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  1. I'm looking to sell my VHS sets of the 1986, 1987, 1991, 1993 and 2002 DCI finals. I'm asking $10 for each set. If you're interested, please PM me.
  2. The school district there has had some concerns about the state of the stadium for this one (the track in particular has been decaying for the last few years) and has been trying to get financing for a new stadium elsewhere in town. I really hope this is just a short hiatus, because that was one of my all-time favorite shows to march at for the sheer hospitality of the local organizers alone. That said, if they do actually hold this year's show in Syracuse instead of Niagara Falls, I'm hopeful they'll use Bragman Stadium in Cicero, which is a really good venue in its own right.
  3. Per DCI's Twitter feed, the schedule will be released at 11 am CST today.
  4. But those involve moving finals back from Labor Day weekend. I'd agree that there definitely would be more options if they take that step, but if they stay married to that particular weekend, then the amount of top-tier venues greatly diminishes.
  5. So what's basically coming out of all of this discussion is that no college venue is going to be feasible due to football schedules, unless DCA gives up Labor Day weekend. Gotta say that leaves very few options...
  6. It's too bad UDel's renovations are going to be going on for a while. That's a good-sized stadium, good geographical location not too far from Philly. Not sure what kind of relationship the university has with the marching community though.
  7. Both are good facilities but parking is a problem for both. Lehigh's lots are a good hike from the stadium, and it's also in a bowl, so bad weather (common in the area that time of year) would turn it into a swamp. Lafayette is a very nice modern facility but nearby parking is very limited.
  8. Looking back to the original topic, would there be any benefit to looking back at Scranton? It's a city that's hosted finals in the past, has a good-sized venue that's hosted regular shows in the past (Memorial Stadium, not the #### baseball field), still hosts shows on a regular basis and is home to an active corps. What else would be needed? Or are there still too many bad memories from years ago?
  9. TCNJ's got a nice-sized venue with good parking. Kessler Field at Monmouth U in West Long Branch is another one.
  10. According to this site, it starts on 8/20: Not sure if it's accurate.