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  1. Looks like the Devils will be the best corps on the field as usual I adore this concept, I'm excited to see how the show develops this season Hearing that their hornline is out for blood this year, can't wait
  2. Check what type of youtube URL you are posting. I've noticed DCP doesn't handle non-traditional youtube URLs very well.
  3. School shut down for Thursday and Friday. We're not getting the brunt of the storm (about an hour or so away from the coast of Virginia) so it should be fine here
  4. Reprises seem to be not as common as they used to be, but there are still so many shows with fantastic reprises that really put the perfect ribbon on a show. It seems like they are usually derived either from the opening piece or the ballad, but I personally find reprises from the opener to be more satisfying because of the symmetry and length of time in between hearing the piece. What are some of your favorites? Two of mine: Phantom Regiment 2003 and Blue Devils 2012
  5. The keeping things in the family mentality thing is dumb when the problems are at the top and there's no sign of real change. It's just an oppressive guilt trip.
  6. I'm not sure why you feel this is so serious to the point there are winners and losers in a subjective argument
  7. From some of my friends who have marched in a variety of corps, it seems like member experience and quality of instruction are the biggest factors
  8. You must have missed me defending Madison and its members from the ridiculousness of some of their DCP alumni all season this past summer.
  9. In an incestual and small activity like DCI, too many people know each other personally. Any criticism made toward someone from the "old guard" is taken as a personal affront on DCP
  10. Good to see more female leadership presence in DCI. It's needed.