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  1. I have just applied the most recent update to the system, now that things have settled down a bit. Let's see if the update resolves the issues you've experienced .... otherwise, I'll have to report the issue. Thanks -john
  2. OH - my bad. I mis-read your description, Randy. That's straight IPB code, so we'll have to see if they find a fix along the way. There is an update pending, which I'll apply after the pandemonium quiets down a bit in the coming week. -john
  3. Dang it Flo - would you PLEASE stop dropping during a corps performance. (500 Error on Apple TV)
  4. Randy - sorry for the delay in responding. Its been one of THOSE weeks, as you might expect. I suspect the issue is related to the fact that we use an API into the forum database from the DrumScorps app to get the forum content. I'm guessing that the 'filters' for ignored users (and probably others) is implemented in the IPB user interface, which the API probably doesn't consider. I'm not sure if we can add a filter to the request we pass the API to exclude those posts from the result returned to us. It will take a bit of research to confirm and resolve, which we can add to our list for possible future improvements. -john
  5. My apologies for the delay in responding. There are a number of reasons for a 403 error - but it almost always indicates that what you're trying to send violates one of our security protocols on the server. I don't have enough information to further diagnose and with this week's traffic, it will be nearly impossible to locate the issue in the logs, unless you can provide source IP addresses and more detailed information. -john
  6. It *may* have had to do with the length of their drive afterwards and the lateness of their getting on the field. Leaving the show site a couple of hours later than planned can have a real impact on the corps looking at a long overnight drive.
  7. This was actually addressed in the previous post (Here) and the URL referenced was added to the BLOCK list for Google Adsense. If you’re still seeing the bogus link/pop up, clearing your cookies and browser cache may help. -john
  8. I haven't seen the redirect/message - but one of our admins has and provided a couple of clues. I've reviewed our system and data and don't find evidence of our being compromised, so the most-likely source is a nasty Google Adsense advert ... which would also explain why some are receiving it and others don't. I've added the domain that was referenced in the clues we saw to the BLOCK list on Adsense (which takes a bit of time to be active). Hopefully that helps. As always, DO NOT click on pop-ups or pages that you are unfamiliar with. An Ad-Blocker or browser plugin can help in keeping your system safe. Thanks for the heads-up. -john
  9. After receiving another report, I was finally able to gather enough information, replicate the issue, and find the source of the problem .... the one I was able to catch. Our servers employ several layers of security and one of the many layers was interpreting the 'embed video' as a cross-site scripting (XSS) attempt and returned the 403 error. It took a bit of digging, but I was able to locate the event in the log. I believe I have neutralized that particular rule (leaving the other 1,000+ in-place) and my testing indicates that the 'problem' is gone. Thanks for your patience. -john
  10. I am also considering the Texas Triangle trip this year - given that I'll be a new resident of Texas by then. Still in the planning stage.
  11. I've updated the forum software to the most current version, as well as an overdue update of the PHP engine. Let's hope that between the two of them, this intermittent but nagging problem is resolved. Sorry for the delay - life gets in the way at times.
  12. This is another very nice tribute to Sam Pilafian, from the NY Times:
  13. He was a mentor and inspiration to so many. May he Rest In Peace. Tribute from The Blue Devils
  14. My apologies Greg - I just saw this. I'm afraid it is too late to diagnose this specific issue. The 403 error often indicates a security issue that the server has identified - however, we err on the side of caution and those 'errors' are sometimes false-positive. I'd need to see it pretty quickly, so I could examine the logs closely and go from there. Let me know if you encounter it again, please. -john