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  1. People, over the years, tend to accumulate things on their computer that they don't even realize are there. As an example, I'd have this issue where the translucent tab at the top of a PDF document or the playback controls of an online video would pop up and go away over and over again. After doing research for a while, I found out that of all things, my computer app for Dish Anywhere was causing the issue! It would run in the background (so it wasn't immediately visible in the task manager) whenever the computer was started up and cause the issue for whatever reason. The simple fix was to prevent the program from starting up at the beginning and it was fine. I'm not a big expert on these things other than the small little hobbies I have but from my experience with streaming, it is delivered in the same way to all platforms. So if it is coming out perfect on even one computer, it is not Flo's problem.
  2. Perhaps your "old age" is starting to affect your reading comprehension. Where in my post did I indicate any of the cultural change being a positive one? You placed that meaning into my post all by yourself Your point about listening instead of speaking has been duly noted. PS: let's stick to the DCP rules and keep the fairy tales about creators and such out of this please and thank you.
  3. We can let the recaps the rest of the season speak for themselves 🙂 Keep the snark coming, I like it
  4. Oh I'm right here. No one will ever convince me that rule change was a good idea in any shape or form
  5. I'm a phantom homer but that spirit show is miles ahead of phantom's. Phantom is performing the crap out of their show and that's what's keeping them ahead right now
  6. I personally agree with the brass content ordinals tonight ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. I'm certainly not making any dino comments. The era of DCI you long for is the late 90's and early to mid 2000's. That's hardly dino territory. If you don't see the marching that other corps are doing then I don't know what to tell you. Drill isn't dead. It just isn't the main or only factor in visual programs anymore.
  8. I don't think the changes we've been seeing in DCI are going to end up cyclical in nature. DCI started out as an activity that was militaristic in nature. Its demographics now are completely different than before. The activity has been taken over by the artistic types, and that has moved away from marching block drill to curvilinear drill to the full blown theatre productions we have on the field now. And that is where high school programs are moving towards as well. Modern culture has moved towards individual expression, the importance of the individual rather than the group, and that is reflected in the changes we see in DCI today
  9. No one said that at all. Just that the drill itself that Crown has this year isn't as effective to their show theme as other corps' visual programs are to their respective themes.
  10. You are technically right, but there are still two GE judges at each regional looking at the caption through that lens
  11. This. Sorry to ruin the pity party I do think the GE Music scores are puzzling though
  12. The move to remove the percussion judges from the field was extremely misguided. Terrible move. The effects of it can be seen in just how inconsistent percussion judging has been this season