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  1. Galen

    Drum Corps Podcasts

    I listen to them more for the ranting (because schadenfreude) and not for any substantial info. And I tend to take what I hear with a mountain of salt.
  2. Oh well. Bye bye, Pio, enjoy whatever the future brings you.
  3. The latest from Pioneer:,-2019.html?fbclid=IwAR2e59me-pFKp8_RAPfTXjaNy8nf_zxmEY_ZLykPr9wGnQtTi0M2ca120R4 It is worth noting that for the first time, Roman actually makes an effort to apologize and take some responsibility for the situation, but I think his perspective remains flawed. Contrary to his opening statement, DCI did not "sacrifice" anyone; Roman sacrificed the corps' standing by refusing to step aside. And describing the situation as "the mess the corps is in" rather than "the mess I ( Roman) caused" shows that he still doesn't feel fully accountable for what he has caused.
  4. Tricia Naldony has the latest:
  5. Not my obligation to support them if that's what you're implying.
  6. Form something new. Happened in '72, who's to say it couldn't happen again? In fact, with all the disrespect that open class has been getting lately, maybe they might be better served trying to start their own circuit that better serves their needs.
  7. Repeat after me, everyone: "The organization is not the activity"
  8. In by default as I don't have time to attend shows any more, but this action cements it for me.
  9. Well, there's our explanation. Still think it's a horrible call by DCI, but we have a clearer picture anyway.
  10. I posted that from personal experience. A couple years after I aged out, I got involved with a group called Hypnotix for a very brief time. The director at the time was quite young, hyped the corps up big time but at the end of the day, didn't have the sort of connections, experience or financing to pull it together and the drum corps effort very quickly flamed out. There was even a little brouhaha about it here:, for anyone who feels like hopping into the Wayback machine. And with respect to directors from the 70's, I would think that starting a drum corps from scratch is a MUCH steeper hill to climb in this day and age than it was then.
  11. I'm more eager to hear more from the corps director, myself. As abysmally bad as this makes DCI look, there's got to be more to the story. Presumably the director is in more of a position to provide more details. And this may be an unpopular opinion, but from personal experience, 23 is AWFULLY young to be running a drum corps.
  12. You raise a good point but one that may be moot. If Pioneer is his means of income, then he's not going to be getting any more of that from DCI now that his corps won't be getting performance fees from shows or dues from members. The corps has sponsors but how many of them are going to stick around now that the corps isn't giving them any return? And who knows what sort of debts he may have if assets are titled in his name or in a nonprofit structure that he's liable for? He may have done himself more harm by not agreeing to step down or negotiating some kind of buyout with someone else who may want to step in and run things.
  13. There is an "apology" post on the corps' Tumblr page, but best I can tell it was written by either a member or alumn. It most certainly is not coming from corps leadership:
  14. Yeah. A pretty mea culap but no indication that any action will actually take place.