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  1. DrumManTx

    WGI & FloMarching

    That’s only the first CGT too. Denton was 3rd in Open last year and moved up to World this year. CGT Dallas who won favorite last year is still to come.
  2. DrumManTx

    WGI & FloMarching

    Black Gold is origially from Tulsa but is currently based in DFW. They are announced as being from Oklahoma at finals every year I noticed, perhaps a homage to their roots. I went to my first live WGI show in Denton this year and that show is the first one that made my jaw drop, it was so so so goregous. It was also one of those shows that seeing live made so so so much better more so than others. Could tell that show theme was very real for a lot of them. Really like that show.
  3. Haven't heard from you. You good? Did I ask something wrong?

    1. jjeffeory


      Hey, Have you just stopped posting here?

  4. DrumManTx

    2018 Corps Reviews

    I need to do mine don’t I? :I
  5. Not yet. Currently doing 14 hour days for summer band in college so it might be a bit.....
  6. A year ago I alluded on here I wanted to volunteer or spend my summer some way on the road with a corps. I’ve now been home a few days and had a chance to reflect on the amazing and life changing summer I spent with the Bluecoats as an administrative intern. Had a hard time writing this one, it was so hard to say goodbye to easily the best thing I’ve ever done with my life. Details on page 53. https://www.drumcorpsworld.com/publications/2018/august_17/#page=53
  7. I have this organization to thank for the start of a new chapter in my life. I’ll keep it simple. THANK YOU!!! <3
  8. I will never forget tonight. My life is changed forever after this summer.
  9. I helped souvies out the first half of the season and haven’t since around San Antonio. Sorry!
  10. A year ago today I would not have believed what I would be doing what I did this summer. I am so sad this is all over tomorrow night, but what a journey it has been. They say not to meet your heroes, but spending the whole summer with the corps that has been my favorite since I was a freshman in high school exceeded any expectations I had. I hope I had a fraction of the impact they’ve had on me.
  11. I can’t believe this is here. What an incredible summer. Enjoy it everyone!
  12. DrumManTx

    Spirit of Atlanta 2018

    I am gonna pat myself on the back......I knew they were gonna have a great summer after last season. And while I’m sure it might be hard being the first out, improving five placements in the most competitive bracket of drum corps is no small feat. INCREDIBLE season!
  13. DrumManTx

    Mandarins 2018

    Looks like I am the first here to say congrats! I was close to their booth in the concourse when they found out. That’s easily one of my favorite moments of the summer.
  14. Walked by the Mandarins booth when they found out. That was an awesome moment. :)