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  1. I've been very open about the fact that I haven't marched on DCP, open thy eyes (And if you didn't know I didn't, Xandandl will gleefully tell you for me). The reason I got into DCI in the first place is because I had many friends who did march and still have a couple who are still marching. I'm just a couple years past the age limit, I think "well past" is quite a stretch. What I do have, that you don't, is a better insight into the way young marchers (aka my peers) think. A better website design will not make or break the corps (and no one has suggested it would, so I'm not sure why you and Mello Dude are in such an uproar about Kdaddy's very benign statement). But it WILL certainly help the corps' image when prospective marchers, especially those less familiar with DCI, come poking around to see what each corps has to offer
  2. It amuses me when older people think they're so in tune with the lives of young adults, while at the same time constantly criticizing the younger generation. I'm in 100% agreement with you (and yup, the new content looks great)
  3. I'm assuming to remind them of you, their favorite former board member?
  4. For attracting new talent, the appearance of the website can matter quite a bit, even if only subconsciously in the heads and eyes of future marchers
  5. Some of y'all are softer than Charmin toilet paper. Back to your regularly scheduled safe spaces...
  6. Oh thank god hopefully this means less mindless ramming from BAC Now if only we could get Mike Jackson to consult for every top 12 corps and introduce some more musicality into other batteries
  7. Give up now, all you're going to get is defensive responses
  8. Is there reason to think they won't be paid?
  9. It doesn't need to be comparable to the top right away. It just needs to be, as Kdaddy puts it, "competent." The designs the past couple years have NOT been "competent" imo. If they can create a respectable design, they can slowly build from that, refine the design-creating process as the years go and they learn from mistakes, and slowly build themselves back up to where they used to be. With the new design team I think the pieces are mostly in place, it's just a matter of how well they use them
  10. Aw poor thing is so jaded he doesn't even know what sarcasm is anymore 😞 Feel better soon
  11. The hey Jude ending was so wack and cheesy 🤮