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  1. I'm about to take my yearly hibernation from DCP until next summer but I just wanted to say that this year overall for DCI was really incredible. Everything was so enjoyable from top to bottom, probably the strongest year of drum corps shows since 2014 for me. BD 2023 won't go down as my favorite BD show of all time, but it's certainly up there because of just how well rounded of a show it was both musically and visually. If they truly are going for a trilogy, I am very excited to see what the last piece of the puzzle is next season and how they will tie in elements from the first two segments into the last one!
  2. Should we return the favor and make this thread about the Bluecoats? An organization, that I may add, I have nothing but respect and admiration for. No pettiness here
  3. Whenever BD is given “good faith” criticism, somehow you are always in the thread. Weird coincidence
  4. I highly suggest you watch BD’s encore performance video uploaded to their YouTube channel to allow yourself to correct your grossly misinformed and incorrect assertions. Or don’t. DCP this season has taught me that it’s sometimes better to let people just be wrong
  5. Exactly! There is no doubt BD has a formula, anyone who is being objective admits that. But simplistic or easy… nope.
  6. I’ve lost hope of most (but not all) BD critics being remotely objective with their criticisms
  7. Exactly. DCI’s website crashes half the time once scores get posted. To pretend that interest in the activity wouldn’t decrease is just wishful thinking and not logical at all.
  8. I’m assuming you’re being a bit tongue-in-cheek with that last paragraph? Competitive inertia is very real, and the only corps who has maybe been able to buck it is BAC, but that was because they gained competitive inertia in 2017 from a series of championship caliber staff hires. And despite those hires, they have not been able to get the gold in the 5 years the staff has been together
  9. I think I may have read it in one of the Facebook groups I’m in, but it seems that the successor has already been chosen and DCI should, apparently, be in good hands. That’s just vague rumors though
  10. There’s no need to infantilize it, it’s still a valid model and suggestion. It’s just one that I think will greatly decrease the interest both marchers and audiences have for the activity, and therefore I simply don’t agree that it is the right model for DCI. And I completely agree with you that it would be nice to allow corps to make art without having to worry about certain things that competition introduces, particularly budget issues. And that is why I’m in full support of sharing winnings equally or basing it off of who travels the most. Financially, I am all for any move that promotes parity within DCI and allows corps that are struggling a bit more financially than others to have as many resources as possible for a good and safe member experience. Doing so would prolong the survival of this activity
  11. Then the brass and percussion captions become essentially useless. With the corps’ electronics influencing so much of the mix that gets relayed to the box, it would be nearly impossible for the brass and percussion judges to make an accurate and meaningful assessment of the hornlines and pit/drumlines. Pretty sure visual proficiency is also judged from the sideline (I could be wrong about this), so the quality of assessment of this caption would suffer as well.
  12. I didn’t hear about anyone else having this issue, nor did I. With that being the case, this wasn’t a Flo server issue and rather an issue with your ISP.
  13. I am totally on board with either sharing winnings equally or basing it on who traveled the furthest. Both of those things would help the survival of as many corps as possible. Scrapping the competitive aspect of DCI will be the swiftest action one can take to create the downfall of this activity. And before anyone says it, yes I know the COVID year happened and no, the actions of audiences during a once in a lifetime global pandemic is not representative of how this activity would continue if scores were eliminated for the rest of the activity’s existence
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