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  1. Vista Murrieta was great, that was a refreshing and different approach as much as I love watching Texas bands all day. Colorguard and drums especially were a real treat, but the band held their own for sure. Personally had them in finals.
  2. I loved Avon and others that I saw at Grand Nationals, but I’m glad Vandegrift won in the end. There is a purity to how they approach what they do and if you haven’t heard that band live.....holy crap. Perfectly in tune, aligned, and performed perfection. And what I think they do better than just about anyone is the shaping and phrasing that you just don’t get on video, the subtle dynamic stuff they do is mind blowing. Certainly what got them the highest Music GE score ever at GN. And yes, they can MARCH. Amazing form control and clarity of technique. Dance team is a much different flavor but they picked a perfect show to showcase them.
  3. Saw them six times live over the season, they’re incredible. What I love about Vandegrift’s percussion is their touch and musicality is second to none IMO in the H.S. world in a marching band setting. They know when to lead and be the dominant force and when to support and play with incredible subtlety. Their stuff in the ballad isn’t the hardest in the show, but the way they perform it......whew.
  4. Great pick up for Madison Scouts, I loved Blue Stars brass when he was on with them. Excited to hear what Jason Robb/Daniel Montoya Jr. come up with, they do some great stuff in the HS world and Montoya's stuff at Guardians was a blast, I could see him being a great fit for a more modern music program while still maintaining the energetic and entertaining approach that is true to the corps.
  5. Oh my. Some big names there. Good for them. Was April responsible for some of their REALLY good guards?
  6. Also Mandarins 2013, 2015, 2016, and 2017 get a big nod. Before Inside the Ink the Paper Sons show was far and away my favorite of theirs and a big breakout show. 2015 really peaked well in August despite its placement. As mentioned above, 2016 was the start of what we have seen today and 2017 was the development of an identity that I LOVE. I know the dark and quirky isn't for everyone, but I am in love with that style. 2017 especially was just so.......cool.
  7. I am going to have to give that list a real hard look but I have to give a shoutout to The Academy. 2011, 2012, 2014, 2015, and 2017 all just made me feel very happy. They've taken a bit more serious approach the last two years, but the mostly whimsical, fun, and lighthearted shows that I mentioned above were a highlight of each of those seasons. 2011 and 2012 were not as lighthearted perhaps but they were very quirky and fantastical in their own right. 2011 might be my favorite of any of these shows, that show was just the essence of what I love about drum corps. That is a show I listen to constantly, and I love the bonkers color palette they had. And oh my lord I miss those uniforms. Pacific Crest this past year gets a big nod from me as well, just great music wrapped up in a sleek and ultra modern package.
  8. Oh my lord the first time scary puppet queen came out.......... 😐
  9. Wicked Games and Because are easily my top 2. But they’re oh so different. Wicked Games was angry, intense, energetic, in your face, and bold. Because was understated, refreshing, subtle, and just beautiful. Polar opposites but both are favorites of the last decade for me.
  10. I just connected with “Life Rite After” a little more thematically. I thought the concept of what happens after “Rite of Spring” was so clever and they pulled it off really well with only using tiny snippets of the Stravinsky. Musically there was also a little more that grabbed me as well, in particular the ballad and closer. And it was also just super fun to see them make finals for the first time and then some, that doesn’t change my enjoyment of the show itself much like The Academy in 2016, but it was just more reason for me to root for them I also really enjoyed “SubTerra”, it was a step up in pretty much every performance caption outside of percussion and was a noticeable step up in difficulty across the board. Their visual performance in particular really stood out to me, especially up close in San Antonio. Total buy in to their product and sold incredibly well. I got the intruder to the secret society plot line and they executed it pretty well, just wasn’t quite as imaginative as the previous years offering. No less well done though. I hope they keep doing what they’re doing.
  11. Oh man. This is hard. Three shows on this list I LOVE. 2010 Blue Stars I talk about all the time, first really good shows I saw in competition and have been hooked on them ever since. 2014 Blue Knights was an emotional juggernaut that did narration and an emotional theme about as well as you could have. Also really enjoyed Madison Scouts in 2015, that show was just really well done and performed on all levels. HM to Blue Stars this past year and in 2018, glad they’ve had two strong seasons in a row. Had to go with 2010 Blue Stars though, that show just shook me to the core.
  12. 2011 Phantom Regiment.......oh boy. That opener. That ballad. That closer. Some of my favorite beautiful moments in the activity come from that show.
  13. Favorite is definitely Bluecoats 2016. Best across performance captions IMO is SCV 2018. All of the shows are amazing though. Shows the creativity and excellence that is required to top Blue Devils.