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  1. ^^^ They read it. And ditto. Congrats to every single one out there.
  2. To anyone involved with the 2021 season. Congrats. Staff. Member. Volunteer. Whatever. We did it. Drum corps made it back. Was full of fear a year ago. Full of happiness and hope now.
  3. Being back in LOS last night was pretty special. Needed that kind of excitement and happiness in my life again.
  4. Can’t wait to see some stuff in person tomorrow. Up very close for one 😎
  5. I’ve seen this live from the stands and up close. I promise it doesn’t sound like this good god 😂
  6. It’s the contra ostinato from the portion of tilt before the drum feature layered in there 🙂 Lots of Easter eggs in the show, end of Walrus going into that portion has the fake out company front from 2018.
  7. Was really cool having drum corps back in the Texas panhandle. Beautiful night, great venue, and great drum corps. Lots of first time viewers tonight, was a fun crowd to be a part of. Blown away by the quality and energy this season. Truly happy seeing corps out there performing again. Hope this show stays. It was cool seeing the activity back in my neck of the woods.
  8. Just spent a month with a corps (wonder who) and seeing a drum corps perform in front of an audience after almost two years was pretty special. I’m just so glad we are back in business. Was so scared for the activity a year ago. Been watching videos of some of the other shows too now that I have time, so pleasantly surprised with the quality! Makes me so happy, drum corps is back 🙂 I’ll be at the Canyon show on Tuesday on the university campus where I work. So excited to see some more corps!!!
  9. 100% where I am. Whether it’s videos or in person, every note I hear is a note we didn’t get in 2020. Drum corps is back and we should celebrate every moment.
  10. They’re like that on and off the field. The vibes are good everywhere at all times.
  11. It’s a little bit wet in Marion Indiana right now 😬 Hoping it’ll clear up here soon.
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