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  1. Jazz never went away. See the modern day blue devils and bluecoats
  2. Anecdotally, I'm receiving the first dose of Pfizer this Thursday
  3. I can't help but feel like the 2013 cadets did this closer so much better. But I'm biased and never really liked Star '93
  4. I reallyy want to see her reaction to 2015 BD. Especially the big pause in the ballad
  5. Knew this was coming. One of the top 3 Cadets shows of the 2010s for me.
  6. It's not blue devils without a drumset and screamer
  7. Been waiting for her to do this one. One of the most beautiful shows of the 2010s and my favorite SCV uniform ever Also candidate for top 5 most lush and beautiful openers in DCI history
  8. Hope you get it soon. If I don't get it in dental school, I'll certainly get it in residency
  9. Oh yes. As a Virginia alum, I would definitely have something to say about it 🙂 we are still reigning national champs, after all.
  10. Wasn’t one of these vaccines produced in a foreign country where the changes in protocol made in the USA had no influence on the speed with which it was created?
  11. I think it’s common sense that we will need to maintain the same precautions even after receiving the vaccine. Herd immunity takes a while to kick in. I also anticipate certain precautions that we have taken due to COVID will eventually become permanent fixtures in society, similar to the dramatic changes 9/11 caused in our country.
  12. I’ll be receiving the vaccine next month as I fall into the second tier of healthcare workers (not necessarily working with covid patients but I am working with patients on the daily and doing a lot of aerosolized procedures) Will be interesting to see the rate of distribution
  13. I forgot how fun of a show this was. Not the most talented hornline they've had but the energy is off the charts