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  1. Aka one of my favorite posters who used to be on DCP. His musings were so much fun to read
  2. There is no reason for them to be this good with how young of a corps this is. Sounds incredible. Some obvious dirt, especially in the rhythmically complex parts of the closer but I am overall very pleasantly surprised. With my recent move to Indianapolis, maybe I will go ahead and attend the event now
  3. not sure how anyone could spin this into a bad thing.
  4. Yeah. I’m in my mid 20s and could not care less about the Beatles and their music. Just did not grow up in a household that listened to very much American music in general so all the music I listened to growing up was influenced by my peers in school, and they certainly did not listen to music from the 70s and 80s, let alone the 60s where the Beatles did their work. im with you though, I would much rather a drum corps introduce me to music I’ve never heard of before or attempt to fuse old with new. Bluecoats typically do a good job of that. I just don’t see the appeal in ANOTHER Beat
  5. unless this is a 2021 rule, no. My 2020 Hyundai Sonata does not do that
  6. I do not think any particular US citizen is entitled to know the vaccination status of another US citizen. However, I do fully support small businesses/businesses in general having the right to restrict their patrons based on vaccination status and requiring proof
  7. Thank you, I am graduating this weekend and will be starting residency this summer!