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  1. Yup ASMR has a huge following. I find it really weird but there are people out there making a lot of money from it
  2. She knows how to monetize her sweet charm and looks, I’ll give her that
  3. You won’t get agreement from me there 🙂 I don’t think ourobouros came even close to Metamorph
  4. I wholeheartedly agree with every single thing in this post. I do want to add the other concern in the back of my mind which essentially boils down to participants in close quarters 24/7, whether it be on buses or sleeping in school gyms (assuming schools become receptive to hosting)
  5. Studies show we touch our faces anywhere between 15-20 times an hour. That’s a lot! I think one good thing that will come out of this pandemic is that our society’s hygiene practices will be much improved and that can only be seen as a positive in the case of a future outbreak.
  6. YUP. I’m not sure when “loving your neighbor” became a partisan thing, but for some reason it did. Wear a mask unless you have a condition that prevents you from doing so, it’s not difficult and good practice that is done on a daily basis in other countries around the world outside of a pandemic.
  7. I am not going to assume that's not what he meant, but I'm not going to assume that's what he meant either.
  8. Looks promising. I’ve “prescribed” this drug to patients who I’ve done some surgical extractions on, interesting to see how drugs can have so many different uses
  9. Artificial scarcity of demand?? From boycotting? What? You are looking at this in a vacuum. In a free market there are choices. When consumers stop consuming a product from one business, they go consume the product at a different business. They don’t just stop consuming the product altogether. That’s what the free market enables. Calling that artificial scarcity of demand is a bunch of baloney.
  10. Does it matter? There’s nothing wrong with just enjoying a show at face value, which a lot of the abstract shows let you do. Now some corps, who take everything too literally, well it’s a bit harder to take at face value for sure when you’re distracted by the cheese