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  1. Hebron live is something else, they sound good on video but in person it’s bonkers. 2017 in particular was wild, big first impact I swear I was sitting in front of a drum corps. Insane mellophone section and woodwinds in particular. Their technical prowess is pretty untouchable in the HS world, only one that comes close is Vandegrift IMO. Marcus in their prime as well.
  2. Loooooooooove that Vanguard show.
  3. Don't have a lot of money to throw around but already made some small donations to a few of the corps I have supported before.
  4. Sucks but it's the right call. Already made some donations, even if they were small, to some of the corps I have supported before. Lots of great leaders out there that I'm sure will get the activity through this, even though it's gonna be hard. Here's to 2021.
  5. Was going to finally get out on my own when I got back from doing admin stuff again. Will probably do that sooner. Get my first place. Have been working to and have lost weight the last year and a few months, will get to keep doing that. And focus on some clients I have during the fall for marching band. Play video games. Read some books. Be big sad.
  6. Lots of hard decisions to come I am sure. In the end what needs to be done is keep everyone safe. WGI didn’t just cancel because they’re scared, Ohio/UD were probably going to make restrictions on events with higher attendance events and the like. I suspect if DCI would do the same it would be for similar reasons. There’s housing for all parts of the tour, performance venues, the environment that corps operate in, different states restrictions on events should this continue to escalate, etc. I and I’m sure many more will be heartbroken should something happened his summer, bu
  7. Vista Murrieta was great, that was a refreshing and different approach as much as I love watching Texas bands all day. Colorguard and drums especially were a real treat, but the band held their own for sure. Personally had them in finals.
  8. I loved Avon and others that I saw at Grand Nationals, but I’m glad Vandegrift won in the end. There is a purity to how they approach what they do and if you haven’t heard that band live.....holy crap. Perfectly in tune, aligned, and performed perfection. And what I think they do better than just about anyone is the shaping and phrasing that you just don’t get on video, the subtle dynamic stuff they do is mind blowing. Certainly what got them the highest Music GE score ever at GN. And yes, they can MARCH. Amazing form control and clarity of technique. Dance team is a much differ
  9. Saw them six times live over the season, they’re incredible. What I love about Vandegrift’s percussion is their touch and musicality is second to none IMO in the H.S. world in a marching band setting. They know when to lead and be the dominant force and when to support and play with incredible subtlety. Their stuff in the ballad isn’t the hardest in the show, but the way they perform it......whew.
  10. Great pick up for Madison Scouts, I loved Blue Stars brass when he was on with them. Excited to hear what Jason Robb/Daniel Montoya Jr. come up with, they do some great stuff in the HS world and Montoya's stuff at Guardians was a blast, I could see him being a great fit for a more modern music program while still maintaining the energetic and entertaining approach that is true to the corps.
  11. Oh my. Some big names there. Good for them. Was April responsible for some of their REALLY good guards?
  12. Also Mandarins 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 get a big nod. Before Inside the Ink the Paper Sons show was far and away my favorite of theirs and a big breakout show. 2015 really peaked well in August despite its placement. As mentioned above, 2016 was the start of what we have seen today and 2017 was the development of an identity that I LOVE. I know the dark and quirky isn't for everyone, but I am in love with that style. 2017 especially was just so.......cool.
  13. I am going to have to give that list a real hard look but I have to give a shoutout to The Academy. 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2017 all just made me feel very happy. They've taken a bit more serious approach the last two years, but the mostly whimsical, fun, and lighthearted shows that I mentioned above were a highlight of each of those seasons. 2011 and 2012 were not as lighthearted perhaps but they were very quirky and fantastical in their own right. 2011 might be my favorite of any of these shows, that show was just the essence of what I love about drum corps. That is a show I listen t