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  1. 7 hours ago, NewArpege said:

    They could have just been using it for drills. But I listened to it 3-4 times and thought it was an odd selection for drills, the more I listened. 

    I feel your pain, but it's an exciting one. The spring training is one of most curious and anxiously excited time of the season. Yet so close to community performance and still so far from premiere. Before you know it, it will all come rushing in then the competition begin. I feel like this season may very well end up being a very special one, for everyone.

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  2. 23 minutes ago, Terri Schehr said:

    I was suspended from May 22 until August 21 last year.  I’m not taking the bait this year. You’re not any smarter if make the same mistake twice.

    I was only at the Cincinnati show in August and Indy last year.  I’ll be in Cincinnati all summer so I’ll be at six shows plus Indy this year. 

    Lol.. Whaat! I hope you don't take any bait at all too, and I am taking this lesson as my own as-well. Lol.

    Well you were live and upfront in Indy so good for you.

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  3. 5 minutes ago, Metalbinky said:

    This is news to me!  MAYBE it is in place of the piece that was left off of the original repertoire (though I still hear my kid practicing it...hmmm)   Lot's of game/anime music in this show - someone on the design team is showing their inner child.

    Absolutely! As you assumed days back, maybe it's in one of the Dave Glyde pieces specifically ''Game Girl''. Or this new additional piece is the replacement.

    How many seasons have your kid marched ?

  4. 1 hour ago, alextiger said:

    The longer they take to announce the less confidence I have that they actually know what they are doing and this is going to another Sign of the Times.  An undeveloped concept with no real direction.   Hopefully I’m wrong.  

    That's a maybe but your point is valid and that would be quite concerning, which i hope is not the case. A show can also be announced quite early, relative between camps and spring training and still be an underdeveloped concept. However just pointing out that, i don't see the sense teasing a show reveal for so long and not revealing. It makes sense when you see a corps teasing, and you know for sure the announcement is right around the corner. Teasing and not putting out anything gets annoying, and underwhelming after a while, because they build up you're excitement and then pull it back down Lol. If they are not ready to announced, then don't tease anything.

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  5. 56 minutes ago, Chief Guns said:

    If you took Felliniesque as performed on finals night 2014, and went head-to-head with the DCI Champions that succeeded it, how do you think Fellini would do? 

    2015 Ink

    2016 Downside Up

    2017 Metamorph

    2018 Babylon

    2019 Ghostlight

    2022 Tempus Blue

    2023 The Cut-Outs

    And I agree, Cut-Outs competition was way harder than what Felliniesque went up against. 

    hooooo this is fun let me try. Would have to say the way i am going to answer this and make a comparison is to look at it from a caption standpoint. How strong was Felliniesque regardless of who the competition ? It won all captions except for percussion yet placed second..

    2015 Ink vs Felliniesque = Felliniesque still won for me

    2016 Downside Up Vs Fellini = Fellini still stronger caption wise

    2017 Metamorph vs Fellini = Fellini still takes it

    2018 Babylon vs Fellini = Two very strong shows, this one is very tough, but i give it to Fellini still based on overall performance and design. It was a well developed and rounded show from the start of the season, which went undefeated by a good margin too. Babylon however as strong as it was didn't have an undefeated season, plus overall strength of the show goes to Fellini still, it gets the edge. Someone can disagree and share there point of view.

    2019 Ghostlight vs Fellini = Fellini takes the light away Lol..

    2022 Tempus Blue vs Fellini = Fellini kicked Tempus back in time, it's stronger

    2023 The Cut-Outs vs Fellini = I could see a Tie, but Fellini still gets an edge

     Solely my opinion and that's how i see it 😁

    Fellini schooling them still.. lol.. Teaching them the skills to take over from it, they're getting there but not there yet. Also to point out that it's not fare to compare years but this one is fun and Fellini still takes it for me Lol..

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  6. 1 hour ago, NewArpege said:

    Solid selections!  We’ve gotta get you to a live show. In person brings it to life. Worth a plane trip to see at some point. 

    My challenge with BD has been exposure to in-person shows over the years. When I see them live, I’m always like “F*ck yea — that was great drum corps!”  On years when I’m seeing them online only, I find myself under-appreciating how outstanding the overall quality of their shows are. Some of the other corps shows translate better to video, for me…which I don’t know why…but I should reflect on that this season to determine what’s catching my eyes and ears.


    Me already packing! Lmao


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  7. 5 hours ago, NewArpege said:

    Gosh, so many. Top 3 were Frameworks, 007, and Babylon.

    Frameworks. I saw it in Columbia SC in the days before vid recordings on YouTube. We had heard Cavies had a monster show but were not prepared for what came. I can still hear the audience gasping at that spinning triangle drill in the intro. After the show, I went back to the Cavies motorcade and chatted with some members to gush over their show, and actually still friends with them today. Never expected that a quick interaction would last a lifetime.

    The other shocking show was Cavies 007 which I saw in Murfreesboro.  I thought it’d be cheesy but it was a blast. i had never been to Nashville and my mom was eager to make the trip…has been her only drum corp comp ever. I also saw Cadets and Cavies 2000 show which were bananas. I saw every show in 2005 in Allentown, which included Cadets The Zone; though I hated the narration and how cheesy it sounded back then; tech has improved greatly over the years. And then saw SCV Babylon, which good god, is probably the best show I’ve seen to date.  I’m pretty sure I saw SCV Inventions for a New Millennium in 99 too.

    How about you?

    Never experienced a live show, working on changing that soon. However , my first impression began 1992, it was an entertaining year overall. But my favorites were BD  who oozes confidence, swag and sophistication, they have this cool factor and i love that show. Cavaliers Revolution, that fanfare opening amazing, it had some in your face moments throughout, the show was mesmerizing on the field. Cadets were also sophisticated with a lot of guts, they moved well with that right foot marching style was beautiful to watch, i remember humming that show a lot. Madison Scouts show, love love love, especially up to the closure with that percussion moment and music that stuck in my head for years. 

    I learn about  the other competitive seasons many years after. I only had 1992 at the time and it was on VHS. With the exception of BD shows, Star 1991, Cavaliers 2006,  Cadets this i believe, SCV 2000, 2008, 2018, Phantom 2008 and 2010, BC criminal, 2008 2014,   CC 2008, 2012, 2015... I do like a lot of shows but these are some of the stand outs for me.

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