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  1. Galen


    More to the point, it's releasing such information with the malicous intent to embarras or cause harm to a person's reputation. There's a very gray line over how ethical this practice is , as the information released technically is publicly available and/or obtainable with minimal effort. That's basically the view that the alum in question who published this, along with a couple of their supporters, are taking: "Dude's info and history are publicly listed online and anyone, including anyone connected with Pioneer who bothered to do a background check, so it's fair game". They're taking a particular view, which Im not sure I agree with, that they're doing the corps a favor by dragging up old skeletons about criminal charges that appear to have been dismissed or expunged, and over on Reddit, they're being particularly vindictive about it.
  2. Galen


    And this is why I'm keeping my distance from wanting to get involved. I have no desire to be doxxed.
  3. Dude seriously- educate yourself. Chuck has a great history in drum corps and should be a great fit for Scouts.
  4. I don't know all of those names, but I'm encouraged to read about the ones I do know (Scott Stewart, Steve Vickers). The two alumni I recognize (Al Dobyns and Tim Osterbeck) have been very active online supporters well. All in all, should be a group capable of starting to get things turned around.
  5. Bill was our tour director when I marched in 2001. Very glad to see he's involved with this.
  6. Yep, the lawyers get to earn their stripes in situations like this. Transferring of titles for physical and virtual assets (ie websites, social media accounts, etc.), real estate, vehicles, IP and imagery, etc. Gonna be an awful lot of paperwork, "party of the first part and party of the second part", etc.
  7. Galen

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    I have some thoughts about who I'd like to see take over.
  8. Galen

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    As is the entire BOD- presumably Roman will also be stepping down as executive director.
  9. It'd be good to hear the opinion of a non-profit attorney, particularly one familiar with Wisconsin laws.
  10. It's also worth noting that in many industries, there are laws in place that protect people who report organizational neglect or malfeasance (aka "whistleblowers") from retaliation or threats of retaliation. I wonder if those laws would apply in this circumstance.
  11. Galen

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    There's really not much else there besides the rehearsal field and one or two small buildings that are used for equipment and memorabilia storage and prepping and serving meals.
  12. Galen

    Pioneer Suspended by DCI

    There is an observation platform (left side): As for parking, there's essentially open parking areas beside the storage building with the green roof in the background.
  13. Makes me wonder what whistleblower laws in Wisconsin are like. In the industry I work in (insurance subrogation), there are firm statutes in place meant to protect people who report malfeasance from retaliation.
  14. Yeah, between the statement that was published on the corps' website a couple days ago and the subsequent articles and stories that have run in Milwaukee and Philly media, his image has gotten worse and worse. Most people know to stop digging when you've put yourself that deep in a hole- I guess he doesn't.