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  1. I just saw a clip. Oh my I'm excited πŸ™‚
  2. They look normal sized in the pics I've seen.
  3. Tattoo. Forever. Is It Love. Statements. My Heart is Refusing Me. I need a Loreen show RIGHT NOW.
  4. Here's 7 random ones that came to mind. Have been particularly obsessed with Go_A since discovering them. They have an awesome and unique discography.
  5. I have opened the floodgates of Eurovision into this topic πŸ˜‚
  6. Loreen is mother. She is my favorite. Icon. Amazing voice. Tattoo would slap as a closer or ballad. I should just post a playlist at this point of stuff I think would work well on the field πŸ˜‚
  7. I've done the deep dive into the crazy world of the Eurovision Song Contest the last two months and while there is a ton of silly crazy stupid over the top stuff, actually been discovering some great bands and music in there as well. This would make a KILLER opener for something Noric/Vikings/etc. beyond the stereotypical. That initial build up and payoff would be chefs kiss perfect. I'm still mad this was only 25th place 😭
  8. His estate controls the copyright a lot like the Bernstein stuff. Most of his music is now an instant denial on Tresona if you try to get your rights that way and I've noticed a pretty huge drop off in groups playing his stuff outdoors in the last two years so not sure if they clamped down or what happened. I'll be honest, I haven't really heard a group nail his stuff outdoors. There are so many nuances and details in his music specifically that I think are really hard to nail for marching arts. When Cadets did Symphony 4 for their closer in 2019 all the amazing woodwind stuff and flurries of craziness were kinda lost and it ended up just sounding like a Doxology arrangement. I am hardly a prude "you shouldn't touch this persons music" kinda guy but I am always a little antsy when I see his stuff pop up. I LOVE it for sure, Crown of Thorns is probably my favorite thing I've ever gotten to play, but not sure I'd like to hear a front ensemble arrange and play it outside.
  9. Mandarins are pretty easily at the top of my most anticipated list. Thought last years show was so so so slickly put together and the energy was absurd. Cannot wait to see what they're up to.
  10. I can also say it's gonna be good πŸ™‚ don't know a lot but what I do has me very intrigued. I think visually especially there are some really fresh moments.
  11. I saw a video before it got taken down. Very excited to see where this goes. Show definitely feels like it has a higher ceiling than last year.
  12. I'm excited. Seems like a progression of the last two shows where they're still PR but a lot more modern and in tune with the current state of the activity. They've earned my trust after last year. Excited to see!
  13. Pillar III by Andy Akiho after Fly or Die. From feature is Surfacing by Dave Hall.
  14. I love the uniforms it's giving skittles taste the rainbow. I am into this so far. Excited to see what the visual program looks like πŸ™‚
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