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  1. According to this site, it starts on 8/20: Not sure if it's accurate.
  2. Whereabouts in eastern PA/NJ, out of curiosity?
  3. There's a third aspect that I'm surprised hasn't been brought up so far from what I've seen- the perception that there is no competitive parity among the corps in the circuit. With 2 exceptions, the same corps has won for more than a decade (and the other 2 corps that won during that time period have either folded or haven't come out to DCA for the last few years and may not be coming back anytime soon). If there's a presumption that there's nobody else that can compete with the perpetual champions, I figure that has to be driving down interest both among fans and potential members of other corps as well.
  4. Pretty much. They told DCI to stick it and DCI did the same. I have no idea why they'd be allowed to participate in any DCI-sanctioned events at this point. But this is a Cadets thread, so...
  5. Ding ding ding. So the powers that be are going to have to have a real hard look going forward about where to draw the line between allowing creative design and use of equipment versus placing more and more restrictions on the types of venues that can host events and whether it's a good idea to shrink the list of potential show sites solely for the sake of not stifling creativity in show design. As for other/better venues in the area, UDel is probably the best option in the nearby area. ULafayette in Easton has a nice-sized facility with turf, but parking is pretty non-existent. It's a real pity that DCI will never be able to get back to Hersheypark Stadium anytime soon- that could be a great solution.
  6. Totally understandable and well-deserved.
  7. Sounds like they don't have anyone paying much attention to their website.
  8. I'm very happy with the progress Kosmos has made this year. When the season started, it was looking like it'd be a rough year but they have turned it around and gotten themselves into contention with several recent show wins including some major events.
  9. Kansas City MO: Arrowhead Stadium (World) and Children's Mercy Park (Open/A)
  10. ZZZN (Zero, Zip, Zilch, Nada). Too much travel time/money needed to go to shows that I don't care to invest any more, as my enjoyment of drum corps has been severely diminished over the past few years.
  11. If that's the case, I wonder if the alumni corps is also going to adopt this policy?
  12. But you don't exactly hear of any efforts to form an all-female corps these days either. Last I can recall was Bandettes, who folded about 15 years ago if I recall.