestion about removing scores from the forum menu was a good idea that I hadn't considered. While in the menu configuration, I moved a couple of other things around so reduce the menu to 3 items at the 'top' level - with plenty of room on the narrow (Portrait) menu display. That should help things considerably. Thanks for the suggestion. -johnD
  6. THIS The issue is that our menu has more options than what is possible to fit on the single row, so it wraps around ... and overlays the info below. The easiest solution is to simply turn your phone on its side to expand the width of the menu while in landscape mode/orientation. You can return to portrait orientation just as soon as you make the menu selection, to provide a 'longer' list of topics/posts. "Why don't you fix it?" We REALLY try to stay within the default Invision 'theme' (including the mobile settings) in order to make upgrades and updates easier. Custom templates add a layer of complications when updating the system. Is this a perfect solution? No - but the 'work around' seems to be a pretty simple accommodation and allows us to stay current on important updates. Thanks! -johnD
  7. After over 15 seasons of timely updates we are not updating the Scores database or applications this season. Sadly, there just isn't sufficient resource to keep all of the data updated in a timely fashion. The same goes for the DrumScorps application, as announced earlier. I will keep the Scores pages/reports available for their historical content ... but for now, I'm afraid we will not be providing current season info. These days, there are a number of other resources available online that will provide the information you're looking for. Thank you for understanding. -johnD
  8. Randy, It is indeed a security filter that is preventing the post. Try the entire post without the linked image and see if that works. Please send me the link to the image at support -at- drumcorpsplanet.com and I'll have a look. Thanks for the info. -john
  9. My apologies for the Hadestown link. I wasn't aware the policies changed. I took it down.

  10. It appears to be the wrap-around of the sub-menu items that were added. Rather than remove them or mess with the IPS-code 'mobile theme' code that generates the content, I'll ask that you simply turn your phone to landscape orientation - where the menus appear just fine. A quick look at the elements generated doesn't reveal a simple CSS hack to better handle the display. I'll look around on the Invision forums to see if there's a solution, other than simply expanding the width of the display. Thanks -john
  11. Randy, After doing some research on the matter, it appears both are directly related to the last update from Invision. The issue with the "Recently Browsing" 'widget' at the bottom of the screen is a bug that has been reported and appears to be addressed in an upcoming version. Release date - unknown. The "reputation" method is being replaced by Invision with an "Achievement" rating system that appears to be more comprehensive for some sites. We have not yet studied how best to implement this new rating system, so I have disabled the display of the "badge" that you may have noticed on your member icon shortly after the update. When we have this new feature figured-out and decide how (and if) to implement, we'll be sure to update the community here. If you hover over the member's icon, you can see more information about the user - including a "Reputation" value. The Member Post Count is available on the page, just below the Member name, icon, and 'role'. Hover over the 'bubble' item to get the post count value. Thanks! -john
  12. Yes, we updated the forum software this morning. The "little blue rocket ship" is part of the new "Achievement" feature, which we have not implemented. To help avoid confusion, I have hidden it from view until we have a chance to fully review and develop a strategy for its use. I try to keep-up with the Invision updates, mainly for security reasons. As we put new versions in-place, we get the 'benefit' of the new features as they're rolled out by the developer - whether we want them or not. We'll let you know in this Customer Service Forum when specific feature changes are fully implemented, when (and if) that happens. -john
  13. Just a reminder that photos from our friend Charles (Charlie) Groh can be viewed in the DCP Photo Library, including images from the Duarte, CA show this past weekend. Check them out here: https://photos.drumcorpsplanet.com/
  14. I do not use Bitdefender, so haven't see this message ... and your note doesn't provide details of the message you've been receiving. I'll need more information if you'd like me to investigate further. I'll also need a screen capture of the page you receive it on - specifically the top half of the page that includes the advertisements. Most often these sorts of warnings are the result of Google Adsense adverts that include offending content. Unfortunately, we don't have any control over these adverts, other than to block the advertiser in our Google Adsense feed. I can assure you that we keep the forum's code updated (last update was just last week) and perform regular scans of the sytem to make sure nothing has been compromised. Thanks! -john
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