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  1. Counterpoint: schools should continue to be virtual as the situation starts to get worse. jaw dropping analysis, I know.
  2. I usually see eye to eye with you on most stuff but I simply don't agree that people should be granted extra eligibility. Like someone else said, it basically opens up Pandora's box and will result in other younger people being at a disadvantage for joining a corps. Yes, it's a crappy circumstance, but it is what it is. There's things much bigger than drum corps.
  3. I'm not sure what point you're trying to make. College basketball teams travel around the country too.
  4. I used to moderate a forum like this before. Although VPNs can prevent hide a person’s identity, do forum admins not have access to the IP Addresses of posters in order to check if previously banned posters are simply using a different account?
  5. Not completely true, graduate students play in college basketball all the time. Grad transfers are very common. and often at schools like BYU and University of Utah, students take a hiatus and go on mission trips and then return and are playing college basketball or football at the age of 26. I do agree with your overall point though.
  6. Do you understand what a discussion is? Do you understand that not everyone is going to share your opinion? Do you realize that if you present misinformation, people will be inclined to correct you? Can you handle that? Drum Corps IS an elite activity. The costs of the summer tour make it so that mostly only kids coming from well-off families can afford to tour for an entire summer instead of working a job. In a discussion, if you present an argument and someone disagrees, they will refute it and explain why. If you feel like someone presenting the facts to you is considered “putting those ideas down,” I am not sure if this is the right place for you to productively discuss these ideas. An echo chamber of like-minded young individuals such as the drum corps Reddit may be better suited for your purposes.
  7. Wow. This is truly really sad news, he was drum corps through and through. He will be missed, RIP.
  8. Those are all fantastic questions that I should have added to my original comment to Fred
  9. Did you have the chance to interview her? I hope you will do us all a favor and share it with us. You seem to be quite sure in your conviction about her
  10. Caution: prudent forethought to minimize risk I thought I’d put that definition out there since @dansseemed to be a bit confused (based on his reaction emoji to my comment) as to why no solid plans have been put out by any corps. Hope that clears things up for ya.
  11. Yes, because the season can simply be planned out on a whim a month or two before it starts, right? If they aren't, then they are setting themselves up for failure. As Skevinp so succinctly pointed out, the OP asked what the corps have said they plan to do, which is largely nothing so far because of the many question marks, among other things, that I pointed out in my original comment. Seeing as the corps haven't really said anything so far, I guess we should've just left this entire thread empty.
  12. Not sure weakness is the right word. Caution is more like it. Caution is the best policy in times like this.
  13. I understand that you try to be the positive voice in the face of the many realists (who you would probably call pessimists) on here but things are not looking great right now. In addition to the fast-rising number of cases throughout the country, you can very quickly see just how difficult it is to maintain these activities if you look at the NFL. They’re a multi billion dollar business that is currently trying to play out their season. They’ve doled out who knows how much money in order to test their players and staff multiple times a week and yet they are still finding many players testing positive or coming into contact with those who have tested positive and are then having to sit out. Now keep in mind these players are being PAID to do this. With financials already in a bind for many, just how much participation do you anticipate from marchers being asked to dole out thousands of dollars for a limited season? Do you anticipate schools being willing to house a corps when they’re unwilling to house their own students? Say some corps take a regional approach like Cadets 2, will there be enough people signing up to even justify a season? Will schools allow the use of stadiums for practices and exhibitions when they’re unwilling to do so for their own varsity teams? Who will cleanse the areas after each practice? Will the corps be able to generate enough revenue without an in person audience? If there is an audience, how will social distancing be enforced? What happens if a violation occurs and a school revokes future use? Will corps be held liable for any outbreaks? Wouldn’t most shows violate social distancing guidelines unless marchers are placed 6 feet apart in their sets at all times? I don’t like talking about the potential demise of this activity so nonchalantly but looking at it from a grander lens, the potential loss of DCI seems so minor as compared to the greater losses we’re experiencing in this country every day.
  14. Then so be it. There are many, many things right now that are much bigger than the survival of DCI. I agree that the corps that are charging potential members right now should be ashamed. A 2021 season is extremely unlikely to happen. While Jim is right that if the kids understand the risks of the season not happening and not getting their money back it may be fine, but I still find it a pretty questionable practice.
  15. No one can tell me this isn’t one of the top 10 closers of all time. Absolutely ridiculous levels of musicianship AND drill
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